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What kind of machines and equipment are needed to produce and process toilet paper?

The production and processing of toilet paper needs to use toilet paper processing equipment, which has three machines, namely, toilet paper rewinder, paper cutting machine and sealing machine, which generally need 3-4 people to operate, manual cooperation, three machine assembly line operation, machine automatic production, not only simple operation, but also greatly improve the production efficiency.

The processing process of toilet paper is to automatically feed the large axis paper through the toilet paper rewinder, rewind, punch, trim, rewind into a long reel after glue spraying, and the rewound paper is manually taken to the paper-cutting saw to cut, the cutting size can be operated according to the market standards or according to the requirements of customers. The small roll of toilet paper cut is put on the sealing machine for packaging and sealing, that is, the entire processing of the toilet paper is completed and can be sold on the market. The price of a set of toilet paper processing equipment ranges from more than 40,000 yuan to more than 50,000 yuan. The price of the whole set of equipment is related to the degree of automation of the equipment and the number of people employed. Now more and more rewinders are controlled by computer PLC, and fewer and fewer workers are used.

For the first time to process toilet paper, we need to slowly accumulate experience, first do a good job in our own production, and make more efforts on the products to ensure the quality of the products and the packaging of the shape, so that consumers will think that the toilet paper is good and arouse the desire to buy. After the products are recognized by consumers, we need to spend more time on sales strategies and sales methods to see which sales channels are better, earn more profits, and occupy the local toilet paper market bit by bit. one day the enterprise will get bigger and bigger.

The function of the knife roller in the web main machine

The function of the knife roller on the web mainframe is to clamp the paper. The reel is pressed by the knife roller of the web mainframe and then it is easy to be sliced. The reel paper slitting machine is a powerful one of the reel cutting equipment, which has the characteristics of smooth operation, convenient operation, high speed, high precision, strong adaptability, high output and so on. It can also be called web paper cutting machine, high-speed cutting machine, high-speed cutting machine. It is widely used in paper industry, paper trade and printing industry.

What is a paper cutter?

Equipment for cutting flat paper in the paper cutter paper industry. It is divided into two types: throwing knife paper cutter (single knife and double knife) and flat knife paper cutter. The knife-throwing paper cutter includes a longitudinal cutting mechanism composed of an upper knife and a lower knife, and a cross-cutting mechanism composed of a rotary long knife and a fixed bottom knife. It can cut 6 or 10 rolls at the same time. The flat knife paper cutter is a knife that can be lifted and lowered on the platform to re-cut the flat sheet of paper to the specified size. Used for cutting large sheets of paper into small sizes.

Classification of paper cutting machines

The paper cutting machine is composed of daily paper cutter and industrial paper cutter with a wide range of types and different degrees of automation.

Household paper cutter

The daily paper cutter is composed of toilet paper cutter, napkin cutter, drawing paper cutter, square paper cutter, plate paper cutter, hand paper cutter, tissue cutter and so on. According to different paper products, the corresponding paper cutting machine is different.

Toilet paper cutter

Toilet paper cutter is more of a band saw, that is, a band saw used to cut toilet paper rolls. The band saw paper cutter is equipped with automatic knife sharpening and movable table device, which can be cut into the desired paper roll products according to the required length and width.

Tips: if you need to find household paper cutting machine products, find paper products machinery and equipment manufacturers as far as possible, such as gorgeous machinery: gorgeous machinery is located in Weifang City, Shandong Province, mainly engaged in toilet paper cutting machine, roll paper cutting machine, band saw paper cutting machine, napkin cutting machine, square paper cutting machine, square paper cutting machine, tissue cutting machine and other paper cutting machines.

Industrial paper cutter

Industrial paper cutters include manual paper cutters, electric paper cutters, CNC paper cutters, etc., which are mainly used for cutting industrial paper or other products. Tip: if you need to find an industrial paper cutter, you should know the use of the product as much as possible so as to find the corresponding equipment manufacturer.


The paper cutter is a traditional product, which is used to deal with the paper cutting demand in the later stage of printing. From mechanical paper cutter to magnetic tape

The paper cutter controlled by the paper cutter has developed to the cutting system of microcomputer program control, color display, full image operation guidance and visual processing, computer aided external programming and editing production data, which makes the production preparation time shorter, the cutting precision higher, the labor intensity lower, and the operation safer.

The utility model relates to a paper cutting machine with high cutting performance, which is suitable for cutting labels, carbon paper, hardcover books, etc. Sen Meiko specializes in manufacturing high-speed hob reel paper cutting machine with high precision and high speed.

Small paper cutter

The small paper cutter is divided into thick layer paper cutter and small office paper cutter.

