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Automatic packing machine palletizer (automatic stacker automatic packing machine)

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Which is a good manufacturer of automatic packaging machine?

The selection of automatic packaging machine manufacturers should consider not only their product quality, but also their brand, related to after-sales service, recommend Ouhua packaging.

Related information of automatic palletizer

There are several kinds of automatic palletizer, one is palletizing robot, the other is portable palletizer, and the other is solid-state packing palletizer, which depends on what kind of packaging you choose. Changchun North filling professional palletizer, I hope it can help you.

Light steel keel automatic on-line packing machine palletizer is urgently needed.

Keel automatic buckle palletizing production line: our company is specially aimed at 2-6 meters keel, aluminum tube and other building materials industry, large labor, low obedience, research and development of an automatic production line, adopted, automatic buckle-automatic rectifying, automatic arm palletizing, automatic plastic steel bundling workflow, automatic / efficient / stable automatic palletizing line, this production line adopts PLC control, high degree of automation, progressive obedience, labor saving. Reduce labor intensity, reduce costs, reduce work-related injuries, and better adapt to the competition of the industry.

2. Technical parameters:

1. Applicable products: long objects such as keels and aluminum tubes

2. Product length: 2-6 meters (can be longer)

3. The quantity of the whole bundle can be set according to the requirements of customers.

4. Bundling speed: can be set according to customer’s requirements

5. Power specification: 380V, 50max, 60Hz.

6. Applicable width: 10, 16, 20, 25, 30, 110, 630, etc.

7. Baling machine: standard or sword binding machine (whole stack)

8. Packing tape material: plastic steel belt, PP belt and other materials

9. Automatic baling lines and other automatic equipment can be customized according to customer requirements.

Hebei Langan Automation equipment Technology Co., Ltd. 13722611752 Meng

Introduction of automatic palletizer

Automatic palletizer, suitable for chemical, petroleum, paint, grease, pigment and other enterprises, automatic pallet stacking equipment.

Hangzhou Yongchuang Machinery Co., Ltd. Weng automatic stacking machine, stacker! High quality and high price!

Guangzhou Ruijia Packaging equipment Co., Ltd., specializing in the research and development, production, sales and service of industrial identification equipment and consumables, is also the general agent of Weidi Jie series of major products in South China. The products involve hot stamping ribbon, solid ink wheel, carbon ribbon, ribbon printer, ink wheel printer, thermal transfer intelligent printer, small character inkjet printer, ink inkjet printer, Vidi 43s inkjet printer, two-dimensional shifter, high-definition inkjet printer and other marking applications and related marking supporting equipment. Help you easily solve the printing problems of production date, product batch number, bar code, electronic supervision code and so on.

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