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How much is a large hay cutter (high power hay cutter)

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How much does it cost to build a cattle farm with 2000 heads?

At least 25 million at current prices, the current market price of 400kg cattle is 8000 (male) 8000 for one-year-old cows and 13000-17000 for adult cows (young 3-7 years old). Look at the size, size, size,

In a breeding-scale enclosure of 2000 head, each fattening cow is 2-4 square meters and the breeding cow is 5-8 square meters. The price of the enclosure varies greatly according to the construction standard, and the silage cellar in the hay pile.

Machinery and equipment: grinder 2 sets of motor power above 10Kw price of 15000 each, guillotine (and silage guillotine) 2-4, power above 10Kw each 15000, sewage treatment equipment 10-30 (the state stipulates that the sewage of the farm with more than 200head of cattle must have reasonable treatment equipment or else there will be a fine)

2000 large-scale farms must have a high degree of mechanization, otherwise the labor cost will be a lot of money. The price of TMR whole-grain feed feeding machine (self-propelled) is 300000, at least 2 sets.

Plus working capital, cattle daily feed costs, so the price is at least around 25 million.

The price of the enclosure is a little better, first of all, where is your home? this is the key. It is too cold in winter in the three eastern provinces, Inner Mongolia, Ningxia and Gansu. Cattle are willing to consider cold protection and want to build a better cold-proof structure outside the closed brick wall. The roof adopts arched foam structure, the cement floor in the house, and the cowbed (where the cattle lie down) with asphalt and stone structure. Each enclosure is 8 meters wide and 120 meters long. The price is about 400000-500000, depending on the specific situation (for example, there is a brick factory near the construction site, which can save a lot of transportation costs, and there is a river nearby that can save sand) 200 fattening cattle and 250 young fattening cattle are raised in each building, with a gain of 8-10. If it is not for the cold zone, the cost of cold prevention can be saved 5-100000 yuan per building, summer heat prevention should be avoided in too hot places, shade net is fine. The price is cheap and a few thousand yuan will be enough for the whole game.

The simple structure is brick and tile structure, the wall adopts red brick structure, and the tile adopts asbestos tile, which is 8 meters wide and 120 meters long, and the price is between 13 and 200000. The breeding scale is the same as above, plastic greenhouse can be used to prevent cold in winter and shade net in summer.

The silage cellar is one cubic meter for each cow. It needs 2000 cubic meters, the price is 50, 000, the hay store is 30, 000, and the grain and feed warehouse is 50, 000

The machinery and equipment I introduced earlier, two 30, 000 grinders, 4 straw cutters, 150000 cheap points for sewage treatment, 500000 TMR2 machines and 740000 machines and equipment

5 million of the best prices in total

The cheapest 2.3 million

However, excluding the cost of electricity and water, the price gap is relatively large. The transformer is 20,000, the transmission line is determined by the distance from the nearby transmission line to the specific site of the plant, and the cost of water. The depth of a well depends on the depth of groundwater in your home. The price of pump equipment is 20,000 cheaper. If you have any questions, you can continue to ask, or you can send a private message.

How much is the 2.2 type 3.0 motor of the double-horse single six-knife grass cutter

The integrated chopping machine 3KW can not only grind grass, but also crush concentrate fodder and roughage. 2600 single-phase electric 3KW straw cutter 1800

Released by Xiao Wang of Henan Genghui Machinery

How much does it cost to raise 100 sheep and fattening for five months? how much does it cost to invest in sheep barn, facilities and fodder?

Sheep seedlings need 40-50, 000 yuan, fattening 5 months feed cost of about 50, 000 yuan, sheep pen 150 square meters, the cost of 15-20, 000 yuan, a small crusher 2000 yuan, a total of 13 yuan is enough. Pentium Animal Husbandry Mutton Sheep Farm provides improved breeds and sheep raising techniques.

How big is the shredder to raise 10000 cattle?

Hello, the size of the shredder for raising 10000 cattle depends on the size of your cattle and the type of feed. Generally speaking, if your cattle are small, you can consider using a small grinder with a capacity of 2-3 tons per hour to meet your needs. If your cattle are large, you can consider using a medium-sized grinder with a capacity of 4-6 tons per hour to meet your needs. In addition, you also need to consider your feed type, if your feed type is large, you can consider using a large grinder, its capacity is generally 7-10 tons / hour, can meet your needs. In short, you can choose a suitable grinder according to the size of your cattle and the type of feed to meet your needs.

Where does Foshan sell straw guillotine? How much is the small cattle guillotine?

Guangzhou Guolaiwei Machinery and equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in producing cattle hay cutters | small sheep hay cutters | silage hay cutters have the cheapest price and guaranteed quality.

This is the end of the introduction of how much a large hay cutter costs. Thank you for taking the time to read the contents of this site. Don’t forget to look for more information about how much the high power hay cutters and large hay cutters cost.



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