Thick layer paper cutter

Thick layer paper cutter, some people from the drive mode is called manual paper cutter, from the placement position is called desktop paper cutter and so on. This kind of paper cutter is mainly suitable for neatly cutting paper before binding a small number of documents. This kind of paper cutter is widely used in office or finance, as well as studio and digital printing shops.

The characteristics of thick layer paper cutter:

1) the maximum format of cutting is generally around 430mm.

2) small, easy to use and does not take up too much space

3) the requirement of cutting precision is not high.

4) the price is cheap and economical.

Small office paper cutter

Small office paper cutter, the structure of this paper cutter is relatively complex, mainly composed of mainframe, worktable, paper pressing mechanism, paper pushing mechanism and cutting mechanism. This kind of paper cutter is mainly suitable for neatly cutting paper before binding a large number of documents. This kind of paper cutter is widely used in modern digital fast printing, high-grade office, library, national public institutions and small and medium-sized printing and so on.

From the driving mode of the paper pushing mechanism and the cutting mechanism, it is divided into manual paper cutting machine (pure mechanical structure) and electric paper cutting machine.

From the driving mode of the paper pressing mechanism, it is divided into mechanical paper pressing and hydraulic paper pressing.

In terms of size display and moving positioning of the paper pusher, it is divided into digital paper cutter and program-controlled paper cutter (pure mechanical structure paper cutter has steel ruler embedded on the table, and the control of the paper pusher is the same as that of the digital paper cutter). The main difference between the digital display paper cutter and the program-controlled paper cutter lies in the control of the paper pushing mechanism. The program-controlled paper cutter can not only greatly improve the efficiency, but also effectively reduce the labor intensity of the operators.

The high-end small office paper cutter is not only reflected in the cutting accuracy and the stability of performance, but also has multiple protection in security, specifically reflected in the hands differential protection and photoelectric protection and so on.

Characteristics of small office paper cutters:

1) the cutting format is generally between 430mm-800mm

2) small, easy to use and does not take up too much space

3) A large number of cutting objects can be cut.

4) the cutting accuracy of the cut is high.

5) the price varies from several thousand yuan to more than one hundred thousand yuan according to the size and configuration of the cutting format.

Problems needing attention in the use of paper cutter


In the actual use process, the paper cutter has to face a variety of cutting objects, in addition to paper, cardboard, leather, plastic, cork floor and PS version and so on. As there are many kinds of materials to be cut, different paper presses should be used for different materials, and the angle of the cutting edge should also be changed to ensure high-quality cutting products.

Cutting edge angle of cutter

The selection of the cutting edge angle of the cutting knife is a very important link in the cutting work. In other words, a good paper cutter should be equipped with a good paper cutting blade and grinding process. However, in the after-sales service of the paper cutter, we found that many users of the paper cutter often overlooked this point. as a result, the impact force in the cutting process was increased because of the wrong way, method and angle of the paper cutter blade sharpening, resulting in loosening or even breaking of the safety screw, resulting in mechanical damage.

A wide range of materials need to be cut by paper cutters, such as beer aluminum foil hat label, carbon-free carbon paper, honeycomb cardboard, magnetic cards, photosensitive film and so on. For example, carbon-free carbon paper is prone to indentation when cutting, while magnetic cards and photosensitive film will appear that the paper press can not be fixed in the cutting, resulting in waste products and so on. These problems can be solved smoothly by adjusting the pressure of the paper press and improving the blade and cutting transmission system. However, as far as I know, only some domestic paper cutter manufacturers can solve all these technologies.

Sheet-fed paper cutter


Flat sheet cutter is a kind of cutting machine, which is widely used and can be used for cutting paper, leather, plastic, cardboard and other materials. The paper cutter is mainly composed of mainframe (also known as gantry), worktable, paper pushing mechanism, paper pressing mechanism, cutting mechanism and so on. The paper pushing mechanism is used for pushing paper positioning and making post rules, while the paper pressing mechanism presses the fixed paper to ensure that the original positioning accuracy is not destroyed in the cutting process, the cutting mechanism is used to cut the paper, the side baffle is used as the side gauge, and the worktable plays a supporting role.

Printing, packaging, bookbinding and other production from the opening of the material to the printing of the finished product and the cutting of the binding book all need a paper cutter, so the paper cutter is an important equipment for post-press processing. Flat paper cutters are widely used in printing plants, binding factories, packaging factories, paper products processing factories and so on.

Cutting process of sheet-fed paper cutter

1) determine the position of the paper pusher according to the size of the cut paper

2) position the paper close to the front surface of the pusher and the side bezel.

3) the paper press first drops and presses the paper, and then the cutter falls to cut the paper.

4) after cutting, the cutter first leaves the paper stack and returns, and then the paper press rises and resets.

