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Single-chip packing machine (container flipping machine)

A list of the contents of this article:

What is the voltage of the electromagnetic clutch brake on the beer Packer?

The beer packing machine uses DC24V DC dry veneer single plate electromagnetic clutch brake.

Electromagnetic clutch brake refers to the friction clutch which is compacted by electromagnetic force. Because it can realize long-distance operation, small control energy, easy to realize machine tool automation, fast action and simple structure, it has also been widely used.

The characteristics of the sky-machine-transmission-moving dry veneer single-plate electromagnetic clutch are as follows:

1, high-speed response: because it is a dry type, so the transmission of torque is very fast, can achieve convenient action.

2, strong durability: good heat dissipation, and the use of advanced materials, even if the use of high frequency, high energy, is also very durable.

3. Easy to assemble and maintain: it belongs to the static shape of the magnetic field coil contained in the ball bearing, so it does not need to take out the stamens or use the carbon brush, so it is easy to use.

4, the action is true: the use of plate-shaped shrapnel, although there is a strong vibration will not produce loose, good durability.

Definition of packing machine for packing machine

Zhongke Tiangong automatic packing machine is to automatically complete a series of automatic production operations, such as automatic opening of cartons, automatic bottom sealing, automatic packing, automatic partition, automatic packing, automatic sealing, automatic marking, automatic output and so on. It greatly reduces the dependence of the automatic production line on labor, reduces the labor cost and improves the production efficiency.

How to design the control system of automatic packaging machine? Controlled by PLC.

How to calculate the coil diameter?

The coil diameter is calculated through the linear speed formula: linear speed = rotational speed * π * diameter, and inversely derived diameter = linear speed / (π * rotational speed). When using this formula, it is necessary to ensure that the linear speed of the main traction and rewinding in the system is consistent, so the system also needs a feedback source of the pendulum bar to make a PID adjustment to the unwinding speed to ensure that the calculated error of the winding diameter will not be too large.

How to ensure the synchronization of the speed of the main traction?

In the program, a virtual axis is established and then the left and right traction axes are connected by the MC_GearIn electronic gear function block. The speed difference is determined by the running direction of the virtual axis. The speed of traction B is slightly faster than that of A when putting left and right, and vice versa. The tension on the left side of A traction is exerted by A pendulum bar, the tension on the right side of B traction is applied through B pendulum bar, and the tension between AB is generated by the speed difference of AB traction.

What role does pendulum PID play in the system?

Because when rewinding and unwinding, it is necessary to ensure that the pendulum is in a balanced state, so it is necessary to make an auxiliary superposition control of the speed of the rewinding and unwinding motor. At this time, the PID is done through a difference between the target position and the current position of the pendulum bar, and then the result of PID operation is output to the running frequency of the rewinding motor.

The difference between single stamping machine and rotary pressing machine

First, the nature is different

1. The single stamping machine is a small desktop electric continuous pressing machine, which can also be shaken by hand.

2. The speed of the turntable, the filling depth of the material and the thickness of the tablet can be adjusted when the rotary tablet pressing machine is pressed. The mechanical cushioning device on the machine can avoid the damage caused by overload. The machine is equipped with a powder suction box. Through the suction nozzle, the dust produced by the machine can be absorbed, the bonding blockage can be avoided, and the raw materials can be recycled and reused.

Second, different installation of stamping dies

1. Single stamping machine

(1) install the lower punch: loosen the lower punch fixing screw, turn the handwheel to raise the lower punch mandrel to the highest position, insert the lower punch bar into the hole of the lower punch mandrel (pay attention to make the notch bevel of the lower punch rod aim at the lower punch fastening screw, and insert to the end) finally tighten the lower punch fastening screw.

(2) install the upper punch: loosen the upper punch fastening nut, insert the upper punch mandrel into the hole of the upper punch mandrel, clamp the hexagonal of the lower part of the upper punch mandrel with a wrench, and tighten the upper punch fastening nut.

(3) install the middle die: loosen the middle die fixing screw, put the mold flat into the hole of the middle die table, at the same time punch down into the hole of the middle die, press to the end, and then tighten the medium die fixing screw. When putting the middle mold, you should pay attention to take the middle mold flat, so as not to get stuck when askew is put in and damage the hole wall.

(4) turn the hand wheel by hand to make the upper punch descend slowly into the middle mold hole, and observe whether there is any collision or friction. If collision or friction occurs, loosen the middle mold table plate fixing screws (two), adjust the fixed position of the middle mold table plate, so that the upper punch enters the medium mold hole, and then tighten the medium mold table plate fixing screw, so that the installation is qualified until there is no collision or friction when the upper punch enters the medium mold.

2. Rotary tablet machine

(1) medium mold device: the middle mold fastening screw on the turntable is out of the family one by one and the outer circle area of the turntable is flat, so that the middle mold is loaded and does not touch the head of the screw. The middle mold device is very tight and should be placed flat. If you can use the medium mold rod (random tool) to punch through the upper hole, it is used for the hammer to enter gently, and the medium mold enters the mold. Kong Sheng its plane should not be higher than the turntable plane to be qualified, and then tighten the screw.

(2) punching device: the tongue should be inserted into the gap of the upper guide disc, the tail of the middle rod should be coated with some vegetable oil, insert into the hole one by one, and the punch should be rotated with thumb and index finger to check that the head enters the middle die up and down and rotates flexibly. it should be qualified without hard rubbing phenomenon, and the tongue should be pulled down after all is installed.

(3) the down punching device: the small door on the main body is opened and installed by the round hole of the main body. The installation method is the same as that of the upper punching device. After being installed, the disc must be covered flat.

(4) after the complete assembly of the stamping die, install the removed parts according to the original position, continue to rotate the test handwheel by hand, make the turntable rotate 1-2, observe the upper and lower punching into the middle die hole and act on the curve guide, it must be flexible without collision and hard rubbing, start the motor, make the empty car run for 2-3 minutes, and then it can be put into production.

Extended data

Matters needing attention of single stamping machine

1. Before using the machine for the first time, you should read the instruction manual carefully before using it.

2. The machine can only run in a certain direction (see the arrow on the handwheel or shield) and can not be reversed so as not to damage the parts. In the pressing adjustment, you should pay special attention to it and don’t neglect it.

3. Belt tension adjustment: it is adjusted by two adjusting nuts on the electromechanical base plate. Pay attention to the lock after adjustment.

4. When using manual pressing when there is no power supply, the triangle belt should be removed to reduce resistance and wear. But do not remove the big pulley, because the big pulley also has the labor-saving effect of the flywheel.

5. The rotating handle of the handwheel must be pulled down when electric pressing, so as to avoid injury during operation.

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