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Beer palletizer (equation in which three sides cross the same straight line)

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What is the work flow of the packaging and palletizing production line?

The work flow of Zhongyu science and technology packaging and palletizing production line is: suction bag, pick up bag, send bag, upper bag, entrainment, move bag, label, seal bag, transport, whole bag, detect, check weight, remove, pick up and transport, palletizing robot, tray conveyor, finished product! You can consult.

Twelve baskets of health management answer for you, hoping to help you.

Yilida automatic palletizer Division

It is a special research and development under Yilida Packaging equipment Co., Ltd. (supervised by Taiwan Yilida International Group Holdings Co., Ltd.) fully automatic palletizer, packaging and palletizing production line, fully automatic stacker, automatic stacker, fully automatic carton stacker system, robot palletizer, palletizing manipulator, manipulator palletizer, mechanical palletizer, logistics palletizing robot, robot stacker, The automation department of robotic carton stacker system, robot pallet stacker, carton stacker, pallet stacker, pallet stacker, grease stacker, floor board stacker, can can stacker, unloader, unloader, bottle unloader, cardboard unloader, unloader. Yilida designs and develops according to the particularity and difference of your products and articles, which belongs to the automatic palletizer dedicated to your products. Yilida automatic palletizer (produced by Taiwan Yilida International Group Holdings Co., Ltd.) is to put cartons or bag-shaped packages that have been packed into containers on pallets and pallets (wood, plastic) according to a certain arrangement for automatic stacking, which can be stacked in multiple layers, and then launched to facilitate forklift transportation to the warehouse for storage. This equipment adopts PLC touch screen control to realize intelligent operation and management, which is simple and easy to master. The labor force and labor intensity can be greatly reduced. The design adopts the concept of high speed, stability and space saving. The use of separate plate, faster, more space-saving. One machine is multi-purpose and can be adjusted quickly, so you don’t have to worry about changing stacked products. Scope of application: corrugated cartons, plastic boxes, barrel packaging, bag packaging. Yilida automatic palletizer is a mechanical and electrical integrated high-tech products, medium and low palletizers can meet the needs of medium and low output production. According to the required grouping mode and the number of layers, the palletizing of various products such as material bags, rubber blocks, boxes and so on can be completed. The optimized design makes the pallets compact and neat. Yilida middle and low position palletizer is mainly composed of flattening conveyor, slow stop conveyor, indexable conveyor, pallet silo, pallet conveyor, marshalling machine, pouch pushing device, palletizing device and palletizing conveyor. Its structural design is optimized and its action is stable and reliable. The palletizing process is completely automatic and does not require human intervention in normal operation, so it has a wide range of application. Yilida automatic palletizer (produced by Taiwan Yilida International Group Holdings Co., Ltd.) is mainly used in automatic production enterprises such as food, grain and oil, oil, beverage, canned beverage, mineral water, beer, alcohol, red wine, wine, chemical industry, cosmetics, health products, medicine, medicine, fertilizer, feed, electronics, electrical appliances, plastics, tobacco, floor boards, household products, etc. Suitable for all kinds of cartons, bags, cans, beer cases, bags, boxes, crates, bottles, bags, filling buckets, boxes and other shapes of packaging; palletizing, unpalletizing, unloading, material handling process. The equipment of Yilida palletizer usually passes through the material lifting equipment or from the silo to the weighing equipment for the powdery materials that need to be packaged. The electronic weighing equipment completes the automatic weighing process according to the preset, and sends the materials into the packaging equipment for packaging. The packaged materials are re-checked by the weighing scale, and the unqualified packaging will be automatically removed. At the same time, the weighing scale can also provide feedback signals to the weighing equipment and adjust the checking setting. Metal detectors can be installed before the material enters the packaging machine and after the packaging is completed to detect whether there are metal foreign bodies mixed into the product. In line with the standard packaging for spray coding, shaping, transportation, palletizing, winding, until sending, the whole process can be managed by computer PLC to realize the automation of packaging production. Yilida palletizer Division will carry out special packaging line design for users according to the different products and the different needs of users. Yilida automatic packaging and palletizing equipment is widely used for automatic packaging and palletizing of powder and granular materials in food, beverage, petrochemical, chemical, plastic, fertilizer, raw materials, medicine, feed, grain, non-ferrous minerals and building materials industries. (supervised by Taiwan Yilida International Group Holdings Co., Ltd.)

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Main uses of palletizer

Robot palletizer can be integrated in any production line to provide intelligent, robotic and networked production site, and can realize palletizing logistics for a variety of operations in beer, beverage and food industries. It is widely used in cartons, plastic boxes, bottles, bags, barrels, membrane packaging products and filling products. It is equipped with three-in-one filling line to palletize all kinds of bottles and bags. The automatic operation of the palletizer can be divided into automatic box feeding, rotating box, separate arrangement, stacking, moving pile, lifting pile, into support, under stack, out of stack and other steps.

Technical features of palletizer:

-low box, less space, large production capacity

-PLC control of the whole machine, fully automatic operation

It is suitable for a variety of stacking types and bottle types, and is easy to adjust.

-multiple security protections, with touch screen control

-adopt segmented transmission of high quality conveyor chain, and the output section can be lengthened arbitrarily.

-Motor, cylinder drive and control all adopt imported famous brand components

-use 304 material as far as possible, the whole machine is beautiful and generous

-especially suitable for code heat shrinkable film packaging products.

Technical parameters: work rate: 380V, 50HZ, 10KW air pressure: 6kg / per square centimeter pallet applicable range: total height of stacking workpiece in L:1600mm W:1600mm: internal speed of 1600mm: six layers of stacking can be customized according to user requirements in special circumstances.

What’s the palletizer for?

The palletizer is mainly used for carrying and palletizing, mainly to replace heavy physical work, such as food, beverage, beer, chemical industry, feed, grain and oil after packaging and shaping, the first half of the pallets will be neatly stacked on the pallets, this process is called palletizing, the palletizer is to replace the previous manual palletizing. At present, there are many palletizers in China, but they are all traditional high-position palletizing. Now some automatic palletizing manipulators are widely used in China, and the grips can be changed according to the shape of the products to achieve multi-directional applications. For example, Shanghai Wadi’s palletizing robot is widely used in China. Wadi’s palletizing robot is used by Liuhe Group, Cofco, Yihai Grain and Oil, Yanjing Beer, China Resources Snow and so on.

What kind of equipment is needed to produce bottled beer? How much will it cost?

Producing bottled beer costs a lot of money! Beer production consists of three parts: saccharification section, fermentation section and packaging section. Each of these three parts contains its own equipment system, and the saccharification section includes: raw material crushing system, malt saccharification equipment, wort filtration equipment, wort boiling clarification equipment; fermentation section includes: fermentation tank, yeast addition equipment, sake filtration equipment, sake tank Packaging section includes: bottle washing machine, filling machine, sterilizing machine, labeling machine, industrial production should also include unloading box (or palletizer), packing machine (palletizer) and so on.

How much silver does this cost? It’s really hard to calculate. By an estimate, a brewery with an annual output of 100,000 liters needs 40 million to 50 million yuan of equipment alone (in the case of national production). I’m afraid it’s still cheap. This does not include investment in factories and civil construction.

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