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Take you to understand the reducer and transmission mode of the automatic palletizer

The automatic palletizing machine reducer is a separate closing transmission device in the middle of the transmission and the working medium, which is used to reduce the speed ratio and expand the slew rate, to consider the operation. There are many types of reducers, but for smart robot drive system software, common speed reducer has gear drive reducer, pendulum needle reducer, harmonic current reducer, and the like. Each speed reduction characteristics.

The power machine is the motivation for packaging mechanical operation, which is usually a motor in modern industrial production; transmission system refers to the power generation and motion transmission to the actuator and control. The system enables it to achieve a predetermined action. It is usually composed of a pulley, a sprocket, a gear, a cam, a worm gear, a worm or the like, or a plurality of ambients such as machine, electrical, liquid, and gas.

According to the data analysis, the whole process of the pallet must be high speed, high load, high precision and the week, which must be resembled. It is highly high, so the decision is used to use the gear drive reducer.

Palletircraft transmission method

In order to better ensure the manipulation accuracy of the palletizing system software and reliability in operation Sexual, when designing the drive, there are several aspects: (1) The transmission accuracy and precision positioning accuracy are high

. The transmission precision and precision positioning accuracy of the palletizing intelligent robot of the palletizing intelligent robot plays a crucial effect on the repeated precision positioning accuracy in the whole process of the pallet.

(2) Fast response time . Fast response features refer to the response time of the motion automatic control system to typing the data signal, not only harm the palletty high efficiency, but also harms the accuracy of the palletty. (3) No emblem transmission.

The transmission void is generally referring to the reverse direction void, the whole process of the intelligent robot pallet is a surrounding process, and the secondary direction voids in the transmission chain determine the error of the intelligent robot in the transmission chain. (4) Good reliability and long use. The whole process of palletizing intelligent robot .The other load continues to transition, and the office environment is generally extremely extreme, which must endanger the reliability and service life of the system software, so it is necessary to select the rigidity, damping and gain value of the system to improve its reliability. Maintain maintenance and lifting on time to increase its service life.

(5) Application is easy to maintain. The transmission system software is the weak point of all system software, which is very easy to cause common faults. Therefore, it should be fully considered to facilitate maintenance and packaging female college students, minimize maintenance labor.

The key motion of the palletizing intelligent robot includes: the rotation of the abdomen, the level of the front large arm, the vertical movement of the rear brake arm, and the rotational movement of the tail end. According to the provisions, everyone clarifies the transmission plan: Abdominal rotation: communication AC AC servo motor, a planetary transmission gear reducer,

Pre-large arm combined bearing level : Communication AC AC servo motor with a rolling beaded rod, a standard slide, a front arms; the vertical movement of the large arm combined bearing: Communication AC servo motor with a ball with a ball rod, a vertical slide rail The backpack: vertical movement of the large arm combined bearing: communication AC AC servo motor with a rolling beaded rod, a vertical slide, a large-scale movement of the end: parallel quadrilateral machine Structure: Turning Motion of Tail Electric Executive Mechanism: Communicating AC AC Servo Motor One Tail Entry Entrepreneurner.



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