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Why do companies choose palletizers and what should be paid attention to when buying?

The main purpose of the automatic palletizing machine:

The applicable range of all-automatic palletizing machines is to improve labor productivity, reduce labor efficiency, reduce human resources management. , Complete mechanical equipment automation production. Let the company refine management, information management, and reduce costs.

The machine device is a full tray to put the tray Bala area. After powering, the criminal disk transportation equipment is first sent to the exit, then automatically Upper tray, automatically combing the cylindrical slope roof of the packaging pipeline, automatically combing the tank stainless steel bucket or plastic tank, and accumulates to the required tray on the auto-setup reply on the requirements of the requirements.

Taiwan large material robot palletizing machine

Why choose Automatic palletizing machine?

(1) Lifting the high efficiency of the palletizing is the basic advantage of the automatic palletizing machine, especially the automatic palletizing machine can carry out effective palletizular quantities in accordance with the specific pallet needs. At large levels, the number of pallets is guaranteed, and the larger code to two meters, and the quality of the pallet is also guaranteed. Many palletizers can be made in a short period of time.

(2) Adaptive force, changes in the multi-end, and is also a key advantage of the automatic palletizing machine. In the whole process of pallet, palletizing machine can fully adjust the number of primary parameters in accordance with the difference in raw materials, and their palletizes, fully automatically adjust the number and spacing of the palletize. And it is possible to ensure that the quality of goods is not easy to suffer.


To buy a fully automatic palletizing robot what should be paid attention to:

Select automatic In the case of palletizing robots, it is also necessary to consider the production requirements. In addition, the quality of the goods must be solid. We can distinguish clarity in the purchase, and the palletizing robots pay special attention to the following: Automation technology crowpeople machineThe orientation of the instructor can be used 1. The working efficiency of the palletizer, the actual operation of the automatic palletizing robot, the safety factor is good, in a parallel line, and only one motor, so The actual effect of the stack is very good. If you can’t do this kind of work efficiency, you have to give up. After all, the purpose of the purchase of pallets is to expect palletizers to help you improve the work efficiency of logistics warehousing.

2, the reliability of the palletizer, the reliability of reliability in the work is a lower equipment failure rate; the expandability of the overall target of the package can be integrated into the different packaging overall goals. The work efficiency immediately reduces product cost and improves production capacity. 3, the palletizer’s adaptability, all kinds of automatic pallet machine types, the specifications models are also very complete, can apply to the work in a variety of various institutions, and available in the category of available universal. Therefore, it is not possible to apply a variety of diverse environments, which is not a machine device that everyone chooses.



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