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Side push box (the side push box machine can’t open the box)

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Is there a side push in an 800-container ship?

The 800-case container ship has a side push. Ship side push is mainly used for ship berthing and departure from the wharf, motor vehicle operation and so on. Container ships or cruise ships and other bow generally equipped with 1-2 side push, large cruise ship bow with 2-3 side push.

The current significance of the research on full-automatic side push packing machine

The research purpose of the new automatic unpacking production line is to improve production efficiency, reduce labor costs and reduce labor intensity, so as to meet the needs of modern manufacturing industry for intelligence, automation, digitalization and so on. Specifically, it mainly includes the following aspects:

1. Improve production efficiency: the traditional unpacking method requires a lot of manpower investment, and the speed is slow. The use of automatic unpacking production line can achieve fast and efficient completion of this process, so as to improve the operation efficiency of the whole production line.

two。 Reduce labor costs: as labor costs continue to rise, companies need to find more cost-effective solutions. The use of automatic unpacking equipment can save a lot of human resources, and will bring significant economic benefits in the long-term operation.

3. Reduce labor intensity: manual operation is easy to cause occupational diseases and physical injuries and other problems, to a certain extent, affect the health and safety of employees. These problems can be avoided by using automated equipment to work.

4. Promote intelligent manufacturing: new automatic unpacking equipment is usually equipped with advanced control system and sensor technology, which can realize the functions of data acquisition, analysis and remote monitoring. This will promote the transformation of enterprises to digital and promote the continuous improvement of the level of intelligent manufacturing.

To sum up, the new automatic unpacking production line is of great significance for improving the competitiveness of enterprises, optimizing product quality and service level, and will be widely used and promoted in the future.

Could you tell me what type of ship uses bow side push and what type of ship tail side back?

If there is a high requirement for the maneuverability of the ship, it will generally be equipped with the first side push. For general cargo ships, container ships will be equipped with a first side push.

Engineering ships with high mobility and dynamic positioning requirements will be equipped with tail push. General cargo ships will not be equipped.

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