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Four main points for purchasing a palletizing robot

The role of the palletizing and handling robot is very strong, and it can have many different roles in different environments. For example, a high-level palletizer for concentrated feed, which can collect, sort and sort the working commodities. However, due to the popularization of mechanical equipment and the development and growth of sales market demand, the production function and design of automatic high-position palletizers are not the same. Therefore, in some cases when purchasing a fully automatic high-position palletizer, it is not clear how to choose. Let’s talk about some common problems, and we look forward to helping you.
1. High-level palletizer speed: The working speed of the fully automatic high-level palletizer indicates high efficiency. If the stacking speed of the high-level palletizer cannot meet the production regulations, the reduction of high efficiency will harm the company’s production plan. The speed within the range is an indication of the basic function of the fully automatic high-position palletizer.

2. The quality and internal structure of the automatic high-level palletizer are the key to the service life and design of the high-level palletizer. Good equipment and good quality of components are the key to the product, which should be the key point of the company’s selection.
3. Equipment structure: The mechanical system is designed for the production needs. If the design of the automatic high-position palletizer cannot consider the production needs, it may cause great confusion. For example, the climbing-type loading high-position palletizer, its key Therefore, before purchasing this type of high-position palletizer, it is necessary to determine whether the structural design can take into account the production needs, and also consider the subsequent improvement needs.
4. System software: Like other industrial equipment, the automatic high-position palletizer also has a computer operating system, which is available to most automatic high-position palletizers. Generally, the system software is machine equipment. A necessary element for stable work, if the function is complete, it can find many problems in the whole process of application, and can carry out equipment and actual operation and maintenance, and good system software is also the key to selection.



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