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Packing box sealing machine (packing box sealing machine)

A list of the contents of this article:

What’s the difference between vacuum sealing machine and vacuum packaging machine?


There are some differences. This is mainly divided from the function of the vacuum machine.

Vacuum sealing machine: it is generally considered to vacuum first and then seal; in addition to this function, there should be: a no vacuum directly used as the sealing machine; vacuum + inflation + sealing function. Generally speaking, it is mainly drawn from the outside.

Vacuum packaging machine: function is: a vacuum + sealing, B vacuum + inflating + sealing; generally, it is mainly inner pumping type.

Which kind of vacuum sealing machine is better?

The vacuum sealing machine is used for vacuum and body-fitting packaging of all kinds of food, meat products, seafood, fruits and vegetables, hardware components, etc., so as to prolong the shelf life of the articles. Vacuum sealing machine is to put food into the bag and draw out the air in the bag. After reaching the predetermined vacuum degree, the vacuum sealing machine can complete the sealing process. 1. Draw out the air and seal the bag; 2. Seal the mouth of the bag directly.

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Brief introduction of vacuum sealing machine: this machine has super vacuum ability and can deal with all kinds of plastic bags (ordinary plastic bags, composite bags, aluminum foil bags). ) to seal. The utility model has a high degree of automation and is equipped with digital control heat sealing time and overheating automatic protection alarm device, which has the advantages of power saving, small size, light weight, wide use and easy operation.

The market price of vacuum sealing machine is 860 yuan.

Member price of China Valley Mall is 466 yuan.

Detailed parameters of vacuum sealing machine:

The machine has a high degree of automation and is equipped with digitally controlled heat sealing time and automatic reading alarm device for overheating. The machine has the advantages of power saving, small size, light weight, wide use and easy operation. It can encapsulate general plastic bags, composite food bags, aluminum foil bags and self-made plastic bags. the performance of the machine has exceeded that of similar foreign products and is in the leading position in the world. For items or food that need to be preserved for a long time, such as medical supplies, electronic devices, audio and video products, cameras, woolen clothes, gold and silver jewelry, antique calligraphy and painting, dried and fresh fruit crystals, tea, raw and cooked meat, etc., after vacuum packaging, it can effectively play the role of preservation, quality preservation, moistureproof, mildew, anti-rust, anti-pollution, anti-oxidation and vacuum sterilization, so as to prolong the shelf life. The machine encapsulates all kinds of flexible packaging food, which is easy to carry and suitable for field work and business trips. The machine is also suitable for all commercial outlets, small business enterprises, medical units, large and small restaurants and guesthouses, and is a necessity to improve economic efficiency and service quality.

All kinds of food sealed by vacuum sealing machine can not only prolong the shelf life at room temperature. If used in conjunction with the refrigerator, the effect is better, and it can effectively prevent the food in the refrigerator from dehydration and cracking, collusion, deterioration and so on. The emergence of a small vacuum sealing machine has solved the problem that has not been effectively solved in the use of refrigerators for many years. It is the latest ideal kitchen utensils, a good helper to enter the family, and the best gift for relatives and friends.

Technical parameters of vacuum sealing machine:



Ultimate vacuum degree


Heat-fit width


Use of power, power

220VAC 50HZ

Heat and time

Digital setting, automatic control

Machine size (mm)

350 × 140 × 70

Gross weight (kg)


The quantity of a case


Box weight (kg)


Volume of the box (cbm)


Box size (cm)

39 × 32.40 × 37.50

This vacuum sealing machine can generally work continuously for 40-50 minutes.

This vacuum sealing machine adopts digital temperature control design, the operation is more simple and quick, the sealing length is 280mm at one time, and the open design on both sides. For ultra-long vacuum bags, it can be sealed by stages. The vacuum is also stronger.

This vacuum sealing machine is not suitable for continuous working hours for too long, it is best to work no more than 4 hours a day, and no more than 500 medium-sized bags. If you have a lot of work every day, the shopkeeper suggests that you buy a professional machine. Work no more than four hours a day, the life of this vacuum sealing machine is about three to four years, of course, this is an average, and it has something to do with how everyone uses it.

