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Brick machine palletizer (brick palletizing robot)

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What is the brick machine equipment?

What is the brick machine equipment? A brick factory to purchase equipment according to its own output needs, a small and medium-sized cement brick factory production capacity of about 40-60 thousand pieces, the selection of equipment can use the three brothers produced 4-series cement brick machine and 6-series cement brick machine, if for later development and growth consideration can also choose 8-series cement brick machine equipment, these three equipment all use pcl numerical control production technology, is a kind of simple operation Easy to use cement brick machine equipment, the machine has fast response speed and strong coordination ability. It can be operated and used even if there is no basic contact with electronic products.

The main equipment needed to invest in small and medium-sized cement brick factories are:

Mixer: used for uniform mixing of all kinds of raw materials to ensure the full combination of raw materials.

Belt conveyor: a connecting belt between mixer and cement brick machine.

Cement brick machine: the main production equipment includes: feeder, pressure system, plate feeder, mold and other components.

Supporting plate: the demoulding bottom pad for pressing the finished cement brick.

Automatic palletizer: the finished product of cement brick machine can be palletized automatically.

These are the main equipment needed to run a medium-sized brick machine factory. If construction waste or other bulk materials need to be equipped with crushing equipment. The equipment needed after the brick is a transport trolley: the transport trolley can use forklifts, electric scooters, and human-powered carts.

How much does it cost to invest in industrial waste brick machine equipment? What supporting facilities are needed for a production line?

The price of bricks made from industrial waste residue is determined according to the technology. a production line starts from crushing, including silo, vibrating feeder, E-type crusher, hammer crusher, magnetic separator and conveyor. Bricks can be made after circular vibrating screen.

Then there is a set of brick machines, including: batching machine, mixer, conveyor, brick machine, stacker and so on.

This set of equipment needs at least 300000 yuan.

What is the supporting palletizer on the cement brick production line?

The palletizer is the palletizing equipment in the fully automatic unfired brick production line. The manipulator and the main body of the fuselage respectively realize 360 °horizontal rotation in three-dimensional coordinates through the control center, the manipulator can rise and fall vertically and can grab a variety of special-shaped building products into square palletizing, and adopt counterweight mass balance mode to grab code load up to 400 kilograms at a time. The palletizing robot can fully meet the heavy-duty palletizing needs of blocks (bricks) and other related industries. Only from the experience of Silver Horse.

This is the end of the introduction about brick-making machine, palletizer and brick palletizing robot. I wonder if you have found the information you need? If you want to know more about this, remember to collect and follow this site.



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