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Automatic beer packing machine (carton automatic beer machine video)

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How to pack beer

Most of the domestic beer is packed in plastic cases or cartons.

The plastic box is packed by a boxing machine.

Is to use a vacuum bucket to grab beer from the assembly line and put it in the plastic box below.

The number of 9 bottles is relatively small, and most of them are 12 bottles.

The carton is packed in a carton machine. The carton is a flat surface before packing. After entering the beer bottle, it is folded and packed into a finished product.

Both plastic boxes and cartons are operated automatically.

PVC is still rarely used in China, as if only a few high-end beers such as cans and Budweiser are used.

What kind of mechanical equipment does the brewery have? Need the specific name of the machine

Beer brewing equipment, including:

Raw material storage equipment-malt, rice storage, conveying pipe bridge, air dust collector, temperature and humidity monitoring and control equipment, ventilation equipment, weighing and measuring equipment, etc.

Raw material preparation equipment-malt, rice conveyor, centrifugal dust collector, vibrating screen, malt, rice grinder, storage hopper, automatic metering electronic scale, etc.

Wort preparation equipment-gelatinization pot, saccharification pot, filter tank, wort boiling pot, sedimentation tank, rotary sedimentation tank, cooler, ice water cold water preparation device, etc.

Beer fermentation equipment-fermentation tank, fermentation temperature control equipment, yeast culture expansion tank, CIP washing and sterilization equipment, hot water alkali water preparation equipment, etc.

Beer filtration equipment-yeast centrifuge, filter cotton diatomite filter, rotary filter, biofilm filter, beer turbidimeter, deoxidizing water preparation equipment, high concentration dilution device, etc.

Beer storage and distribution equipment-sake storage tank, temperature control equipment, capacity measuring device, wine distribution pump and automatic control and metering device, etc.

Brewing is the first link of beer production, and brewing equipment is the most important and basic equipment for beer production. Whether the brewing equipment can produce qualified beer depends entirely on whether the brewing equipment can provide enough guarantee for the brewing process; brewing is a continuous process operation, generally there is no redundant design and standby configuration. Therefore, in addition to daily maintenance, regular preventive overhauls or downtime repairs are usually carried out during the off-season of production and sales.

Beer packaging equipment, including:

Bottling equipment-stacker, bottle unloader, box bridge, bottle bridge, bottle washing machine, filling machine, sterilizing machine, labeling machine, packing machine, stacking machine, CIP washing and sterilizing equipment, as well as empty bottle detector, liquid level detector and spray printing equipment, etc.

Canning equipment-can unloader, filling machine, sterilizer, tank bridge, liquid level detector, baling machine, film sealing machine, box bridge, stacking machine, CIP washing and sterilization equipment, etc.

Barreled equipment-instantaneous sterilizer, automatic barreling machine, hot water alkali water preparation equipment, CIP washing and sterilization equipment, automatic weighing device, bucket bridge, barrel washing machine, etc.

Packaging is the last process of beer production and the last link of product formation, which is related to the final realization of quality and value. Like brewing, packaging is produced in a continuous process, and there is no spare machine for packaging equipment, so any pause will cause great losses. However, the production capacity of packaging equipment is often greater than or equal to brewing capacity, and the cycle of packaging production is much shorter than that of brewing, and market sales will also have a direct impact on packaging production plans. packaging equipment can not only be overhauled during the off-season, but also make use of the intermittent production to arrange minor repairs and item repairs.

Auxiliary production equipment, including:

Steam supply equipment-low pressure industrial boiler, induced draft fan, electric steam feed pump, water purification and softening equipment, fuel storage and supply equipment, steam supply and distribution regulating device, etc.

Power generation and distribution equipment-diesel generator sets, start-up control panels, feed cabinets, cooling water circulation supply equipment, diesel supply and measuring devices, etc.

. High-voltage in-line cabinet, metering cabinet, high-voltage outlet cabinet, transformer, on-load voltage regulation control device, low-voltage in-line cabinet, power generation in-line cabinet, low-voltage outlet cabinet, capacitor compensation cabinet, etc.

Refrigeration and cooling equipment-various cold evaporators, low pressure circulating liquid storage tanks, refrigeration compressors, condensers, water cooling towers, high pressure liquid ammonia storage tanks, cold liquid ammonia pumps, auxiliary cooling pumps, etc.

Gas production and supply equipment-air filter, air compressor, air dryer, gas storage buffer tank, air distributor, cooling tower, circulating cooling water pump, etc.

