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Automatic beer bottling machine (how much is the beer filling machine)

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How to write the operation flow chart of beer boxing machine?

The air bag type grasping and packing machine is filled and deflated by the grab head to catch and release the bottle, and the bottle is loaded into the box accurately and reliably from the bottle conveying table through mechanical operation, pneumatic and electrical control.

Smooth operation: the action of the whole packing process uses double four-bar linkage to lift, move and land the bottle, and combined with pneumatic and electrical control to achieve automation, movement coordination, smooth and accurate movement. In order to save non-working time, it is fast to improve production efficiency when no-load return.

Advanced structure: this machine is composed of reasonable mechanical structure, reliable pneumatic device and advanced electronic control technology. it is an advanced equipment with the integration of mechanical, pneumatic and electronic control. Multiple sets of box bottom positioning blocking devices are adopted, which are suitable for packing boxes with slight differences in shape and size.

Health requirements: the use of oil-free pneumatic components, low noise, no oil pollution. Adopt frequency conversion speed regulation and PLC control technology, combined with man-machine interface, easy to operate and high degree of automation.

What’s the difference between Xinchuan automatic Beer and Dayuan Machine?

Hello, there are many differences between Xinchuan automatic beer machine and Dayuan machine. First of all, Xinchuan automatic beer machine is a fully automatic beer machine, which can automatically complete the beer brewing process, while Dayuan machine is a semi-automatic beer machine, which can only complete the beer filling process, but can not complete the beer brewing process. Secondly, the beer quality of Xinchuan automatic beer machine is higher, because it can better control the brewing process of beer, while Dayuan machine can not control the brewing process of beer, so the quality of beer will not be too high. Finally, the price of Xinchuan automatic beer machine is much higher than that of Dayuan machine, because its function is more powerful, and the function of Dayuan machine is relatively limited, so the price is relatively low. Generally speaking, Xinchuan automatic beer machine has more advantages than large source machine, but it also depends on your needs, according to your needs to choose the right beer machine.

What is the voltage of the electromagnetic clutch brake on the beer Packer?

The beer packing machine uses DC24V DC dry veneer single plate electromagnetic clutch brake.

Electromagnetic clutch brake refers to the friction clutch which is compacted by electromagnetic force. Because it can realize long-distance operation, small control energy, easy to realize machine tool automation, fast action and simple structure, it has also been widely used.

The characteristics of the sky-machine-transmission-moving dry veneer single-plate electromagnetic clutch are as follows:

1, high-speed response: because it is a dry type, so the transmission of torque is very fast, can achieve convenient action.

2, strong durability: good heat dissipation, and the use of advanced materials, even if the use of high frequency, high energy, is also very durable.

3. Easy to assemble and maintain: it belongs to the static shape of the magnetic field coil contained in the ball bearing, so it does not need to take out the stamens or use the carbon brush, so it is easy to use.

4, the action is true: the use of plate-shaped shrapnel, although there is a strong vibration will not produce loose, good durability.

What kind of equipment is needed to produce bottled beer? How much will it cost?

Producing bottled beer costs a lot of money! Beer production consists of three parts: saccharification section, fermentation section and packaging section. Each of these three parts contains its own equipment system, and the saccharification section includes: raw material crushing system, malt saccharification equipment, wort filtration equipment, wort boiling clarification equipment; fermentation section includes: fermentation tank, yeast addition equipment, sake filtration equipment, sake tank Packaging section includes: bottle washing machine, filling machine, sterilizing machine, labeling machine, industrial production should also include unloading box (or palletizer), packing machine (palletizer) and so on.

How much silver does this cost? It’s really hard to calculate. By an estimate, a brewery with an annual output of 100,000 liters needs 40 million to 50 million yuan of equipment alone (in the case of national production). I’m afraid it’s still cheap. This does not include investment in factories and civil construction.

How to pack beer

Most of the domestic beer is packed in plastic cases or cartons.

The plastic box is packed by a boxing machine.

Is to use a vacuum bucket to grab beer from the assembly line and put it in the plastic box below.

The number of 9 bottles is relatively small, and most of them are 12 bottles.

The carton is packed in a carton machine. The carton is a flat surface before packing. After entering the beer bottle, it is folded and packed into a finished product.

Both plastic boxes and cartons are operated automatically.

PVC is still rarely used in China, as if only a few high-end beers such as cans and Budweiser are used.

This is the end of the introduction of the automatic beer bottling machine. Thank you for taking the time to read the contents of this site. Don’t forget to look for more information about how much the beer bottling machine is and how much the automatic beer bottling machine is.



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