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Benefits of low-position palletizer

Manual stack is the only choice of pallets, it has already been returned. Since retailers have been looking for ways to simplify operations and meet consumer demand, there is a more flexible palletizer solution. Today, Automatic low palletizing machine (also known as a floor palletizing machine) provides a variety of transportation solutions, including reliability, flexibility, increased productivity and smaller equipment coverage.


The benefits of the low position pallet

Reliability – Regardless of the direction of feed, the low-level automatic palletizing machine system has been carefully designed, and can pick up the casket randomly placed, and accurately stack them according to the predetermined tray pattern.

Flexibility – Since the manufacturer has been looking for more methods to do more with less money, the flexible equipment is necessary. The mechanical low granules can effectively respond to changes in packaging dimensions and weight; ideal for custom trays load. In addition, the ability to control the direction of a single item on the cargo is essential. This is important to logically for outward barcodes and labels and trace requirements in the pharmaceutical industry.

Improve productivity – reduce the number of people, increase productivity and normal running time. The design of the automatic palletizing machine provides a high speed, up to 4 cycles per minute. In addition, low-maintenance requirements and easy operation make companies investing in low palletizing machines have got a very fast return on investment (ROI).

The equipment covers an area of ​​ – the floor space is designed by separating the paper feed and the tray processing system and the host shelf, can be placed in a limited floor space. Modular components also allow you to upgrade and provide additional options to meet future needs.


From Tuan to find a suitable low palletizing machine

Temporary provides a variety of low levelsPalletircraft can meet various packaging and transportation needs. The automatic low-grade palletizing machine is designed for pallets such as containers, trays, handling boxes, and buckets. According to the size, stacking mode and configuration, it can process up to 16 units per minute, up to 4 cycles per minute. No operator is required. The compact low palletizal provides other innovative products. Automatic grip and four-axis systems allow it to accurately select the device from picking conversions and ensure that each device is accurately positioned on the tray.

In its basic version, the empty tray is manually placed in the machine and unloaded with forklift. In addition, the automatic tray processing can be supplemented as a systematic feeding or discharge. No matter which industry, the automatic compact palletizing machine you are easy to maintain is an economic and efficient solution that provides maximum design flexibility for the manufacturer and meets specific Operation requirements.



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