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Beer bottle packing machine (two-dimensional assembly drawing of beer bottle packing machine)

A list of the contents of this article:

What is the working principle of beer filling machine?

The upper bottle, stamping and filling machine have the same pressure, filling, pressure relief (slow, fast liquid is easy to overflow with gas), lower bottle, cover, light inspection (pay attention to wearing protective mask to prevent people from being hurt by explosion), labeling, packing (packing), storage.

What are the classification methods of beer equipment

Beer equipment can be divided into: household miniature beer equipment, small beer equipment, miniature beer equipment, room temperature beer equipment, beer equipment, draft beer equipment, bar self-brewing beer equipment, hotel small beer equipment, barbecue city home-brewed beer equipment, hot pot restaurant home-brewed beer equipment, beer garden home-brewed beer equipment. Shopping center self-brewing beer equipment, entertainment place self-brewing beer equipment, small and medium-sized brewery beer equipment, small brewery production line integrated beer equipment, large-scale brewery production line integrated beer equipment.

Of course, buying equipment doesn’t mean you can start a successful factory.

You need to do pre-market research, craft beer brewing technology learning, marketing planning

And customer collection (expansion) marketing system, these pre-construction work we Zhongxia Science and Technology will guide the whole process.

And gift Zhongxia science and technology software engineer team to develop a guest camp sales system for your free use.

Craft beer is a product with high repurchase rate and strong social attribute.

If you make the above preparations before opening the factory, I believe your home-brewery business will make a lot of money.

— View product details

— get a course on craft beer brewing technology

— obtaining the market research report of craft beer

— get guidance on the whole process of opening a craft beer store (factory)

What kind of equipment is needed to produce bottled beer? How much will it cost?

Producing bottled beer costs a lot of money! Beer production consists of three parts: saccharification section, fermentation section and packaging section. Each of these three parts contains its own equipment system, and the saccharification section includes: raw material crushing system, malt saccharification equipment, wort filtration equipment, wort boiling clarification equipment; fermentation section includes: fermentation tank, yeast addition equipment, sake filtration equipment, sake tank Packaging section includes: bottle washing machine, filling machine, sterilizing machine, labeling machine, industrial production should also include unloading box (or palletizer), packing machine (palletizer) and so on.

How much silver does this cost? It’s really hard to calculate. By an estimate, a brewery with an annual output of 100,000 liters needs 40 million to 50 million yuan of equipment alone (in the case of national production). I’m afraid it’s still cheap. This does not include investment in factories and civil construction.

Whether the packing machine in the packing workshop of the headquarters of Jia Tubo Beer Group is a machine, is it the main one?

This must be the machine. The packing machine belongs to a kind of automatic packaging machinery for secondary packaging and rear packaging. Beer packaging is mainly a process of packing wine bottles into cartons and then packing them, which is an important machinery in the latter packaging.

How to pack beer

Most of the domestic beer is packed in plastic cases or cartons.

The plastic box is packed by a boxing machine.

Is to use a vacuum bucket to grab beer from the assembly line and put it in the plastic box below.

The number of 9 bottles is relatively small, and most of them are 12 bottles.

The carton is packed in a carton machine. The carton is a flat surface before packing. After entering the beer bottle, it is folded and packed into a finished product.

Both plastic boxes and cartons are operated automatically.

PVC is still rarely used in China, as if only a few high-end beers such as cans and Budweiser are used.

This is the end of the introduction of the two-dimensional assembly drawing of beer bottling machine and beer bottling machine. I wonder if you have found the information you need? If you want to know more about this, remember to collect and follow this site.



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