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Transfer of second-hand stage truss (second-hand stage equipment trading platform)

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How much is it to rent a set of stage stereos and trusses

Depending on how much you need, generally renting trusses in Chengdu is 10 yuan to 15 yuan per meter for 5 days. What is the simplest sound? 15 is 500 yuan for a stage. The general fork stage is 18 yuan for a flat frame. 35 yuan for a flat stage.

Where can I find a second-hand mobile stage?

Baidu Love Purchasing platform has sold second-hand mobile stage. According to the relevant information, Baidu Love Purchasing is a Baidu’s B2B vertical search engine, which is designed to help users have direct access to product information of the whole network, reach a large number of high-quality merchants, and let buyers find high-quality goods quickly and conveniently. for merchants to provide a large amount of matching inquiry information, second-hand mobile platform can be purchased in Baidu Aicai.

Now the stage frame. Truss. What’s the price if you rent lights and stereos?

Jinhua area: ordinary stage: 35 yuan / square; truss; 25 yuan / meter; audio: 800 yuan per set (with tuner); there are many kinds of lighting, if necessary, please browse:

Stage truss rental fee, how much is the stage truss per meter?

The products and materials of each manufacturer are different. The starting price of ordinary truss stage is about 600 yuan, the stage is 30 yuan per square meter, and the truss is 15 yuan per meter. Please refer to it.

The technique of setting up the stage

(1) most of the stage is composed of steel pipe support frame and wooden board, and the common stages are T-shaped stage and rectangular stage, so under normal circumstances, it is better for two people to frame at the same time, so that the movements are unified and coordinated. the effect will be very good, very fast.

(2) when setting up the stage, four steel pipes are used as legs, and a wooden board is used as a table, and the plank is formed on top of the steel pipe legs, and at this time, we have to ensure that the gap between each stage board is minimized. This is conducive to the firmness of the stage, but also conducive to the safety and smooth progress of the performance.

2 matters needing attention in setting up the stage

(1) the problem of location should be considered in setting up the activity stage. for the publicity activities of displaying products, the stage is not only a platform in name, but also a stage to attract the attention of the public, so as to maximize the publicity effect. then a bustling area or a well-known place couldn’t be better.

(2) the location should be conducive to the gathering and evacuation of personnel. Because a large number of people are needed in many business activities, traffic problems should be taken into account in the construction of the activity stage. only fast and convenient traffic can attract as many audiences as possible. in order to achieve the actor’s performance or product promotion. Remember. Remember.

This is the end of the introduction of the transfer of second-hand stage trusses. Thank you for taking the time to read the contents of this site. Don’t forget to look for more information about the trading platform of second-hand stage equipment and the transfer of second-hand stage trusses.



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