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Double grip mobile phone mechanical hand palletizer (palletizing mechanical claw)

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What is the working principle of the stacker?

The palletizing manipulator is a kind of high-tech equipment, the user needs to input the data in advance, and the control system of the palletizer controls the automatic palletizing according to the data. It can divide the goods into the same quantity according to certain steps and put them in a place. According to the pre-set data for standardized and beautiful placement, it is convenient for future transportation or storage. The existence of the palletizing manipulator can greatly improve the work efficiency of a factory, reduce the labor intensity of the palletizing workers in the factory, let the workers have spare time to do other work, and save time, so as not to delay the palletizing. It can also complete the production and transportation of other products.

Introduction of automatic palletizer

Automatic palletizer, suitable for chemical, petroleum, paint, grease, pigment and other enterprises, automatic pallet stacking equipment.

Classification of palletizers

According to the intelligent level, automatic palletizer can be divided into two types: robot palletizer and mechanical palletizing. Mechanical palletizer can be divided into: gantry stacker, column stacker, mechanical arm stacker.

Automatic palletizer according to the industry is divided into: food and beverage industry palletizing, cement automatic loading palletizer, industrial products stacker and so on.

The difference between manipulator palletizer and high position palletizer, and how to choose

High-position palletizer can be used in many industries, such as cement, fertilizer and other bagging industry, but also can be used in the box industry, accurate palletizing. The mechanical hand palletizer occupies a small area and is flexible in operation, each has its own advantages. The experience from Zhongxu.

Is the function of palletizer exactly the same as that of palletizing robot?

They are all the same in essence, they are all used for product palletizing.

But specifically, the palletizer includes frame palletizer and robot palletizer, etc., the robot palletizer mainly grasps the products by grasping the palletizer, rather than the robot palletizer, it uses pallet side push and other forms for palletizing and stacking.

Do you have a palletizer installed? What’s the difference between a single-station stacker and a double-station palletizer?

Hello, single-station palletizer has only one stacker station, dual-station palletizer has left and right two palletizing stations. The efficiency of dual-station is higher than that of single-station, and there is no waiting time when palletizing. Many of the single station will be equipped with pallet library, will be full stack output, empty pallet input, but in the process will always be in a state of waiting, wasting time and reducing efficiency. Dual station does not have this problem, one side of the code will immediately code the other side, do not have to wait, more efficient, and can place multiple pallets at a time, do not need to configure the pallet library. The area of the dual station is also smaller than that of the single station with a tray library, but the price may be a little more expensive, in short, it is better to buy a dual station as far as possible, and you do not know how to contact me, Taian Xianfeng Automation Technology Co., Ltd.

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