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Top 10 cooperative robots (ur robots)

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What are the top ten manufacturers of collaborative robots?

Collaborative robot brands mainly include Elephant Robot, ethnic Robot, Youao Robot and ABB Robot. If you want to know, the more recommended is our domestic light: elephant robot. Since its inception, the company has laid an international vision and independent R & D and innovation foundation, incubated by the global hardware incubator HAX, has won Cloud Angel, SOSV, Oriental Securities, Deep Venture Capital, Zhenge and other first-line funds to promote the rapid growth of global business. Adhering to the vision of “Enjoy Robots World”, Elephant Robot has independently developed robot products including bionic robot, consumer cooperative robot and professional collaborative robot from the perspective of life fun and work efficiency. Elephant Robot has obvious advantages in launching myCobot series products. The product is cost-effective, multi-model meets the needs of different users, and the whole range of application interfaces are the same. Elephant robot products are safe and reliable, easy to use, high flexibility and versatility, and can be easily applied to the production of various industries. And meet the needs of different application scenarios. You can also try Baidu.

What are the top ten cooperative robots in the world?

As a sunrise industry, collaborative robots are widely favored. In the past few years, many brands of collaborative robots have emerged worldwide. In terms of technology, practicality, security and market coverage, according to authoritative data, the top 10 collaborative robots in the world are:

1. Ethnic robots. Big clan robot is a brand under Big Family Laser, which is the first to break through more and more advanced key technologies. It is the only brand in China that has completely independently developed its core components. It is not only the light of domestic products, but also a global leader in the field of collaborative robots. The products have passed global multinational certification and are sold at home and abroad, and many technologies are in the leading level in the world, such as protection, response speed, anti-interference ability and so on. The products cover more than 100 countries around the world.

2. Youao robot. A multinational-invested brand, Universal Robots (Youao Robot) is a company dedicated to developing robotic technology with wide availability that can be automated and rationalized in many industrial production areas.

3. KUKA robot. KUKA is an automation group company founded in Germany, headquartered in Augsburg, Germany.

4. FANUC (Fanuke robot). FANUC is a Japanese company specializing in numerical control systems, founded in 1956. In 1974, FANUC’s first robot came out, and there were 240 FANUC robot product lines, with loads ranging from 0.5kg to 1.35t.

5. Yaskawa robot. Yaskawa robot is from Japan’s Yaskawa Electric (Yaskawa). The first cooperative robot, MOTOMAN-HC10, was launched in December 2015. In addition to HC10, Yaskawa’s collaborative robot products also include a small 6-axis robot MotoMINI.

6. Bosch robot. Bosch, one of the German industrial companies, launched its first collaborative robot solution, APAS, in October 2014.

7 、 Rethink . Robotics . Rethink Robotics, founded in 2008 and formerly known as Heartland Robotics, changed its name and launched the first collaborative robot, Baxter, in 2012.

8 、 Bionic . Robotics Bionic Robotics is a German company that launched the lightweight one-arm robot BioRob. BioRob self-weight 6kg, portable weight of 500g.

9. Roaming robot. Founded in 2015, it is a national enterprise focusing on the research, development, production and sales of collaborative robots. As the overall solution provider of cooperative robot, Roombo has developed many styles of cooperative robot products, which are competitive to a certain extent.

10. Node card robot. Founded in 2014 by a group of engineers and roboticists, they hope to be “victorious” in their robotics career and are well aware of the need to “search up and down” on the way forward, so they are named “section cards”.

Top ten brands of industrial robots

1. Large Group Cooperative Robot 2, Youao Robot 3, ABB Robot 4, KUKA Robot 5, Fanako Robot 6, Yaskawa Robot 7, Daming Robot 8, Xinsong Robot 9, Robot 10, Festival Card Robot. According to the comprehensive evaluation of technology, safety, practicality, ability, sales and prospect, the top ten cooperative robots in 2022 are sorted out.

Detailed introduction of the top three domestic industrial robots

Large cooperative robot: large robot is a large laser brand, which takes the lead in breaking through more and more advanced key technologies, and is the only independent research and development brand of core components, not only the domestic light, but also the world’s leading cooperative robot field. the products have passed global certification and exported at home and abroad, many technologies are in the global leading level, such as protection, response speed, anti-interference ability, etc., the products cover more than 100 countries around the world.

Youao Robot: Youao is a brand invested by multinational companies. UniversalRobots (Youao Robot) is a company dedicated to the development of widely available robotic technology. UR robot can automate and rationalize all industrial production fields, with the characteristics of cost-effectiveness, high flexibility, easy to use, safety and so on.

ABB Robot: ABB is the world’s leading technology company dedicated to promoting social and industrial transformation and achieving a more efficient and sustainable future. By combining software with electrification, robotics, automation and sports products, ABB breaks through technological boundaries and takes performance to a new level.

Top 10 cooperative robots in China

Festival card, roaming, ethnic cooperation and so on. The top ten domestic cooperative robots are well-known and experienced, including festival cards, roaming, ethnic cooperation and so on. Cooperative robot is when robots and people can work together on the production line, giving full play to the efficiency of robots and human intelligence.

What are the main brands of collaborative robots at present?

There are mainly brands of collaborative robots such as Dazhong, Elliot and Bronte, whose products are all very good. If they are really high or low, I think they are better on the Bronte side. The collaborative robots they produce should be more efficient and can efficiently assist in production, and the service life of the robots is longer.

So much for the introduction of the top 10 cooperative robots. Thank you for taking the time to read the contents of this site. Don’t forget to search for more information about the top 10 ur robots and cooperative robots on this site.



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