Factors affecting the safe use of paper cutters

The safety of paper cutters is easy to be ignored by many digital printing practitioners. There are the following aspects that affect the safe use of paper cutters:

1. Brakes. In order to save money, many manufacturers adopt the principle of circuit braking, that is, braking by cutting off the power supply of the cutter motor through the upper and lower limit sensors, in the case of a sudden power outage, loose sockets, sensor failure, and so on. may cause “slide knife” and other extremely dangerous conditions. In order to prevent this from happening, it is necessary to use motor components with mechanical brakes, so that no matter what circuit failure occurs, the motor is locked to avoid accidents.

2. The operation principle of double button. This requires that two buttons be pressed at the same time, otherwise the cutter motor will not act, which can ensure the absolute safety of single operation.

3. In the process of actual use, two people often cooperate with each other to operate, so the situation becomes very dangerous, which requires the paper cutter to be equipped with safety cover before and after. When the safety cover is opened, the motor will not act to ensure safety.

4. the above are the safety factors that affect the use process, so in the maintenance and maintenance, attention should be paid to the replacement of the blade, the use of the knife holder to ensure that the blade edge is closed, not only to ensure the safety of the guarantor, but also to ensure that the blade is not damaged.

5. In addition, the unloaded blades must not be shelved at will to avoid causing injury to people.

Therefore, first of all, we must choose and buy equipment with high safety factor, and then, we must develop good use habits in order to ensure safety at work.

Classification of flat sheet cutters

1. From the driving mode of the paper pushing mechanism, the flat sheet cutter is divided into the electric paper cutter (which can only be manually pressed by the button or operate the corresponding mechanism to realize the positioning of the paper pusher through the control of the motor or mechanical transmission mechanism), and the program-controlled paper cutter (to realize the automatic positioning of the paper pusher through the program control system). It can also perform the positioning mode of the electric paper cutter) and an intelligent digital display paper cutter between the two modes (automatic rough positioning through the control system, and then accurate positioning through manual fine tuning).

2. From the control mode of the movement of the paper pusher, the program-controlled paper cutter can be divided into three modes: stepper motor control, variable frequency speed regulation control and AC servo control.

Stepper motor control and frequency conversion speed regulation control methods can achieve ±0.1mm in the positioning accuracy of the paper cutter pusher, with a speed of 8-14 m / min (the specific accuracy and speed will vary greatly due to the manufacturer’s use of the control system and the selection of electrical components), but the stepper motor control mode starts with harsh noise, which is not favored by many paper cutter manufacturers and cutter users.

Ac servo control on the paper cutter pusher positioning accuracy and speed than the frequency conversion speed control has a great breakthrough in quality and quantity, positioning accuracy can reach ±0.025-±0.015 mm, paper push speed can reach 16-20 m / min (the specific accuracy and speed will vary greatly depending on the control system used by the manufacturer and the electrical components selected).

3. From the operation interface (operation mode) of the program-controlled paper cutter, it can be divided into three modes: button type, touch screen, button and touch screen.

The program-controlled paper cutter operated by keystrokes first appeared, which is much more efficient than the digital display paper cutter, which improves the work efficiency for many users, creates more wealth, and is favored by customers. however, after the new technology comes out, this way can not be comparable with the touch screen operation mode in terms of intuition and simplicity of operation.

The operation mode of touch screen can easily realize the functions of equal division, equidistance, circular size, the use of calculator and the input program of calculation results. the operation is simple and intuitive (button operation requires a combination of several keys when performing certain functions, and many customers consult the manufacturer about how to use it because the operator can not find the manual.) On the screen, there is a visual display of the detection switch status of each running link on the machine, which provides great convenience for the troubleshooting of common faults, and saves time and money costs for both customers and manufacturers of the paper cutter.

The dual mode of button and touch screen can be combined to meet the old habits of some operators, and at the same time provides one more input mode, which is relatively improved in durability. however, under the condition that the interface and operation menu designed by the manufacturer of the paper cutter are reasonable and the screen quality is stable and reliable, it is of little significance.

4. From the driving mode of the paper pressing mechanism, it is divided into mechanical paper pressing and hydraulic paper pressing.

The hydraulic paper pressing method can more accurately ensure the equal length tolerance accuracy (commonly known as up and down knife accuracy) after cutting, especially when the cutting density is high, the difference is especially obvious. Therefore, with the emergence of hydraulic paper cutters, mechanical paper cutters are no longer selected by customers who require higher cutting accuracy.

The clutches of paper pressing mechanism and cutting mechanism are all hydraulically driven, which is also called full hydraulic or double hydraulic paper cutter. The full hydraulic or double hydraulic paper cutter has a greater cutting force and has obvious advantages when cutting objects with higher cutting density, the clutch is not easy to skid, and the clutch clearance does not need to be adjusted frequently.

5. In terms of size display and moving positioning of the paper pusher, it is divided into digital paper cutter and program-controlled paper cutter (pure mechanical structure paper cutter has steel ruler embedded on the table, and the control of the paper pusher is the same as that of the digital paper cutter).

