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Top Ten listed companies of Intelligent Robot in China (ranking of Top Ten Smart Home companies)

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What are the main listed companies in the artificial intelligence industry?

Artificial intelligence industry is mainly listed companies: at present, the domestic artificial intelligence industry listed companies are mainly Baidu Baidu (BAIDU), Tencent (TCTZF), Alibaba (BABA), iFLYTEK (002230) and so on.

The core data of this paper: the core industry scale of artificial intelligence industry in China, the application layer of artificial intelligence industry chain, the market application share of artificial intelligence in China, and the application of artificial intelligence in various industries.

1. Both core industries and driving industries are growing at a high speed.

Compared with the Internet industry, the development and maturity of artificial intelligence in China is relatively late, but driven by capital and social expectations, the development of artificial intelligence in China is also very fast. It is preliminarily estimated that the scale of China’s artificial intelligence core industry will reach 151.25 billion yuan in 2020, with a growth rate of 38.94%.

In addition to the growth of the core industry, artificial intelligence drives the industry and the scale also shows a trend of rapid growth area. In 2019, the scale of China’s artificial intelligence-driven industry was 3.85215 trillion yuan, and it is initially estimated that it will reach 572.57 billion yuan in 2020, an increase of 49.83 percent over the same period last year.

2. The rapid development of artificial intelligence is mainly due to the wide range of application industries.

The rapid development of artificial intelligence is mainly due to the wide range of application industries. From the perspective of the structure of the industrial chain, there are many industries designed in the application layer of artificial intelligence. The software mainly involves customer service, finance and education; the hardware category mainly includes drones, warehousing and logistics, intelligent robots, and so on; and the self-driving and medical and health industries where both software and hardware are the core technologies.

From the point of view of customers, the main customers of China’s artificial intelligence market come from government urban governance and operation (public security, traffic police, justice, urban operation, government affairs, transportation management, land and resources, prison, environmental protection, etc.), with applications accounting for 49%. The Internet and the financial industry followed, accounting for 18% and 12%, respectively.

The application of artificial intelligence by enterprises and governments is gradually heating up. In every link that determines the economic benefits of the enterprise, we can already see the figure of artificial intelligence: AI

The core helps people live safely, trade remotely, and facilitate access; deep learning and knowledge graph help enterprises analyze, predict and make scientific decisions in the production process; and man-machine dialogue enhances the user experience in visit registration and service response. Artificial intelligence will give birth to new technologies, new products, new industries, new business type and new models, realize the overall jump of social productive forces, and push the society into the era of intelligent economy.

According to a forward-looking estimate, at present, most of China’s large enterprises have been planning and implementing artificial intelligence projects continuously, and more than 10% of all enterprises have combined artificial intelligence with their main business. to improve industrial status or optimize operational efficiency.

The above data refer to the forward-looking Industrial Research Institute’s “Market Prospect and Investment Strategic Planning Analysis report of China’s artificial Intelligence Industry”.

Top Ten Robotics companies in China

Top Ten Robot companies in China:

1. Huawei

In 2012, Huawei set up Noah’s Ark Lab in Hong Kong to study a new generation of communications, cloud computing, audio and video analysis, data mining, machine learning and so on.

2. Baidu

In terms of artificial intelligence, Baidu currently has voice, image, NLP and other artificial intelligence technologies, open dialogue artificial intelligence system, intelligent driving system two major industry ecology, sharing the latest application scenarios and solutions in the field of AI.

At present, Baidu artificial intelligence research results have been fully applied to Baidu products, benefiting hundreds of millions of netizens, such as secret, speech recognition, speech synthesis, speech awakening, character recognition, face recognition, risk control and anti-fraud, augmented reality, interactive technology UNIT, knowledge graph and so on.

3 、 Alibaba

Ali’s ET city brain, ET industrial brain and other artificial intelligence scenarios are applied in various enterprises, and they restructure traditional enterprises to improve production efficiency. At present, there are artificial intelligence products such as AI designer Lu Ban, intelligent customer service Ali Xiaomi, computer room patrol and so on.

