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The supply quotation of small box opener, what is hidden behind the astonishing price

With the rapid development of e-commerce industry, the logistics industry is also developing rapidly. As one of the important equipment in the logistics industry, the box opener has attracted more and more attention. Because of its small size, simple operation and low cost, small box opener has gradually become the first choice of e-commerce industry. However, the quotations of small box openers on the market are very different. Can low-cost products really meet our needs? This article will uncover the secret behind the supply quotation of the small box opener.

Types of small box openers

Small box openers are mainly divided into two types: manual box opener and automatic box opener. Manual box opener needs to manually put the carton into the machine, the machine will automatically complete the process of opening and sealing. The automatic box opener is more intelligent, which can automatically complete the operation of opening, sealing and labeling of cartons, thus reducing the time and cost of manual operation.

The supply quotation of small box opener, what is hidden behind the astonishing price

Second, the price of small box openers

The price of small box opener varies according to brand, model, function and other factors. The price of manual box opener on the market is mostly about 1000 yuan, while the price of automatic box opener is more than 3000 yuan. However, can low-cost products really meet our needs?

III. Quality of small box openers

The quality of the small box opener directly affects the work efficiency and service life. Low-cost products often use low-quality materials, the machine is easy to damage, short service life. The higher-priced products use high-quality materials, the machine stability and service life are relatively long.

After-sales service of small box opener

The after-sales service of the small box opener is also one of the factors that we need to consider. Low-priced products are often not in place after-sales service, it is difficult to ensure the normal use of the machine. The products with higher prices will provide more perfect after-sales service to ensure the normal use of the machine.

5. How to choose a small box opener

When choosing a small box opener, you should choose it according to your own needs and actual situation. If it is used at home, you can choose manual unpacking machine, the price is relatively low, the operation is simple. If it is used in a factory or logistics center, you can choose the automatic box opener, which has higher efficiency and longer service life.

In a word, there are many secrets behind the price of the small box opener, and we should choose the product that suits us according to our actual situation. When choosing a product, you should not only look at the price, but also consider factors such as quality and after-sales service. Only by choosing high-quality products can we better improve work efficiency, reduce costs, and contribute to the development of the logistics industry.



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