The main difference between the digital display paper cutter and the program-controlled paper cutter lies in the control of the paper pushing mechanism. The program-controlled paper cutter can not only greatly improve the efficiency, but also effectively reduce the labor intensity of the operators.

6. from the door width of the flat-sheet cutter (maximum cutting width), it is divided into half-cut paper cutter (also called half-cut paper cutter), full-cut paper cutter (full-sheet cutter) and so on.

The high-end sheet-fed paper cutter is not only reflected in the accuracy of cutting, the stability of performance and the selection of materials, components and control system, but also has multiple protection in safety, such as two-hand differential protection, photoelectric protection, electronic knife lock and so on.

Technical performance level of paper cutter products

It is mainly shown in the aspects of cutting accuracy, precision maintenance, quality stability, operation convenience and safety of the paper cutter.

There is a certain gap between the technical level of domestic paper cutters and advanced international countries, mainly as follows:

① control system is relatively backward and lack of automatic detection device. in terms of control system, our country has just started to use PLC, but foreign countries have adopted full-line computer control, using computer control, using computer to monitor and adjust each executive part. at the same time, the parameters can be preset and automatically adjusted under computer control, which greatly shortens the auxiliary time and ensures reliable work.

② complete set is poor, domestic paper cutter is rarely equipped with peripheral equipment, that is, cutting production line.

There is a certain gap in the appearance and ease of use of ③. However, through the efforts of domestic paper cutter manufacturers in recent years, the gap between domestic paper cutters and foreign products is rapidly narrowing, and some technologies are even in the leading level. at present, the control mode of foreign paper cutters is basically controlled by color microcomputers. however, the domestic paper cutter is mainly based on digital display, a large number of mechanical paper cutters that lack safety protection exist and are sold. Microcomputer-controlled paper cutter is the development trend of paper cutter. And the paper cutting of other control methods is being replaced in a large area with faster speed.

After pressing the “cutting” button, the cutter is called even knife when it is run up and down more than twice. The main reasons for the connecting knife are the failure of the cutter limit switch of the paper cutter or the failure to touch the limit switch, as well as the adhesion or lag of the relay contact.

Key points in the selection of paper cutters

What can not be ignored is the price of the paper cutter, which is an important factor in choosing Shenweida paper cutter. Compared with foreign imported paper cutters, Shenweida has obvious advantages in price and excellent performance. Price concessions are the main reasons to promote customers to choose Shenweida paper cutters, and the after-sales service in China is relatively in place. Because of its high performance-to-price ratio, practical and affordable characteristics, Shenweida paper cutter currently has the highest market share in China.


Paper cutter optimized heavy frame design, precision processing, stable performance, strong and durable; paper cutter using new high integration and high stability components, original electronic knife position indicator line to ensure the reliable operation of the paper cutter; touch key panel, two-handed interlock device, automatic reset function to ensure absolute safety. The use of high-speed steel blade, sharp and durable; unique fault self-detection function, make your operation more handy

What equipment is needed to produce toilet paper

Toilet paper processing equipment is mainly toilet paper rewinder, paper cutting machine and sealing machine, the whole processing process has no pollution, does not need sewage treatment equipment, if you build a small toilet paper factory can choose small toilet paper processing equipment to make a small investment, it will cost about 100000 yuan.

1. First of all, we should understand that the raw material for processing toilet paper is large axis paper. Large axis paper is a raw material specially used for the production of toilet paper. the equipment for producing this kind of raw paper is mainly a paper machine, which is generally used to copy the pulp into a large roll of semi-finished paper for storage and sale.

2. Although the raw material of large axis paper is pulp, there are different raw materials of paper pulp, such as deinked pulp formed by deinking of waste paper, wood pulp made from broken wood, mixed pulp made from other materials (sugarcane, forage, etc.). At present, there are more large axis paper made from wood pulp in the market.

Extended data:

Classification of processing equipment for producing toilet paper:

1. Reel toilet paper processing equipment

The reel toilet paper processing equipment mainly refers to a set of toilet paper machinery such as rewinder, band saw paper cutter and sealing machine, which is mainly used for rewinding 1-3 layers of roll toilet paper, cutting small rolls and packing them into finished products.

2. Processing equipment of cube toilet paper

Square toilet paper processing equipment mainly refers to cage rewinder, band panel cutting paper saw and band saw paper cutting machine, which is mainly used for rewinding square paper, cutting strips and then cutting into squares until a piece of square toilet paper is produced.

The type selection of the cage rewinder is the same as that of the toilet paper rewinder above. Band saw paper cutters are all equipped with model 3150. The panel with a panel cutting paper saw can be customized according to your needs.

Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-toilet paper processing equipment

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