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Who is the New King of Carton Packaging equipment Industry– the latest Industry News

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In the modern logistics industry, carton packaging equipment is an indispensable part. With the rapid development of e-commerce, the market scale of carton packaging equipment industry is also expanding. However, the competition in this industry is becoming more and more fierce. So, who will become the new king of carton packaging equipment industry? The latest industry news will be announced for you.

Current market situation

Carton packaging equipment industry is a huge market, involving many sub-areas. According to the data of the market research company, at present, the global market size of carton packaging equipment has exceeded 100 billion yuan, and it is expected to maintain strong growth in the next few years. However, the competition in this industry is also very fierce, and there are many well-known brands in the market, such as BHS in Italy, Krones in Germany, Bobst in Switzerland and so on.

The rise of the new king

However, in recent years, a new brand is on the rise, which is Shunde, Guangdong, China. As the representative of Chinese carton packaging equipment industry, Shunde has made great progress in technology research and development, manufacturing and market expansion in recent years. In the domestic market, Shunde has become one of the leading enterprises in the industry. At the same time, Shunde has gradually emerged in the international market, and its products have been exported to more than 40 countries and regions around the world.

Who is the New King of Carton Packaging equipment Industry-- the latest Industry News

The advantages of Shunde

Then, the reason why Shunde can stand out in the fierce market competition mainly has the following advantages:

technological innovation

Shunde has been committed to technological innovation and continues to launch high-end products with independent intellectual property rights. At present, Shunde already has a number of national patented technologies, including some international leading technologies.

Quality assurance

Shunde has always adhered to the concept of quality as its life, and has carried out strict checks on every detail of the product. At the same time, Shunde also passed a number of international certifications such as ISO9001 quality management system certification and CE certification.

Service advantage

Shunde has been paying attention to customer service, providing customers with all-round and professional service. Whether it is pre-sales consultation, in-sale support or after-sales service, Shunde can provide customers with timely and efficient solutions.


To sum up, the new king of the carton packaging equipment industry has risen, which is Shunde, Guangdong, China. With its technological innovation, quality assurance and service advantages, Shunde has become one of the leading enterprises in the industry. With the continuous rise of China’s manufacturing industry and the continuous expansion of the domestic market, it is believed that Shunde will play a more and more important role in the future development.



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