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The emergence of domestic palletizer robots will accelerate the pace of machine substitution

In my country, it has been an industrial robot to import strong country. In the past years, Japan has been from a major import of my country’s industrial robot. Every year, the export volume of industrial robots in my country is over 60%, and the French Coa and France ABB robot. Because of the advantages of international brand commodity characteristics, customers with robots have already habitually habitually used international brands, resulting in non-high recognition in my country’s own brand itself and parts sales market. As a result, in recent years, because of the various policy support of industrial robots, and its market demand accelerated the rise of domestic robots. The key components of industrial robots have been gradually produced in China, which is produced by Eston’s independent research and development. The palletizing robot has gradually put on the market, and the reaction is excellent.

There are three driving trends in the long-term development trend in the field of palletizing robots: the torque of the development of manufacturing and manufacturing development, the human resources cost high company gradually promotes the intelligent manufacturing The catalytic reaction of the force and its support policies. At this stage, Chinese producers have gradually broken down part of the difficulties, servo control, and exchange servo motors and other difficulties, and the key components have gradually launched in China. The advantages of robots are slowly highlighted, along with the improvement of robot production technology, and the cost of continued to decrease, and the cost of human resources continues to increase, and the cost of the driver robot is increased.

If the domestic palletizing robot is investing in large quantitative production and processing, it will speed up the footsteps of intelligent manufacturing. Although there is a cost-effective problem, the amount of the palletizing robot installation is increased. It is already thinking, no How long does the future industrial robot exhibited in various fields will exceed the company’s employees.

The use of palletizing robots has a key harm to the company’s production process, productivity quality and industrial layout. It can be used in the whole process of industrial production, the daily task of packaging, transportation, stacking, and disassembly can improve the quality and production of goods, and reduce labor costs, and the construction is simple and durable. It can be used for a long time to work with high-toughness in a variety of natural environments, reducing the production of safety accidents, and integrates a multi-segment work in a variety of production lines.

All-round application of palletizing robot completes production and manufacturing flexibility Production intelligent system. The production mode will vary from centralized decentralization, and the product is homogenized to humanized changes, complete the real-time industry chain of immediate enhancements and its own institutions. The secondary will cause serious hazards in China’s industrial production and related industrial chains, because the popularity of industrial robots is clearly proposed for other duties and manufacturing weapons and equipment, and the development trend of all intelligent manufacturing system weapons industry chains will be promoted. The popularization of industrial robots will be a new upgrade of the company’s employees and the new upgrade of the natural environment. The new upgrade intelligent automation production work is limited to the location of the processing plant, which will not be limited by the processing plant, and the seven chords are imaginary. The remote control method of the fantastics is carried out, and the employee will adjust and conversion work and the living conditions anytime, anywhere.

The popularization of palletizer robots will also make many employees may have been laid off. Most of them have been transformed into a professional and technical personnel or re-investment service projects and even independent entrepreneurship. What is it, such as a car replaces the Hummer, a computer replaces the printer, Internet technology is the same as the traditional communication communication method, and industrial robots will necessarily replace human capital.




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