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Fully automatic winding and packing machine (operating rules for automatic winding and packing machine)

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Which one is better for the automatic packing machine?

Whether the automatic pallet packing machine is good or not should be determined from the following four aspects:

First of all: quality must be guaranteed, only good quality can ensure our safe use.

Secondly: after-sales service should be in place, only perfect after-sales service can ensure that the problems encountered in use can be solved in a timely manner.

Again: the operation should be convenient, the equipment itself is to improve the packaging efficiency, if the operation is not convenient, it will greatly affect the improvement of packaging efficiency.

Finally: high performance-to-price ratio, practical benefit is the last word.

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How does the automatic baler work?

The work flow of the packing machine: the belt is sent in place → receives the binding signal → brake is released, the main motor starts →, the right top knife rises, against the right belt at the skateboard, the → guide plate retreats the → proximity switch, the induction to the rewind probe → main motor stops, the brake sucks in the → unwinding motor to start, the → belt tightens and binds the → main motor on the object for 0.35 seconds, and the brake pulls in the → large pendulum rod for the second time. Tighten the belt → left acrosome rise, press the lower belt → heating piece into the middle of the two belts → top knife rise, cut off the belt → top knife drop again, so that the two belt firmly glue → top knife down again, the left and right top knife drop at the same time → heating plate reset → slide plate reset → guide plate reset → proximity switch induction to the belt probe → belt feed motor start, drive the belt feed belt → large pendulum rod reset → belt The lead is pushed on the guide plate and the → proximity switch induces the double-probe → main motor to stop, and the brake absorbs the → to complete a working cycle.

What is the working principle of winding packaging machine?

The working principle of the winding packaging machine: the winding object is placed in the center of the turntable and starts the rotation of the turntable motor, which naturally drives the turntable to rotate, so that the object can realize the peripheral winding film machine. At the same time, the elevator motor also starts, and the winding machine drives the whole assembly of the winding and binding machine to move up and down to achieve the winding in the height direction of the object, which realizes the winding packaging of the whole appearance of the object. This is not only conducive to the packaging requirements of goods storage, transportation and mechanized loading and unloading operations, but also prevent the damage of goods in the handling process, play the role of dustproof, moisture-proof and cleaning, but also reduce production costs and improve production efficiency. In the winding process, the main thing is to adjust the tension of the film and penetrate the film. Generally, the degree of film tension can be achieved by adjusting the speed of the turntable and the speed of the motor.

Brief introduction:

Winding packaging machine is widely used in foreign trade export, food and beverage, plastic chemical industry, glass ceramics, mechanical and electrical castings and other products assembly cost, can prevent the damage of goods in the handling process, and play the role of dust, moisture and cleaning.

1. According to the degree to which the package is wrapped, it can be divided into:

Full-wrapped winding machine: including kink type, covering type, fitting type, seam type and so on.

Semi-wrapping winding machine: including folding type, shrinkage type, stretching type, winding type and so on.

two。 According to the structure, the winding machine can be divided into “pallet winding machine, non-pallet winding machine, horizontal winding machine, cantilever winding machine, circular winding machine, drum winding machine, steel strip winding machine”.

3. Winding machines are automatically classified according to machinery: fully automatic winding machine, semi-automatic winding machine, manual winding machine.

4. According to the structure of the film frame, the winding machine can be divided into three types: pre-stretching, resistance stretching and mechanical pre-stretching.

Introduction of automatic Packaging Machine

Automatic packaging machine is mainly used for automatic packaging of materials in food, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries and plant seeds. Materials can be particles, tablets, liquids, powders, pastes and other forms. The automatic packaging machine has the functions of automatic metering, filling, bag making, sealing, cutting, conveying, printing production batch number, increasing easy incision, warning without material, stirring and so on.

Common faults of automatic packing machine and their solutions

Automatic binding machine refers to a machine that uses packing tape to wind a product or package, then tightens and connects both ends through thermal effect melting or using materials such as clasps. The function of the baling machine is to make the plastic belt cling to the surface of the package to ensure that the package will not be scattered because of poor packing during transportation and storage, and at the same time it should be packed neatly and beautifully. With the repeated use of the automatic binding machine, no matter how durable the automatic binding machine will be more or less wear and failure, what we need to solve is how to deal with the common failures of the automatic binding machine. The following are the common faults and solutions of the automatic binding machine summarized by the editor. I hope I can help you.

Practical information! Common faults of automatic binding machine and their solutions

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First, the bonding effect is not good

1. The heating temperature is too high or too low. Solution: heating temperature is too high or too low.

2. The heating piece is deformed. Solution: correct or replace the heater.

3. The top pressure of the middle top knife is not enough, and the spring in the body is broken. Solution: replace the spring in the middle top knife.

Second, the conveyor belt is not in place

1. The lever pull spring force is too big or too small. Solution: adjust the roller pressure properly.

2. The position of the ejector is too high. Solution: adjust the position of the ejector rod properly.

3. The storage capacity in the belt warehouse is small. Solution: adjust the storage capacity appropriately.

4. The lead splitting leads to poor operation in the belt. Solution: appropriate high-speed fastening force.

5. the belt probe is adjusted too early or too late. Solution: adjust the belt conveyor probe properly.

6. The stop probe is adjusted too far. Solution: adjust the stop probe to the direction of the belt probe for a certain distance.

7. The quality of packing tape. Solution: replace the packing belt.

Third, it can’t be tied up tightly

1. Tighten and adjust the loose position of the installation plate. Solution: adjust the binding force properly.

2. The wear of the tape block is large. Solution: replace the cassette block.

3. The teeth of the tape block are stuffed with shavings. Solution: clean up the shavings.

4. The pull spring of the pull rod is broken. Solution: replace the pull spring.

5. The pendulum rod drives the bearing to break. Solution: replace the bearing.

6. The torsion spring is broken. Solution: replace the torsion spring.

IV. Enlarge the circle

1. There is not enough time to unwind. Solution: adjust the unwinding time.

2. The clearance of the pulley is not correct (too big or too small). Solution: appropriate high-speed unwinding gap.

3. The fastening resistance is too large. Solution: check and clean the frame strap.

4. The motor belt is too loose. Solution: replace or adjust the belt tightness properly.

5. Fault with warehouse volume

1. Friction between the crossbar and the belt. Solution: adjust the clearance between the crossbar and the belt.

2. The position of the proximity switch is incorrect or broken. Solution: check and replace the proximity switch.

3. The pulley force is too small or too large. Solution: adjust the pulley pressure properly.

4. The spring is broken. Solution: replace the tension spring.

5. The pulling force of the spring is too small or too big. Solution: adjust the strength of the spring properly.

6. Brake failure with disc. Workaround: replace the PLC.

7. PLC is bad. Solution: check and replace the corresponding parts, such as brake belt, spring.

8. Too much or too little storage belt. Solution: adjust the storage capacity appropriately.

This is the end of the introduction of the operation rules of automatic winding baling machine and automatic winding baling machine. I wonder if you have found the information you need? If you want to know more about this, remember to collect and follow this site.



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