Water supply and drainage equipment-machine well drainage pump or tap water pipe network, industrial water filtration equipment, beer brewing water sterilization and softening equipment, production water recycling facilities, wastewater discharge facilities, etc.; 3 CO2 recovery equipment-CO2 washing tower, gas bag, CO2 compressor, CO2 dryer, auxiliary; freon refrigeration compressor, CO2 condenser, evaporator, CO2 storage tank, evaporator, auxiliary cooling water pump, etc. ‘y4u3 P+ y: W

Sewage treatment equipment-collecting wells, lifting pumps, regulating tanks, rotary filter grids, aeration tanks, surface aeration machine blowers, sedimentation tanks, sludge reflux pumps, sludge thickening ponds, sludge dewatering machines, storage buckets, and pH measurement and control devices, dissolved oxygen measurement and control devices.

Auxiliary production equipment refers to primary energy supply equipment, secondary energy supply equipment and environmental protection equipment, which is the basic equipment that all factories, including beer production enterprises, must be equipped with. It is the power source of production and is as important as the human heart. It must run normally and safely every minute of the day. There is no doubt that it is the top priority of equipment maintenance in the whole plant, and mandatory planned maintenance and inspection tests are generally carried out. Because of its indispensability, at the beginning of plant planning and construction, it has been designed with reliability redundancy, leaving some spare machines and equipment, and most of them are single equipment, so the maintenance of auxiliary equipment can be carried out in stages and batches in a planned way. it can also be arranged during holidays, weekends or production intervals with greater flexibility.

Most of them are so many, if there is no way to do so in detail, a beer company has so many equipment that it is difficult to find all of them. You see if these help you too much, if you want to build a factory, there is no need to remember all these, if you buy equipment, then recommend Shandong Zhongde equipment Co., Ltd. 0531-81219666

How to write the operation flow chart of beer boxing machine?

The air bag type grasping and packing machine is filled and deflated by the grab head to catch and release the bottle, and the bottle is loaded into the box accurately and reliably from the bottle conveying table through mechanical operation, pneumatic and electrical control.

Smooth operation: the action of the whole packing process uses double four-bar linkage to lift, move and land the bottle, and combined with pneumatic and electrical control to achieve automation, movement coordination, smooth and accurate movement. In order to save non-working time, it is fast to improve production efficiency when no-load return.

Advanced structure: this machine is composed of reasonable mechanical structure, reliable pneumatic device and advanced electronic control technology. it is an advanced equipment with the integration of mechanical, pneumatic and electronic control. Multiple sets of box bottom positioning blocking devices are adopted, which are suitable for packing boxes with slight differences in shape and size.

Health requirements: the use of oil-free pneumatic components, low noise, no oil pollution. Adopt frequency conversion speed regulation and PLC control technology, combined with man-machine interface, easy to operate and high degree of automation.

What kind of equipment is needed to produce bottled beer? How much will it cost?

Producing bottled beer costs a lot of money! Beer production consists of three parts: saccharification section, fermentation section and packaging section. Each of these three parts contains its own equipment system, and the saccharification section includes: raw material crushing system, malt saccharification equipment, wort filtration equipment, wort boiling clarification equipment; fermentation section includes: fermentation tank, yeast addition equipment, sake filtration equipment, sake tank Packaging section includes: bottle washing machine, filling machine, sterilizing machine, labeling machine, industrial production should also include unloading box (or palletizer), packing machine (palletizer) and so on.

How much silver does this cost? It’s really hard to calculate. By an estimate, a brewery with an annual output of 100,000 liters needs 40 million to 50 million yuan of equipment alone (in the case of national production). I’m afraid it’s still cheap. This does not include investment in factories and civil construction.

What is the voltage of the electromagnetic clutch brake on the beer Packer?

The beer packing machine uses DC24V DC dry veneer single plate electromagnetic clutch brake.

Electromagnetic clutch brake refers to the friction clutch which is compacted by electromagnetic force. Because it can realize long-distance operation, small control energy, easy to realize machine tool automation, fast action and simple structure, it has also been widely used.

The characteristics of the sky-machine-transmission-moving dry veneer single-plate electromagnetic clutch are as follows:

1, high-speed response: because it is a dry type, so the transmission of torque is very fast, can achieve convenient action.

2, strong durability: good heat dissipation, and the use of advanced materials, even if the use of high frequency, high energy, is also very durable.

3. Easy to assemble and maintain: it belongs to the static shape of the magnetic field coil contained in the ball bearing, so it does not need to take out the stamens or use the carbon brush, so it is easy to use.

4, the action is true: the use of plate-shaped shrapnel, although there is a strong vibration will not produce loose, good durability.

This is the end of the video introduction of automatic beer packing machine and carton automatic beer machine. I wonder if you have found the information you need? If you want to know more about this, remember to collect and follow this site.



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