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Bucket water palletizer (video of bucket water palletizer)

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How much does a production line cost for bottled water?

How much is a set of bottled water filling line? First of all, consider your production scale, according to your production scale to order the appropriate product model, model selection can refer to the “Zhengzhou Youbang water treatment equipment technical parameter table”.

Follow the following process as an example:

Raw water treatment equipment includes: raw water tank-booster pump-quartz sand filter-activated carbon filter-scale inhibition device-security filter-reverse osmosis membrane-ultraviolet sterilizer-ozone sterilizer

The fully automatic filling line for barreled water includes: automatic capping machine-automatic bucket brushing machine-automatic bucket feeding machine-automatic filling machine-automatic lamp inspection and film collecting machine-fully automatic bucket bagging machine

The whole set of equipment will fluctuate according to the choice of model, material, degree of automation and other prices. the price is about 160000 yuan, just for reference. When you choose a manufacturer, you should first consider whether the qualification is complete and choose the old manufacturer to cooperate. The after-sales service system is perfect and the performance-to-price ratio is high.

Bucket water stacking machine repair?

The barreled water palletizer produced by Zhongyilong has reached the domestic and international advanced level. Palletizing robot products have been recognized as “national key new products”. The products have obtained the CE certification of TUV Group in Germany, and the number of customers at home and abroad has reached more than 300. the market covers food, beverage, beer, feed, chemical, building materials, grain and oil, medicine and home appliance industries. Up to now, Zhongyilong has become a best-selling brand of domestic palletizing robot for many years in a row, and its domestic market share is among the best.

Main features of barreled water palletizer:

1. Unique linear actuator: ingenious four-bar linkage mechanism, which makes the manipulator action program simpler and control more.

2. Energy-saving and environment-friendly mechanical arm design: high-strength aluminum alloy not only makes the arm movement more flexible, but also reduces energy consumption.

3. Simple teaching operation and friendly graphical operation interface: less teaching position and simple operation interface, which makes the on-site debugging easier and the on-site efficiency greatly improved.

4. Real-time on-site monitoring: high-precision on-site action simulation software, which can remotely find out whether the on-site program is normal or not, and automatically interfere and monitor to avoid the occurrence of interference collision.

5. Pre-layout on-site simulation: by using powerful simulation / programming software, a series of tasks such as robot programming, layout, interference monitoring and on-site action simulation can be easily completed in the office. as a result, the debugging time on the spot is greatly reduced and the overall production efficiency is improved.

Barreled water palletizer is a high-tech product with the integration of machinery and electricity. The middle and low position palletizer can meet the production needs of medium and low output. According to the required grouping mode and the number of layers, the palletizing of various products such as material bags, rubber blocks, boxes and so on can be completed.

Waterworks palletizer, our company purchases 2 palletizers. The gantry-type automatic palletizer and the power-assisted manipulator are better. Please introduce it to a professional person.

Now China has gantry type fully automatic palletizer and power manipulator. The fully automatic palletizer needs one person to release the plate. One man towed away with a forklift. In the meantime。 Turn off the machine. Otherwise five gallons of water will fall to the ground. The disadvantage of the machine is that after a few months, the moving mechanism of the XYZ shaft will drop black friction and oil stains onto barreled water. If important customers and health departments come to inspect, I don’t have to tell you the consequences. If the equipment is not refueled, it will not be used for a year or two. So such equipment manufacturers will make a hood to cover the surroundings. Our company has been using this kind of equipment for only a few months. Several leaders of the company are now in a hurry to replace it with a mechanical palletizer. It is said that the cost of the mechanical hand stacker is not high, and the application of full pneumatic control can not only save energy and protect the environment, but also reduce the labor intensity of workers. Is now the inevitable choice of 5-gallon waterworks. We hope that the manufacturers of 5-gallon mechanical hand palletizers will leave your contact information for our reference. Thank you

This is the end of the introduction of the bucket water stacker. Thank you for taking the time to read the contents of this site. Don’t forget to search for more information about the bucket water palletizer video and bucket water palletizer.



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