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Three-in-one machine (two-in-one machine)

A list of the contents of this article:

Application method of subewcr multi-function water-oxygen ion triad machine

Method of use.

1. First, put a long sponge at the bottom of the fish tank, install the leaky parts under it, and then fix the sponge clamping parts on the card slot.

2. Connect the pump of the fish tank aerator with the long plastic pipe, and remember that the filter needs to be installed to prevent the dregs from entering the pump and destroying the inside of the fish tank aerator. Then connect the rubber part of the oxygen spray tube, and the oxygen spray port should be fixed upward at the bayonet.

3. Connect the curved pipe and the oxygen spray port, and get stuck in a good position; then connect the curved pipe and the filter pipe together, there is a row of small holes on the filter pipe, and the holes should be facing down.

4. Now connect the power plug of the fish tank aerator to the socket, add enough water to the fish tank, and then turn on to see the effect of oxygen supply. If the blistering doesn’t go well, disconnect the power supply and then adjust it.

DELL1163w black-and-white laser printing, copying and scanning three-in-one machine to copy documents like this

1. Turn on the DELL1163w black-and-white laser printing, copying and scanning triad machine.

2. Check the copying equipment. Check whether there is paper in the paper slot of the photocopier equipment, whether there is a lack of paper, etc.

3. Check the copied manuscripts. Check the manuscripts to be copied, whether there are staples, distinguishing pins, etc., and remove them if necessary.

4. Place photocopied manuscripts. Open the upper cover of the photocopier, there is an indication sign or scale on the flat glass, refer to this index to put the manuscript to be copied into it, put down the file cover. It can also be placed on a roller. This method is suitable for copying large quantities of documents without placing them back and forth.

5. Set the score of the copy. Click “copy” on the control panel of the photocopier, and then enter the copy settings interface. Press the left and right arrows to set the number of copies to be copied, or press the “+” or “-” buttons.

6. Select the type to copy. Copy the manuscript to choose black-and-white copy or color copy, click the relevant button to complete the copy.

How is it that the Android smart three-in-one karaoke machine can’t get into singing?

Because there is no update of the singing software, just update it.

Karaoke machine is also called karaoke jukebox, karaoke machine.

The place where people sing is usually in KTV or in the living room, which is a way for people to entertain and relax by singing.

The karaoke machines on the market are generally divided into three categories, namely: commercial karaoke machine, household karaoke machine, and online karaoke machine.

This is the end of the introduction of three-in-one and two-in-one. Have you found the information you need? If you want to know more about this, remember to collect and follow this site.



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