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What matters must be paid attention to in the use of the automatic sealing machine?

Although it is a fully automatic sealing machine, it is still necessary to actually operate in the case of the application. Nowadays, the equipment is still not completely automatically launched, so in the use of sealing boxes. What must I pay attention to in the case of aircraft?

In the manufacture of manufacturing industrial chains in the packaging equipment, everyone can basically mention a wide range of mechanical equipment, such as automatic filling machine, automatic packaging machine, automatic sealing machine, Automatic labeling machines are gently easy. Today, everyone just needs to be mastered: sealing machine. The sealing machine and the waste paper baler are in substantially still a different waste paper baler, which is used to be laid around the merchandise or packaging, which is then tightened and the two sides are combined according to the thermoelectric effect, and apply a raw material for raw materials such as the buckle or application of the buckle;

The sealing machine is selected to be sealed by a glue cloth, and the economic development is rapid. It is very easy to adjust. It can be carried out at a time, and the box is in the box. It can also choose a hot stamping cloth to improve the product brand image.

Some problems in the whole process of the sealing machine, you still need to master a half-meximation:

1. Determine the switching power supply, operating voltage and wire connector applied by the device. 2. Don’t take your hand immediately touched the head on the table to prevent injury.

3. Do not come to the water cleaning equipment, if the workplace is a wet-cold condition, the actual operating staff should not work barefoot. 4. Do not replace or adjust the parts on the machinery.

5. Do not put your hand on the left and right power system. 6. Key components should often use oil-filled oil.

The automatic sealing machine is a leader in all packaging equipment, which is very common, but the application of the automatic sealing machine is some ways. In the case of the Packaging, you will share the actual operation key of the fully automatic sealing machine.

1. Before you apply the fully automatic sealing machine, you must lubricate;

2. Do not pick up the standard air pressure source before lubrication. Tuyere Drop, and dropped from the wind, and adjust the height of the console, this can regulate the height of the workbench according to its own feeling, then tighten the triprotear; 3. Take the grease, do not apply a cleaning liquid or add a grease, give the oil, please simply empty automatic Suzhou sealing machine, after adjusting the height, put into the long-automatic sealing machine It is probably the three-third of the housing, which can be adjusted according to the size of the housing, moving the vertical lift rack, adjusting the height of the core, understand the left and right cores just touch the ulphone;

4. Wipe the oil from the exhaust pipe from the exhaust pipe, unnecessary oil will damage the ring in the automatic sealing machine, if this gas is reflected in the air, there is no need to give oil every day;

5. Adjust the automatic sealing machine to transport the belt, so that the conveyor belt can grasp the small box, shake the rocker, adjust, ensure that the machine can continue to work, the automatic system software and join are a key process, which may improve the whole process The high efficiency and service life of the automatic sealing machine;

Therefore, the fully automatic sealing machine is in the box that is long-term with the clamping belt to the two sides of the paper box, and exercise forward. The front tongue is fully automatically bent. When the short tab can enter the fully automatic sealing machine buffer roller in the paper box, there is an inspection signal (optical signal) notified the tongue cylinder posture, and it is sheet metal by the tongue. The gold bending, and there is another letter to advertise the melt machine fully automatic coating.

Today, in the rapid development of economic development, we must wanted to pack the pace of development trends with the equipment and pay attention to the high efficiency of things. The sealing machine is also the same, and many manufacturing companies have selected sealing machines, which is the service enterprise that is expected to be sealing machine. Therefore, everyone pays attention to the key point of the sealing machine, and the saying goes “attitude determined Success and failure “, only that everyone can do more.




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