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Two Simple Care and Maintenance Methods for Robotic Palletizers

With the continuous development of the times, the product palletizing process has changed from manual to mechanical automation, and the palletizing method of robots has become more and more advanced, indicating that my country’s machinery manufacturing industry has become more and more developed. Highly automated and intelligent machinery and equipment help to achieve more efficient, safer and more convenient production, management and operation, and help China’s economy develop more stably.

When using a robotic palletizer, we usually need to pay attention to maintenance and protection. There are two specific aspects to the maintenance of a robotic palletizer. What are these two aspects?

1. Confirm whether the function of the suction cup fixture is normal. Double-point combined drainage, fixing screws, air compressor drainage, injection molding machine connection line, operator connection line connector, check whether the parts are loose.

2. Pull out the guide rod every month, the bearing is smooth, the upper and lower guide rails are smooth, the slider is smooth, the air pressure pipe is connected, whether the speed control button is normally clean, the vacuum generator function, the base fixing screw, the oil pressure buffer function, the air pressure pipe, the wire and cable replace.

Adhering to the regular protection and maintenance of the robot palletizer can effectively ensure the normal and effective operation of the robot palletizer. The above are two simple protection and maintenance methods for robotic palletizers. I hope it helps protect and maintain your robotic palletizer.

In order to improve the efficiency of loading and unloading, improve the quality of palletizing, save labor costs, and ensure the personal safety of enterprise employees, automatic high-speed palletizing robots will be more and more widely used.

The use of palletizing robots can liberate workers from hazardous environments. Customers can use it after simple training without learning how to use different robots, which improves the ease of use of the product, reduces costs and improves business efficiency.



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