How to maintain vacuum sealing machine

The maintenance core of vacuum sealing machine is the maintenance of vacuum pump, so we call it the maintenance of vacuum pump. The maintenance of vacuum pump is divided into the following six points

1. Replace the exhaust filter

If the pump temperature rises obviously, the motor current reaches or exceeds the rated current, and there is oil fume at the pump exhaust port, the exhaust filter should be checked for blockage and should be replaced in time if it is blocked. The exhaust pressure gauge can be installed at the pump refueling hole to check whether the filter is clogged. The exhaust filter can be replaced when the pressure exceeds 0.6bar (gauge pressure).

2. Replace vacuum pump oil and oil filter

If the oil is contaminated and blackened, emulsified or thickened, the oil should be changed in time. At the same time, the oil filter should be changed. And clean the pump before adding new oil.

Steps of cleaning and changing oil:

Stop the pump to release the hot oil; screw the plug and run for 5-10 seconds to drain the oil; inject the cleaning oil (No. 32 ordinary mechanical oil) to the 3×4 of the height of the oil window; run the vacuum pump for 5-10 minutes; stop the pump and drain the oil. If the released oil is still relatively muddy and does not meet the requirements, repeat 3 or 4 steps until the released oil is transparent; screw the oil plug and run for 5-10 seconds; drain the oil and inject the prescribed new oil.

3. Vacuum pump oil

The XD and XQ series vacuum pumps built into the vacuum sealing machine should use the vacuum pump oil specified in the compound SH0528-92 standard. Vacuum pump oil with ISO-VG32 viscosity grade is used when the ambient temperature is 0 ℃ ~ 10 ℃. ISO-VG100 viscosity grade vacuum pump oil (original vacuum pump oil) is used when the ambient temperature is 10 ℃ ~ 40 ℃. When the vacuum pump is running, the oil level must be kept at 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the height of the oil window. Oil levels and oil contamination should be checked frequently (once a week is recommended).

4. Clean the suction filter

The suction strainer should be kept clean so as not to decrease the pumping speed.

5. Storage

If the pump is not in use for a long time, drain the oil and clean the pump, then inject the prescribed new oil and place it in the drying place.

The difference between carton sealing machine and box sealing machine? What is it? Is it the same?

The difference between box sealing machine and sealing machine

The sealing machine is what we simply call the sealing machine, but the difference is that the sealing machine is sealed in cartons, and the sealing machine is generally sealed in packaging bags. What is the installation work of the sealing machine? What are the specific problems with the sealing machine after use? is there any difference between the sealing machine and the sealing machine? The editor simply says:

There is a burn-through phenomenon at the seal of ①, which may be caused by too high heat sealing temperature and too long heating time, so we should lower the heating temperature and shorten the heating time.

The main reason why the ② sealing machine is not strong may be: a. If the heating temperature is low and the material is not fully fused, the heating temperature of the equipment should be properly increased, and then the test seal should be tested to check the firmness of the seal, and then make further adjustments until the seal is firm. The working face of the pressurizing element is uneven, the pressure is uneven or the pressure is low; check, repair or replace the pressurized part and increase its pressure.

(2) the maintenance operator should be familiar with the structure and performance of the machine, operate in strict accordance with the operating rules in the operating instructions, and repair and maintain the machine regularly. The contents of repair and maintenance mainly include cleaning, lubrication, adjustment, inspection and repair.

① cleaning of the machine in use of some dust and debris should be cleaned in time, otherwise it will interfere with the normal work of the machine. Cleaning should be carried out when the machine stops working and the power supply should be cut off.

② lubrication is very important for the normal operation of the machine. It should be lubricated regularly with the prescribed lubricant in strict accordance with the requirements of the machine’s lubrication table or instructions.

Whether the ③ adjustment machine is correct or not has a lot to do with the normal operation of the machine and the guarantee of sealing quality. Sealing temperature, time and pressure will directly affect sealing quality and production efficiency. Before use, it must be carefully adjusted according to the type, thickness and heat sealing performance of plastic film. “

④ maintenance should be checked frequently during the operation of the machine, so that faults can be found and eliminated at any time, especially in cleaning and lubrication, we can carefully check the wear of the moving parts of the machine and replace the worn parts in time.

