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Wholesale plate winding machine (plate winding machine manufacturer)

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What are the steel structure processing equipment?

The equipment is as follows:

1. Lifting equipment, driving, forklift, etc.

2. Plate shearing machine, bending machine, drilling machine.

3. H-beam production line, including numerical control cutting machine,

Erection machine, gantry welding, straightening machine, shot blasting machine, paint spraying.

4. C / Z steel purlin machine, Caigang tile veneer machine.

5. Box girder production line.

Where can I find a second-hand plate winder in Xi’an?

Xijiao Xixinzhuang, that is, Yuhua Village, Foreign Affairs College, there is a second-hand machinery market when you are free. Take a ride 202 201 800 300 405 901 902 225 and get off at Xixinzhuang and you can see it on the side of the road.

How about Nanjing Klaus CNC Machinery Co., Ltd.?

Introduction: Nanjing Klaus CNC Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in February 2008, located in the national spark technology-intensive area-Mingjue Industrial concentration area (next to 341 Provincial Highway), close to Nanjing Airport, the traffic is very convenient. The company covers an area of more than 160mu, with a registered capital of 32 million yuan and more than 320 employees, including 52 engineers and technicians, serving the company’s R & D, production and after-sales lines. At the same time, it has its own sales companies in large and medium-sized cities across the country. In 2008, Nanjing Klaus CNC Machinery Co., Ltd. was established with the world-renowned brand Singapore KRRASS Machine tool Manufacturing Co., Ltd., dedicated to the development of RAS series new hydraulic brake shears and annual production of 500 APB series high-end CNC machine tools. This kind of machine tool has the characteristics of long service life, high precision, simple structure and easy operation, low failure rate, easy maintenance and maintenance cost. The company has established a sound market service system, and various systems are mature. Using modern enterprise management methods, the main production: RAS brake shearing machine QC12Y, QC12K series hydraulic, CNC shearing machine; ZYS series electro-hydraulic servo CNC shearing machine; WC67Y, WC67K series hydraulic, CNC bending machine, ZYB series electro-hydraulic servo CNC bending machine, punch, plate winding machine, single-column hydraulic press, four-column hydraulic press Products are widely used in decoration, gold, ships, automobiles, machinery, steel structure and other professional production fields, all the time, the company’s products with superb design, reasonable prices, excellent quality and fast after-sales service and technical support have been affirmed by customers at home and abroad, and sell well in more than 20 provinces, cities and regions in China. and exported to Europe, the United States, South America, Africa, Southeast Asia and the Middle East and other 40 countries and regions. And with Singapore’s well-known scissors manufacturing company KRRASS company to carry out comprehensive cooperation in technology, production and sales. The company pursues the goal of “100% customer satisfaction” and provides timely and fast after-sales service to increase the customer base year by year. With an increasing market share, it has a strong marketing advantage. In particular, the proportion of income from high-tech products has greatly increased. Through large-scale production, strengthen enterprise management, improve product quality and material profit margin, reduce the consumption of raw materials and energy and the loss of product waste, reduce product costs, and at the same time increase the market share of Klaus “KRRASS” products by increasing sales efforts, enterprise efficiency has increased steadily, and it is among the best in the same industry at home and abroad. Nanjing Klaus Company is a leading enterprise of forging machinery in Nanjing, a “high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province”, a “provincial private science and technology enterprise” and a “city specialized and special new” enterprise. In the future, we will speed up the formulation and implementation of enterprise trademark strategy, comprehensively improve the product grade, enhance the overall competitiveness of enterprises, and build Nanjing “KRRASS” machine tool brand!

Legal representative: Chen Deli

Establishment date: 2013-07-24

Registered capital: RMB 28 million

Region: Jiangsu Province

Unified Social Credit Code: 913201170707380866

Business status: in-service

Industry: wholesale and retail

Company type: limited liability company

English name: Nanjing Kelaosi Numerical Control Machinery Co.,Ltd.

Personnel size: 100-500

Address: 18 Xinhe Nan Road, Shiji Town, Lishui District, Nanjing

Business scope: CNC machine tools, shearing machines, bending machines, plate coiling machines, construction machinery, machinery accessories, edge moulds, hardware tools R & D, production and sales; self-supporting and acting for the import and export of all kinds of commodities and technologies, with the exception of commodities and technologies that are restricted or prohibited by the state. (projects subject to approval according to law shall be approved by relevant departments before business activities can be carried out.)

Direct sales of small roll machine manufacturers

Direct sales of small roll machine manufacturers

1. Ma’anshan Songbai Machinery Factory

Main products: three-roll plate winder.

Address: Pingqiao Development Zone, Bowang Town, Bowang District.

Establishment time: 2007-04-10.

Shenzhen Dongchen Xingye Machinery Co., Ltd.

Main products: mechanical equipment; mechanical accessories; chuck; precision chuck; chuck; fixture; pipe bending machine; shearing machine; coiling plate.

Address: Shenzhen Pingshan New District Kengzi Office Laokeng Community Shenshan Road (Kengzi Section).

Establishment time: 2007-10-30.

3. Maanshan New Oriental heavy Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.

Main products: shearing machine; shearing machine blade; shearing machine; circular blade; all kinds of mechanical blades; bending machine; bending machine mold; flanging machine; common machine flange machine; biting machine.

Address: Xinlong New Rural District, Bowang Town, Bowang District.

Establishment time: 2012-04-12.

Nantong Weichen CNC Machinery Co., Ltd.

Main products: shearing machine; bending machine; bending machine; shearing and leveling line; billet shearing forging machine.

Address: 1 Building of Group 9, Li Zao Village, Libao Town, Haian County.

Establishment time: 2007-10-22.

5. Rongding Banjin Machinery Factory, Luqiao District, Taizhou City

Main products: large and small coiling machines; small flattening machines.

Address: Luoyang Street Shangsiqian Village, Luqiao District, Taizhou City.

Establishment time: 1991-04-09.

How about Nantong Zhongwei Machine tool Co., Ltd.?

Nantong Zhongwei Machine tool Co., Ltd. is a limited liability company registered in Haian County, Nantong City, Jiangsu Province on January 16, 1997. Its registered address is located at 139Tongyuzhong Road, Haian Development Zone.

The unified social credit code / registration number of Nantong Zhongwei Machine tool Co., Ltd. is 9132062125209009XJ, the enterprise legal person Wu Xiaobo, the enterprise is in the opening state at present.

The business scope of Nantong Zhongwei Machine tool Co., Ltd. is: shearing machine, bending machine, bending machine production, sales; fishing net machinery, forging equipment and accessories wholesale, retail. (for projects that must be approved according to law, business activities can only be carried out after the approval of the relevant departments. In Jiangsu Province, the total registered capital of companies with similar business scope is 525.48 million yuan, and the main capital is concentrated in enterprises of scale 1000-50 million and 100-10 million, a total of 83. Within the scope of the province, the current registered capital of enterprises is good.

Check out more information and information of Nantong Zhongwei Machine tool Co., Ltd through Baidu Enterprise Credit.

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