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Application and classification of carton sealing machine in packaging production line

The sealing machine is mainly suitable for the sealing packaging of the carton, which can be used alone, or with the production lines, which can be used with carton molding machine, packing machine, automatic label Mechanical equipment such as machine, waste paper baler, heat shrubular and palletizing, becomes the necessary equipment on the packaging production line.


The product is widely used in home appliances, electronic products, food, dairy products, raw oil, skin care products, beverages, home appliances and other industries production and manufacturing. Mainly suitable for carton packaging, economic development is very fast, easy to adjust, sealing, standard, beautiful and generous, and can also work on the left and right sealing.


This series of sealing machines are mainly divided into: automatic removal sealing machine, pneumatic adjustment sealing machine, automatic sealing machine, edge sealing machine, Composite sealing machines can be divided into left and right drives, upper and lower drives, side drives, angular drives, etc., generally selected transparent tape and their wrapping paper raw materials.

Selecting a post-rubber sealing method, rapid economic development, and It is easy to adjust, and the upper and lower sealing method can be done at a time, but also the brands of hot stamping rubber can be selected, and the brand image of the product is also a good automation technology packaging. It can be divided into semi-automatic sealing machine, automatic sealing machine, automatic sealing machine, pneumatic sealing machine, tape sealing machine, blocker, sealing machine, automatic sealing machine, manufactured sealing machine, easy to use Easy to operate.


Cannot be integrated into different sizes of paper trays, select the hot print tape, and improve the brand image. Light and durable, easy to operate, no noise; side drive belt drive, small carton; left and right belt driving support, suitable for carton. The above is the detailed information about the sealing machine for you, I look forward to your understanding of the sealing machine, if there are other unpacking machines, sealing machines, heat shrink packaging machines unclear, Directly check the relevant content of this site, or dialed the Suzhou City, find professional and technical personnel Explain for you!



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