What material is the food box sealing machine chassis usually made of?

The chassis of the food box sealing machine “Xingyuan / Packaging” is constructed of thickened version 304stainless steel, and the mold is carved by advanced CNC CNC with an accuracy of 0.0001mm.

What kind of machine is the plastic paper sealing machine on the outside of the packing box

The kind that pack cigarettes is pp material, and it is also a kind of heat-shrinkable film.

Seal it with a plastic heat engine, then blow it with a hot air tube for hair blowing, and the film will stick to what you need to wrap.

What is a sealing machine?

After the product is put into the packaging container, in order to seal the product, maintain the product quality and avoid product loss, it is necessary to seal the packaging container, which is done on the sealing machine. The sealing machine refers to the machine that seals the container after the product is filled in the packaging container.

There are many materials for making packaging containers, such as paper, plastic, glass, ceramics, metals, composite materials, etc., and the shape and physical properties of packaging containers are also different, so the sealing forms and sealing devices are also different. Generally, according to the mechanical properties of packaging materials, it can be divided into the following two categories:

(1) flexible container sealing device

Flexible containers are bag containers made of flexible materials, such as paper, plastic film, composite film and so on. The sealing of this kind of container is mostly combined with bag-making and filling, and it is rarely used independently, and the sealing device is also different because of different materials.

① paper bag sealing device. For paper materials, it is generally used to apply a brush adhesive at the seal, followed by mechanical pressure sealing.

② plastic film bag and composite film bag sealing device. Many plastics have good heat sealing property. Plastic bags or composite bags made of this kind of plastics are generally heated directly at the sealing place and applied mechanical pressure to make them fuse and seal.

(2) rigid container sealing machine

Rigid container refers to the container whose shape is not easy to change after forming, and its sealing often uses different forms of lid. There are several kinds of sealing machines commonly used.

① rotary cover sealing machine. This kind of cover is machined in advance to produce internal threads, which can be divided into single or multiple threads. Such as medicine bottles with single thread, canned bottles with multiple threads. The machine presses the cover on the mouth of the container by rotating the cover.

② rolling sealing machine. This kind of sealing cover is mostly made of aluminum, and there is no thread in advance. The aluminum cover is rolled with a roller to make it have exactly the same thread shape as the bottle mouth thread, and the container is sealed. This kind of cover will be opened along the indentation around the skirt when unsealing, and can not be restored, so it is also called “anti-theft cover”. This machine is mainly used for sealing and packaging of high-grade alcohol and beverages.

③ edge rolling and sealing machine. The utility model first covers the barrel-shaped metal cap on the bottle mouth, rolls its bottom edge with a roller, makes it turn in and deforms, fastens the bottle mouth flange and seals it. The machine is mostly used for sealing and packaging of wide-mouth cans, etc.

④ gland sealing machine. It is a crown cap sealing machine specially used for beer, soda and other drinks. The crown cap is placed at the mouth of the bottle, the capping die of the machine is pressed down, and the corrugated periphery of the crown cap is squeezed and shrunk, which is stuck on the flange of the neck of the bottle mouth, resulting in a mechanical connection between the bottle cap and the bottle mouth, thus sealing the bottle.

⑤ pressure plug sealing machine. This sealing material is a bottle stopper made of rubber, plastic, cork and other elastic materials, which uses its own elastic deformation to seal the bottle mouth. When the machine is sealing, the bottle cork is placed above the bottle mouth, and the sealing packaging is realized by pressing the bottle cork into the bottle mouth by pressing it vertically. The stopper seal can be used either as a separate seal or together with a bottle cap as a combined seal.

⑥ crimping and sealing machine. The machine is mainly used for sealing metal food cans. It uses a roller to seal the lid and the periphery of the flange of the can body by curling, hooking and pressing each other to achieve sealing packaging.

This is the end of the introduction of the box sealing machine. Thank you for taking the time to read the contents of this site. Don’t forget to look for more information about the box sealing machine and the box sealing machine on this site.



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