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Coca-Cola bottling Machine (Coca-Cola bottling Company)

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How much is a regular Coca-Cola machine?

The best Coke machines are Kangfu’s, Coca-Cola machines designated by delicious Pepsi, and the Coke is the best, of course, the price is also the most expensive and the cheapest is 12000, and then there are the machines of Ji Xing and Yimike. Now the most used machines on the market, the price is about 5000 to 8000, the Coke is also good, and the quality of the machine is guaranteed, second only to Kangfu’s machines. Other Coca-Cola machines or machines under 5000 can’t be said to be bad, but the general quality and the taste of the cola are absolutely different. Coke machines must know more about cola machines. Coke machines are cheap in the early stage, but maintenance is particularly troublesome in the later stage, and machine parts are also very expensive. I can check these on Taobao. I was exposed to this industry before, so I still know something about it. In the past, there was Zhengzhou Ledao Food Technology Co., Ltd., whose machines were owned by Yimeike and Jixing, and they were manufacturers of cola syrup, and they still had protection on the machine, because after all, they had to sell raw materials. If the machine is not good, they will not be able to provide raw materials in the later stage. If you need Coke, you need to know.

Does Coca-Cola produce bottles and drinks separately and then canned? or is it an assembly line that puts raw materials on this side and directly produces the finished product there?

Assembly line, a machine can complete bottle blowing, disinfection, filling, lid, labeling, leak detection, quality inspection, coding, and then packing, palletizing and other processes.

Production materials of Coca-Cola production line

Coca-Cola production line

In the 1980s, at the beginning of China’s reform and opening up, Coca-Cola was the first international brand beverage to enter the Chinese market.

For more than 20 years, Coca-Cola has successfully implemented the “localization development strategy” in the procurement of raw materials and packaging, up to human resources and many other factors of production. As a result, Coca-Cola brand beverages have been growing rapidly and steadily in the Chinese market.

In the implementation of the “localization” of many production factors of Coca-Cola beverage products, the technical equipment of the packaging line is about the slowest area of development. In the project of building and expanding the bottling plant of Coca-Cola Company, at the initial stage, most of them are based on the import of complete sets of equipment for foreign packaging lines, of course, due to Coca-Cola’s strict product quality control standards. At the same time, in view of the actual gap between China’s domestic packaging line technology and equipment manufacturing level and international peer suppliers at that time.

China’s domestic beverage packaging line production equipment manufacturing industry, represented by the “Nanjing Light Machinery” technology suppliers, in the past 20 years of reform and opening up, in the packaging line production technology experienced the introduction of foreign technology in the first decade, the purchase of German peer technology patents, through technology introduction, digestion and absorption, cooperation in the production of the first generation DELTA series and the second generation COMBI series of beer beverage packaging line products.

In the early 1990s, Coca-Cola beverage packaging in the Chinese market was undergoing a period of “great change” from glass bottle packaging to PET bottle packaging. On the basis of introducing foreign PET packaging line production technology, Nanjing Light Machinery provided filling production lines for Coca-Cola’s bottling plants in Tianjin, Nanjing and Hangzhou. The production line is suitable for packaging production of different PET bottles of 1.25L, 0.5L and 0.33L. As the cooperation between Nanjing Light Machinery and Coca-Cola Company in purchasing domestic packaging line equipment for the first time is successful. It has made a timely contribution to the large-scale launch of PET bottle packaging products for Coca-Cola packaging in the Chinese market to meet the market demand. Up to now, these production lines are still in service and play a role in providing effective supply for the Chinese market.

If we say that the first cooperation between Nanjing Light Machinery and Coca-Cola in the past decade, according to the strict product quality control standards of Coca-Cola products, the mixing machine in the filling production line was still equipped with imported equipment. Because the mixing process determines the internal composition and quality index of Coca-Cola beverage products, although Nanjing Light Machine also had several types of mixer available at that time, it was not selected by Coca-Cola Company because of the gap in mature technology. Ten years later, at the beginning of this century, Coca-Cola developed a bottling plant in the people’s Republic of Mongolia. According to the strict testing of the mixing accuracy, CO2 content and other composition parameters of the beverage product provided by Nanjing Light Machinery in many domestic steam-containing beverage packaging production lines, it is proved that the product quality control standard of Coca-Cola Company has been fully reached. In 2001, the packaging production line of Wulansituo Coca-Cola bottling Factory in Mongolia was provided by Nanjing Light Machinery exclusive complete set production. Since the factory was put into production, the production has been normal and the product quality has been stable. Recently, it has provided the transformation of PET bottle packaging. Facts have proved that Nanjing Light Machinery, China’s domestic beverage packaging line equipment manufacturing supplier, is also making continuous progress, not only providing complete sets of packaging line equipment products, but also providing product optimization and matching, plane engineering layout design and other consultations. as well as the supply of spare parts, installation and commissioning, personnel training and other a complete set of pre-sale, in-sale and after-sales services.

The performance-to-price ratio of Nanjing light machinery packaging line products is competitive, especially after China’s accession to the WTO, under the background of global economic integration, the raw materials and electromechanical equipment of Nanjing light machinery leading products are also based on domestic and foreign market resources. In other words, according to the technical standards and supply conditions, in addition, with the support of the state, a large amount of capital has been invested, and after the technological transformation of several five-year plans, the manufacturing and equipment conditions of Nanjing light machinery have ranked among the first-class in China, greatly shortening the gap with their foreign counterparts. For example, the computer integrated manufacturing system (CIMS) based on the machining center (CNC), Nanjing Light Machinery has been accepted by the State Ministry of Science and Technology, and has become the CIMS demonstration base of China’s equipment manufacturing industry. This provides a guarantee for Nanjing Light Machinery and Coca-Cola to continuously expand the local procurement of bottling production line equipment: Nanjing Light Machinery has benefited a lot from its cooperation with Coca-Cola Company. it provides conditions and opportunities for the continuous improvement and considerable progress of the technical equipment design and manufacturing level of Nanjing light machinery packaging line: Coca-Cola is not only an important customer and God of Nanjing Light Machinery. He is also a very rare mentor. There is reason to believe that through the joint efforts of supply and demand of Nanjing Light Machinery and Coca-Cola, both sides can benefit from continuously increasing Coca-Cola’s share of localized procurement of equipment in the production and packaging line, so as to truly achieve win-win and multi-win.

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