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Automatic unpacking machine for tons of bags (principle and structure of automatic unpacking machine)

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The solution to the dumping of ton bags

You can use a ton bag unpacking machine.

The ton bag unpacking machine lifts the material bag to the feed port through a forklift or electric hoist, presses the bag, manually disassembles the material mouth of the bag, opens the flow control valve and the attached vibration or beating device, and urges the material in the bag to fall into the lower hopper through self-weight.

What is the structure of automatic ton bag packing machine?

The basic   group   of the automatic ton bag packaging machine is composed of the bag feeding   mechanism, the bag feeding mechanism, the   measuring bucket, the feeding   mechanism, the drum   bag   mechanism  , the bag lifting mechanism, the bag steering mechanism, the bag holding mechanism, the   inkjet printer, the conveyor   and other  . Full self-  dynamic ton bag packaging machine   is used for quantitative filling of   granular materials with a production capacity of more than 40 tons / hour and good flow   performance  . The entire   packaging line automatically completes   without the need for   manual operation. But   is a packing bag that requires   to be a median single lug-type, roll-up bag. There are many non-standard parts of the whole set of equipment, please consult the manufacturer in consultation with  . Recommend cigarette     Vaughn Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.  .

What are the functional characteristics of packaging machinery?

Packaging machinery is a machine that completes all or part of the packaging process. The packaging process includes main packaging processes such as filling, wrapping and sealing, as well as related pre-and post-packing processes, such as cleaning, stacking and disassembly, etc. In addition, it also includes stamping, metering and other ancillary equipment. Vacuum packaging machine, body-fitting packaging machine, powder packaging machine and so on all belong to packaging machinery.

Characteristics of packaging machinery:

Through the analysis of a large number of packaging machines, we can see that most of the packaging machines belong to automata. It not only has the commonness of general automata, but also has its own characteristics. The main characteristics of packaging machinery are:

The main results are as follows: (1) the structure and mechanism of most packaging machinery are complex, the movement speed is fast and the action coordination is high. In order to meet the performance requirements, there are higher requirements for the stiffness and surface quality of the parts.

(2) the packaging machine for food and medicine should be easy to clean, and the parts in contact with drugs and food should be made of stainless steel or chemically treated non-toxic materials, which meet the hygiene and safety requirements of drugs and food.

(3) the working force of the packaging actuator is generally small, so the motor power of the packaging machine is small.

(4) the continuously variable transmission device is generally used in the packaging machine in order to flexibly adjust the packaging speed and the production capacity of the packaging machine. Because there are many factors that affect the packaging quality, such as the working state of the packaging machine (the moving state of the mechanism, the temperature and humidity of the working environment, etc.), the supply and delivery of packaging materials and the measurement of packaging materials, etc. Therefore, in order to facilitate the adjustment of the machine and meet the needs of quality and production capacity, packaging machines mostly use stepless transmission devices.

(5) Packaging machinery is a special type of professional machinery with a wide variety and limited production. In order to facilitate manufacturing and maintenance and reduce equipment investment, attention should be paid to standardization, versatility and versatility in the design of packaging machine.

(6) the packaging machinery has a high degree of automation, and most of them have been controlled by PLC and single-chip microcomputer to realize intelligence.

The function of packaging machinery:

(1) to improve labor productivity and ensure the quality of packaging

Using mechanical packaging instead of manual packaging, the products are not in direct contact with the human body, and the exposure time of the products to the air is reduced, which provides a reliable guarantee for the cleanliness and hygiene of food and drugs and the anti-corrosion of metal products. The mechanical packaging has the advantages of accurate measurement, compact packaging, neat and beautiful appearance, stable packaging quality, standardized packaging, and can adapt to standardized containers, pallets, trains, ships and other transport conditions and loading and unloading methods.

(2) reduce labor intensity and improve working conditions

Using mechanical packaging instead of manual packaging can liberate packaging workers from heavy manual labor, reduce labor intensity and improve working conditions.

