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Sanitary napkin packaging (is the date on the sanitary napkin bag the date of the factory)

A list of the contents of this article:

Why the packing of Sufi aristocratic cotton sanitary napkins is different

Sufi aristocratic cotton sanitary napkins are packaged differently because of the high-end brand.

Expansion materials:

The methods to tell the true from the false are as follows:

1, look at the front of the bag, the position in the lower left corner, the authentic one has the word “Yunijia”, but the pirated edition does not.

2, look at the packaging, genuine is frosted packaging, while piracy is glossy packaging.


3, in the upper left corner of the front, piracy has the word “sleep freely”, but the authentic version does not.

4. Look at the words of the bunny QR code on the back of the bag. What is printed clearly is genuine, and what is blurry is piracy. Refer to figure 2. I think this is also the easiest to identify. It is applicable to many products. That’s all.

How to distinguish between true and false sanitary napkins

1. See whether the material is delicate or not

First of all, a way to distinguish between true and false sanitary napkins is to use our eyes to see. Generally speaking, the material of real sanitary napkins is relatively delicate, and if you touch them with your hands, they are relatively smooth and have no rough feeling, while for some inferior products, we can see with our eyes that the workmanship is very rough, so the situation of natural absorption of menstrual blood is very poor, and this method can effectively distinguish between true and fake sanitary napkins.

2. See if it will cause discomfort

Another way to tell a true sanitary napkin from a fake one is to try it yourself. Some friends may have vaginal itching or even vaginal pain when using some sanitary napkins. If you encounter this situation, you should immediately abandon this kind of sanitary napkins, because it is likely to be an allergic reaction caused by the purchase of inferior products. At the same time, the editor needs to remind that we must pay attention to the brand before using sanitary napkins.

Note when using sanitary napkins:

1. Storage conditions of sanitary napkins

Sanitary napkins should be stored in a dry, aseptic environment and have a certain expiration date. Therefore, to buy and use, inexhaustible can be stored in cotton cloth bags, and should be specially stored when you go out, not mixed with cosmetics and so on.

Sanitary napkins should not be stored in sunny and damp toilets as they are easy to breed mold and be contaminated. When buying sanitary napkins, we should pay attention to the shelf life, sanitary requirements of sanitary napkins are very strict, the closer to the production date, the more guaranteed the quality, it is not appropriate to excessive hoarding.

2. Hygiene of sanitary napkins

Menstruation is a period of relatively weak physique, vaginal sensitivity is fragile, external resistance is poor, pathogenic microorganisms are easy to invade the body. Clean hands before changing sanitary napkins to avoid contamination of clean sanitary napkins by pathogenic bacteria.

What procedures are required for packing sanitary napkins?

Sanitary napkin packaging needs the following procedures: 1, business license (choose the form of individual or limited company according to their own conditions); 2, tax registration certificate; 3, organization code; 4, health license. As the raw materials and finished products of sanitary napkins are flammable, it is very important to manage the safety of the whole factory area and production process. In addition, the hygiene of raw materials, the environment of the factory area, the production line and the health management of employees.

Article 6 of the Company Law of the people’s Republic of China for the establishment of a company shall apply to the company registration authority for establishment registration according to law. If it meets the conditions for establishment stipulated in this Law, it shall be registered by the company registration authority as a limited liability company or a joint stock limited company respectively; if it does not meet the conditions for establishment stipulated in this Law, it shall not be registered as a limited liability company or a joint stock limited company. If laws or administrative regulations stipulate that the establishment of a company must be submitted for approval, it shall go through the formalities of approval according to law before the company is registered. The public may apply to the company registration authority to inquire about the company registration items, and the company registration authority shall provide inquiry services.

What is the difference between the new packaging and the old packaging of Jieling sanitary napkins

The new packaging of Jieling sanitary napkins is no different from the old packaging, but there are some changes in function.