4. Tencent

At present, artificial intelligence has been used in a number of Tencent products, such as speech recognition, music recognition, face recognition, and so on, as well as users shopping and watching news, behind which artificial intelligence makes recommendations for everyone’s preferences.

5. Shenlan Science and Technology

Shenlan Technology is a fast-growing leader in artificial intelligence and a world-class platform AIMaker, founded in 2014 by the returned doctoral team, dedicated to artificial intelligence basic research and application development, artificial intelligence industry chain intelligent software output and independent hardware design and manufacturing.


A national backbone software company specializing in intelligent voice and language technology, artificial intelligence technology research, as well as software and chip development. Founded in 1999, the company is already a leader in China’s intelligent voice and artificial intelligence industry, with international leading achievements in speech synthesis, speech recognition, oral evaluation, natural language processing and other technologies.

7. Shangtang Technology

China’s leading artificial intelligence head start-up company specializes in original technologies of computer vision and deep learning. With the mission of “persisting in originality and letting AI lead human progress”, Shangtang Technology has established a domestic top self-developed deep learning supercomputing center and become a first-class artificial intelligence algorithm supplier in China.

8. Zhongke Chuangda

Since its establishment in 2008, China Kechuangda has been committed to providing excellent intelligent terminal operating system platform technology and solutions to help and accelerate the production and technological innovation of smart phones, smart Internet of things, smart cars and other fields. With an international professional team, China Kechuangda is headquartered in Beijing, while its R & D centers are located in 20 regions around the world.

9. Turing robot

Belonging to Beijing Lightyear Infinity Technology Co., Ltd., Turing robot was first released in November 2014. Benefiting from the development of AI, it has become one of the most innovative artificial intelligence start-ups in China, and took the lead in releasing the first AI robot operating system, TuringOS, which is the most intelligent robot brain in the Chinese context.

10 、 DJI Innovations

In the UAV industry, DJI Innovations has made extraordinary achievements and led the development of the entire UAV industry. at present, it is already the largest consumer UAV company in the world, accounting for 70% of the market share. Customers spread over more than 100 countries and regions around the world, ushering in the era of intelligent flight.

Top Ten ranking of Intelligent Robots

Ranking of intelligent robot enterprises:

1. Xinsong robot. Xinsong Robot was led by Jiang Xinsong, an academician of the Institute of Automation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, in the 1970s and 1980s. Xinsong Robot is also the first enterprise in China to enter the robot industry.

2. Easton robot. Easton Robot is the first enterprise in China to realize the use of its own servo motor. The production and sales volume exceeded 10,000 units in 2021.

3. Xinshida robot. The earliest business of Xinshida robot was mainly in the electrical control of elevators and industrial automation, and then expanded motion control, Internet of things and industrial robots.

4. Evert robot. The Evert robot was born in the Chery automobile equipment department, and then began the research and development of the robot with the introduction of outstanding talents. Evert robot is also one of the earliest enterprises to make multi-joint robots in China.

5. A wide range of robots. Guangshu robot is one of the earliest enterprises in China to be rated as one of the four little dragons made in China.

6. Wasu robot. Wasu Robot is a leading brand in the field of robot education in China.

7. Qianjiang robot. Qianjiang Robot was originally a robot company in Qianjiang Motorcycle. Qianjiang Robot began to develop rapidly after it began to take control of Estella in 2016.

8. Huichuan robot. Huichuan Robot is currently the most valuable enterprise in the robot mall in China, in which the business of frequency converter and AC servo is in the forefront of domestic enterprise sales. Sales have grown astonishingly, exceeding 10,000 units.

9. Li Qun Automation. At present, Li Qun Automation is mainly in the South China market, and its main robots are lightweight robots, including SCARA robots with large loads.

10. Match the sky robot. The matching robot is mainly composed of small six axes in the 3C field.

This is the end of the introduction of the ranking of the top ten listed companies of intelligent robots and the top ten smart home companies in China. I don’t know if you have found the information you need. If you want to know more about this, remember to collect and follow this site.



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