(3) reduce packaging costs and circulation expenses

Some loose foam goods, such as cotton, feathers and some clothing, knitted cotton goods and so on, can greatly reduce the volume of the package, save the packaging material and reduce the packaging cost by using compressed packaging machinery pre-pressing packaging. At the same time, the storage capacity is saved, the storage capacity of the warehouse is increased, and the storage cost is reduced. In the transportation, the transport space is reduced and the transportation cost is saved.

Which one is better for iron oxide?

Better iron oxide are Anqiu Boyang Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Exploration (Shanghai) Technical Service Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou Zhulin activated carbon Development Co., Ltd., Shenyang Saino Chemical Co., Ltd., Wenzhou Jingcheng Chemical Co., Ltd.

Anqiu Boyang Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

The company produces powder packaging machine, ton bag packaging machine, pipe chain conveyor, automatic unpacking machine, ton bag unpacking machine, dust-free unpacking and feeding station, high-position palletizer, manipulator unpalletizer, other professional conveying equipment, as well as bulk packing machine, cement packaging machine and other products, suitable for chemical, pharmaceutical, plastic, rubber, feed, coal, dye pigments, battery materials, building materials, cement and other industries.

2. Exploration (Shanghai) Technical Service Co., Ltd.

After years of technology accumulation and resource integration, the company is now the operating unit of Shanghai Pudong New area New material Innovation Incubator and Shanghai New material Science and Technology Incubator. The company provides chemical enterprises and institutions with core businesses such as analysis, development, technical consultation, technical solutions, as well as scientific and technological achievements transformation, information consultation, professional training, scientific and technological entrepreneurship sharing, intellectual property rights and other services.

Zhengzhou Zhulin activated carbon Development Co., Ltd.

The main products are: coconut shell water charcoal, coconut shell gold charcoal, apricot shell gold charcoal, apricot shell gold charcoal, petrochemical carbon, monosodium glutamate special carbon, alcohol special carbon, sewage treatment carbon, coal column carbon, power plant special carbon, air purification carbon, powdered activated carbon, oil decolorization carbon, silver activated carbon, electroplating special carbon, household special carbon, honeycomb activated carbon, handicraft activated carbon.

Shenyang Saino Chemical Co., Ltd.

Shenyang Saino Chemical Co., Ltd. is an excellent manufacturer of chemical reagents, chemical raw materials and experimental instruments, providing brand-new industrial sodium aluminate, water treatment agent sodium aluminate, sodium oxalate, sodium oxalate water treatment, glacial acetic acid 99, Shenyang water treatment glacial acetic acid and other products.

5. Wenzhou Jingcheng Chemical Co., Ltd.

Wenzhou Jingcheng Chemical Co., Ltd. is an excellent manufacturer of nanometer tungsten oxide, nanometer cerium oxide and nanometer iron oxide, dedicated to provide you with new and excellent high-purity nano-molybdenum powder SS-MO500, aquatic drug attractant CC-YY01,CC-DMPT02 aquatic food attractant and other products.

Where is the best factory in Anqiu?

Anqiu Boyang machinery.

Anqiu Boyang machinery main products: pipe chain conveyor, automatic unpacking machine, ton bag unpacking machine, automatic unpacking machine, automatic loader, automatic production line can be designed according to the site. Suitable for chemical, feed, fertilizer, building materials, plastic and other industries.

Anqiu Boyang Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in Dongcheng Industrial Park, Anqiu City, Shandong Province, the traffic is very convenient.

Ton bags are not easy to cut, how to deal with them?

Use a ton bag unpacking machine.

Ton bag unpacking machine is specially used for ton bag unloading equipment, the whole process of sealed pipeline transportation and unloading, which greatly reduces the dust leakage produced by the discharge port in the process of ton bag unloading. The working blanking of ton bag unloading is improved several times, and the efficiency is several times higher than that of traditional manual cutting.

This is the end of the introduction of the automatic unpacking machine for ton bags. Thank you for taking the time to read the contents of this site, more information about the principle and structure of the automatic unpacking machine, and the automatic unpacking machine for tons of bags. Don’t forget to look it up on this site.



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