With the continuous development, Jieling Company has already become the largest production base of female health care products in Guangxi. It has 20 advanced production lines of sanitary napkins (pads), including 12 world-class production lines producing 1000 tablets per minute, with an annual production capacity of more than 2 billion tablets.

With the in-depth research and specialized understanding of female hygiene products, Jieling has been committed to “providing comprehensive solutions for women’s physical health” from the very beginning, rather than simply producing sanitary products. Jieling company has established a long-term cooperative relationship with a number of state authoritative medical institutions and scientific research institutions, providing strong technical guidance and support for the research and production of Jieling products.

Under the business philosophy of “doing everything well with heart”, Jie Ling people have the courage to forge ahead and strive for excellence. Technically, in-depth research and tackling key problems, innovative use of nano-microcapsule technology combined with vanillin; products, continuous upgrading and replacement, take the lead in the adoption of “disinfection” health standards; on the sales network, continuous development and expansion.

How many pieces of sanitary napkins are packed?

Different brands and different series of sanitary napkins are packaged differently.

There are single tablets, five tablets, ten tablets or more for night use.

Daily use is generally shorter and thinner, the number of tablets in a package is relatively large, generally more than ten tablets.

Now in response to the demand, some brands have produced mixed sanitary napkins. This kind of general film has a large number of 15, 20 pieces of packaging and so on.

Sanitary napkin is a kind of absorbent material, the main material is high molecular polymer and high polymer composite paper formed by cotton, non-woven cloth, pulp or above, and the side design is mainly used to prevent side leakage. because it will show a certain angle with the tampon body when in use, it is easier to friction with the groin, so the side sanitary napkin with soft material is more favored by women. The back glue of tampons is impervious material, which can retain menstrual blood in tampons and is used to absorb menstrual blood from the vagina during menstruation.

Auntie, how long can you open the towel?

In a sealed state, sanitary napkins can still be used even if they have been kept for a year, but Kaifeng sanitary napkins are not recommended to be used again to avoid discomfort due to the use of expired sanitary napkins.

The shelf life of sanitary napkins is three years. Generally speaking, a pack of sanitary napkins can be used in a physiological cycle. Therefore, household sanitary napkins are rarely out of date. It is worth noting that we should pay attention to check the production date when buying sanitary napkins. Don’t buy expired products.

The shelf life of three years mentioned above refers to the unopened sanitary napkins, the use cycle of sanitary napkins is shortened after opening, it is recommended to be finished within three months, otherwise the product of sanitary napkins will deteriorate and affect the effect of use.

Many girls have the habit of online shopping and hoarding goods. When hoarding sanitary napkins, you should be careful not to exceed 12 packs of sanitary napkins. Girls’ normal physiological cycle is to use one pack of sanitary napkins a month, and 12 packs is just the amount of a year, just right for a year. There will be no inexhaustible situation.

Points for attention in menstrual life:

In the menstrual period, swimming, bath, sex should be avoided as far as possible, the sanitary napkins used must be clean and soft, otherwise it may promote bacteria to ascend into the uterine cavity, causing inflammation, not timely treatment may lead to infertility in the future. As for the use of sanitary plugs (that is, built-in tampons), in addition to cleaning and changing frequently, it is best not to use them at night. Because, the water absorption of sanitary suppository is limited, and after sleeping at night, it is impossible to change in time, at this time the menstrual blood outflow is blocked, it is likely to reverse the flow into the pelvic cavity to cause endometriosis. In addition, strenuous physical activity should be avoided during menstruation, as it is also one of the risk factors for endometriosis.

In addition, there are abnormal metabolism, hypoglycemia and hypothyroidism and other reasons. Some people think that life, study tension, sleep is not good, caused by autonomic nervous dysfunction is also one of many reasons, for some women, feeling exhausted will also have other symptoms.

This is the end of the introduction about whether the date on the sanitary napkin package and the sanitary napkin bag is the factory date. I wonder if you have found the information you need? If you want to know more about this, remember to collect and follow this site.



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