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Police are tracking the suspect after the stolen woven bag

Recently, a case of woven bag theft shocked the society. It is understood that the case occurred in a supermarket where a customer put his woven bag on the shopping cart during shopping and found that the woven bag was missing when he checked out. After investigation, the police have some information about the suspect and are making every effort to track it down.

So, how to avoid the theft of woven bags? This article will introduce some practical methods for you.

First, choose a suitable woven bag.

Police are tracking the suspect after the stolen woven bag

When buying woven bags, we should choose bags of good quality, strong and durable. This not only ensures that the bag is not easily damaged, but also makes it more difficult for the suspect to steal.

Second, the correct use of woven bags

When using woven bags, we should pay attention to the following points:

1. Try to keep the woven bag within your line of sight and avoid putting the bag on the shopping cart or other places where it is easy to be taken away.

two。 When shopping, try not to put woven bags on the shopping cart, but directly hand-held.

3. After shopping, you should put the woven bag in your own handbag and avoid leaving the bag alone.

Third, the use of anti-theft labels

Nowadays, many supermarkets put anti-theft labels on woven bags, which can effectively prevent suspects from stealing. Therefore, when buying woven bags, we should choose bags with anti-theft labels.

4. Call the police

If we find that our woven bags have been stolen, we should call the police in time. The police will track the suspect through surveillance video and bring him to justice as soon as possible.

In short, the theft of woven bags is a very unpleasant thing. We should take measures as far as possible to avoid this situation and protect our property. At the same time, if there is a theft, we should also call the police in time to help the police arrest the suspect.



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