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Why choose the turnover box that can be folded?

It is said that folding turnover box is the future trend of folding turnover box is considered from the characteristics of folding turnover box. Compared with the ordinary turnover box, the folding turnover box has the advantages of saving logistics cost and warehousing cost. The height of the folding turnover box after folding is only 1 / 4 of the original height, and the folding box of Sino can be stacked and placed on the pallet, which can realize the mechanized operation of the whole forklift. In this way, logistics costs and labor costs can be saved. Folding turnover box has been widely used abroad, and it has also sprung up in China in the past two years, and then it will certainly replace the ordinary turnover box.

How do I use a folding turnover box?

Turnover box, also known as logistics box, Sino folding box, is not only convenient but also can save space by folding. It is widely used in machinery, household appliances, agriculture, light industry and other industries. It is non-toxic and tasteless, can be acid-resistant, alkali-resistant, oil-resistant, can be used for food storage, convenient cleaning, convenient parts turnover, neat stacking, easy management, reasonable design and excellent quality. Suitable for factory workshop and workshop product turnover, transportation, distribution, storage and other links in logistics, turnover can cooperate with multiple logistics containers, and can be used in all kinds of warehouses, production sites and other occasions. today, when logistics management has been paid more and more attention by enterprises in northern Guangdong, turnover boxes help to complete the generalization of logistics containers and integrated management, which is a necessity for production and circulation enterprises to carry out modern logistics management.

The characteristics of folding turnover box are: foldable, small footprint, convenient storage and transportation, non-radiation, non-toxic, tasteless, moistureproof, corrosion resistance, light weight, durable, stackable, gorgeous appearance, rich color, pure and so on. Folding turnover box performance: with anti-folding, anti-aging, load-bearing up to 75KG, tension, compression, tearing, high temperature, rich colors, can be used for both turnover and product shipment, lightweight, durable, stackable. According to the demand, customers can choose to cover, dustproof, beautiful and generous appearance. Reasonable loading, and multi-box overlap (matching box cover), effective use of factory space, increase storage space and save production cost.

Today, when the logistics management is paid more and more attention by the majority of enterprises, turnover boxes help to complete the universal and integrated management of logistics containers, which is a necessity for production and circulation enterprises to carry out modern logistics management.

Introduction and price of folding turnover box manufacturer

Folding turnover box is a relatively environmentally friendly product, folding turnover box, its weight is relatively light, before folding, its volume is also relatively small, and it is also very convenient to assemble. Therefore, folding turnover boxes are also widely used in some large supermarkets, clothing factories, food processing plants and other places. The prices of folding turnover boxes are high and low in the market. The editor specifically introduces several manufacturers and the quotations of folding turnover boxes produced by these manufacturers.

Shanghai Yunhao plastic products Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Yunhao plastic products Co., Ltd. specializes in producing plastic pallets, plastic turnover boxes and automobile plastic parts in line with international logistics. The enterprise develops more than 30 kinds of new products every year, and there are more than 380 kinds of plastic pallets. There are shelf series, standard series, ultra-light series and so on. The company is located in Qingpu Industrial Park, covering an area of 60000 square meters. Has more than 30 advanced microcomputer injection molding machine injection molding equipment. The price of the folding turnover box produced by the manufacturer is 85 yuan per box, the price comes from the network, for reference only.

Ningbo Zhenhai Tuanli plastic Industry Co., Ltd.

Tuanli plastic Industry is a professional integrated production and marketing company integrating plastic products processing and hardware plastic mold processing. The main types of products produced by the company are: plastic trays, plastic garbage bins, plastic turnover boxes, plastic baskets, logistics boxes, folding boxes / baskets, plastic baskets, plastic water tanks, finishing boxes, chemical bins, parts boxes and other plastic products. Products are widely used in various industries, such as clothing, plastics, hardware, machinery, electronics, instrumentation, food, aquatic products, tobacco, chemical industry, medicine, three-dimensional warehouse and so on. it is a necessary equipment for warehousing and logistics and product protection in various industries. The price of the folding turnover box produced by the manufacturer is 55 yuan per box, the price comes from the network, for reference only.

Dongguan Xinguang plastic hardware products Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Xinguang plastic hardware products Co., Ltd. is a professional plastic products enterprise integrating development, production, processing and sales. The company strives for survival by quality, development by service and efficiency by reputation. In line with the core values of quality, credibility, pioneering and responsibility, to serve the society. The company is market-oriented, in view of the differences and diversified needs of plastic logistics appliances in different industries, we have developed more than 300 varieties to improve the market vacancy. The company’s products are bright in color, beautiful in shape, reasonable in structure, complete in specifications, fine ingredients, scientific processing, durable and sold all over the country. Is a hollow board, turnover box, anti-static tray, finishing box, parts box, cushion plate, and other plastic products, raw materials, moulds and other products professional production and processing company, with a complete and scientific quality management system. The price of the folding turnover box produced by the manufacturer is 35 yuan per box, the price comes from the network, for reference only.

There are many models and specifications of foldable turnover boxes, so when you choose to buy products, you must choose regular manufacturers and regular channels to buy them. Only in this way can you ensure that the foldable turnover boxes purchased by you are non-toxic and odorless. Can be used normally. Never choose some manufacturers that do not have a production license. The products produced by these manufacturers may bring serious economic losses to consumers and may also affect their health.

Ask the master, how to say the following words in Japanese?

Filling machine: filling machine (filling machine)

Inkjet printer: thank you.

Liquid level detector: thank you very much.

Labeling machine: please tell me what to do.

Loading machine: this may have.

Folding machine: folding machine.

This is the end of the introduction of the folding machine. Thank you for taking the time to read the contents of this site. Don’t forget to look up the operating rules and information about the folding machine on this site.



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