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Chemical packing box (chemical packing box)

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What kind of containers are there for transporting petrochemical products

The 6-year reply in the industry is for reference only.

General petroleum chemicals are normal containers.

It’s just that there’s a special liquid bag inside. Check the condition in the container before loading the container. Liquid bag is placed in the container.

Then fill the liquid bag directly with liquid.

There are also tank boxes, but the general liquid dangerous goods are mostly because of the high cost.

How to go through the procedure of customs declaration / clearance for toxic chemical imports

When the dangerous goods are shipped, the shipping company needs some information provided by the customer:

1. Letter of guarantee

Shipping companies generally require customers to issue a letter of guarantee for non-dangerous goods, which is not limited to the identification of the conditions of transport of goods, but must be proved by the official seal of the production unit and the operating unit.

2. Description (product description)

When the customs declaration is needed, when the customs declaration is made, it is necessary to provide the customs with a description of the situation or product description, mainly indicating the transport name, chemical name, molecular formula, physical and chemical properties of the product, and this kind of description also requires the production unit and business unit to affix the official seal.

3. DS Chemical Safety Technical Specification

MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) is a chemical safety specification, which can also be translated into a chemical safety technical specification or a chemical safety data specification. Is a document used by chemical manufacturers and importers to clarify the physical and chemical properties of chemicals (such as PH, flash point, flammability, reactive activity, etc.) and possible hazards to the health of users (such as carcinogenicity, teratogenicity, etc.).

It mainly provides other information that is of great significance to security, including references, time to fill in the form, department to fill in the form, data audit unit and so on.

4. List of identification results for dangerous goods packaging

5. List of inspection results of packaging performance of inbound goods

Note: there is a total number of packaging containers on the identification result list, which can be used in batches and not finished, so it should be saved for the customer so that it can be used next time.

6. Technical specification for loading dangerous goods

Chemical packing:

The packing of chemical products is a complicated process, which depends on the type of packaging of chemical products.

1. Cardboard bucket:

2 、 IBC:

3. Woven bag:

4. Iron bucket:

5. Iron bucket:

6. Cardboard bucket:

2. Provide declaration materials

The original declaration materials of the goods shall be provided 7 working days in advance:

1. Seal this chapter with the certificate provided by the can owner company to the designated company.

2. Technical specification for packing dangerous goods; (if not dangerous goods, omit here)

3. Dangerous goods tank filling safe and suitable transportation declaration form; (if not dangerous goods, omit here)

4. Photocopy of station receipt

Note 1: according to the above documents, and according to the correct data, product name and box type, wait for the MSA to declare the goods, and then the shipping company will declare the goods according to the cargo declaration form and packing certificate.

Note 2: issued by the Maritime Bureau:

1. A box declaration form. The MSA keeps the bottom.

2. Issue 3 original declaration forms; one MSA keep the bottom; one freight forwarder keep the bottom; and one declare the ship.

(3) ship declaration (completed by ship) [if not dangerous goods, omit here]:

1. A declaration form of the original goods shall be handed over to the shipping agent (indicating the customs order number, box number, net weight and sealing number on the declaration form) (usually cut off two to three working days in advance according to the deadline of the ship’s declaration)

2. Photocopy of vehicle fleet packing certificate

IV. Provide customs declaration materials

Provide the original documents related to export declaration 3 days in advance:

1. Bill

2. Packing list

3. customs declaration entrustment form

4. Export declaration form

5. Description of the goods (the shipper is required to introduce in writing the use of the goods, as well as its characteristics, molecular structure formula, etc.)

Note 1: customs declaration shall be carried out according to the above documents and according to the goods declaration form, box seal number, etc.

Note 2: for the handling of temporary import and export, in addition to the above documents, it is also necessary to provide a description of the temporary import and export goods and, if there is a deposit receipt.

Packer of chemical plant

It’s very detailed on tyvj.

When I do this problem, I also use a moving gauge, which directly explodes the memory Orz.

So much for the introduction of chemical packing. Thank you for taking the time to read the contents of this site. Don’t forget to look for more information about chemical packing boxes and chemical packing boxes on this site.



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