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Price of agv intelligent handling car (price of agv intelligent handling robot)

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The cost of laser-guided forklift truck agv

100000 yuan per set. Compared with the traditional manual forklift, the price of laser navigation forklift AGV is expensive, the price of traditional forklift is tens of thousands or even lower, while the price of intelligent AGV forklift is 100000 yuan per set, using 3D lidar imported from Germany. Laser navigation forklift AGV, also known as agv unmanned forklift, unmanned handling robot and other names, by Hangzhou Guochen robot research and development of laser navigation technology as the core of AGV products.

What are the advantages of AGV car? is there any introduction?

The advantage of the AGV car is that it can carry things automatically without human control, fully automated, and can improve efficiency even if it is carried unmanned. Anyway, there are a lot of benefits, about the brand, smart technology is good.

What’s the difference between rgv car and agv car?

[Pacific Automotive Network] the difference between a rgv car and an agv car: agv refers to a self-guided transport vehicle and rgv refers to a rail-guided vehicle. With the large-scale rise of intelligent manufacturing in the world, cars are also ushering in intelligence.

. Practical documentation. The advantages and disadvantages of AGV and RGV compare first of all the differences between the RGV car and the AGV car conceptually: AGV refers to the transport vehicle equipped with electromagnetic or optical automatic guidance devices, which can drive along the prescribed guidance path, with safety protection and various load transfer functions. AGV belongs to the category of wheeled mobile robot. AGV mainly includes three technologies: hinge structure, engine separation technology and energy response.

RGV, also known as rail shuttle car, RGV car can be used in all kinds of high-density storage warehouse, the car channel can be designed to be arbitrarily long, can increase the storage capacity of the entire warehouse, and in the operation without forklift driving into the roadway, so that its safety will be higher. In the use of the advantage that the forklift does not need to enter the roadway, with the rapid operation of the trolley in the roadway, the operation efficiency of the warehouse can be effectively improved. The simple understanding is that RGV has a track, can only run with the track, and it is troublesome to change the track, and the flexibility is not so good compared to AGV.

AGV is flexible and can turn at will, its intelligence is higher than RGV, and its price is higher than RGV.

AGV is mainly composed of self-driving automatic guided vehicle, AGV management, monitoring system and intelligent charging system.

The RGV car is mainly composed of frame, drive wheel, follow-up wheel, front and rear bumper, chain conveyor, communication system, electrical system and each cover plate.

Under the management and monitoring of the AGV management and monitoring system, the AGV car chooses the planned optimal route according to the requirements of the operation task, walks accurately and stops at the designated place to complete a series of operation instructions, such as picking up, unloading, charging and so on.

According to its different functions, RGV can be divided into two types: assembly RGV system and transport RGV system, which are mainly used for material transportation, workshop assembly and so on. According to the mode of movement, it can be divided into circular rail type and linear reciprocating type, circular rail RGV system has high efficiency and can work with multiple vehicles at the same time, generally using aluminum alloy track; linear reciprocating general RGV system includes a RGV to do reciprocating movement, the efficiency is lower than that of circular RGV system.

AGV system has been widely used in intelligent warehousing and flexible production lines, and it is also the latest choice for many manufacturing industries to improve production efficiency and reduce enterprise cost. Because the handling of goods in warehouses and factories in the manufacturing industry always consumes a lot of manpower, inefficient and error-prone, the use of AGV cars can easily and perfectly solve this problem, which not only reduces the labor cost, but also makes the working environment safer. Due to the use of computer control system and instructions issued by professional technical personnel, the AGV car realizes an intelligent and mechanized operation mode of the whole process by receiving instructions and execution, thus greatly improving the work efficiency.

RGV is widely used in logistics system, which is characterized by high speed, high reliability and low cost. As the peripheral equipment of storage, it is very convenient to realize automatic docking with other logistics systems, such as out / in platforms, various buffer stations, conveyors, lifts and robots, etc., to transport materials according to the plan. In addition, it does not need human operation and runs fast, so it significantly reduces the storage cost and improves the labor productivity. at the same time, the application of the shuttle vehicle can make the logistics system very simple.

(photo / text / Photo: Pacific Automotive Network Q & A call Beast)

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