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Circular steel pipe palletizer (circular steel pipe automatic stacker)

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How to stack the spiral tube correctly

1) when the spiral steel pipe is stacked in the open air, there must be wood pads or strips of stone underneath, and the stacking surface should be slightly tilted to facilitate drainage, and pay attention to the straightening of the material to prevent bending and deformation.

2) the principle requirement of spiral steel pipe stacking is that under the premise of stable palletizing and ensuring safety, different kinds of materials should be palletized separately according to varieties and specifications, so as to prevent muddy and mutual erosion, and it is also easy to get out of the warehouse and load.

3) it is forbidden to store articles that can erode the steel around the stack of the spiral steel pipe.

4) the bottom of the spiral steel pipe stack should be high, strong and flat to prevent the material from moisture or deformation.

5) the same materials are stacked according to the sequence of storage.

6) stacking height of spiral steel pipe, manual homework not more than 1.2m, mechanical homework not more than 1.5m, stack width not more than 2.5m

7) there should be a certain passage between the stack and the stack, the inspection channel is generally 0.5m, and the access channel depends on the size of the material and transport machinery, usually 1.5~2.Om.

8) the angle steel and channel steel should be stacked in the open air, that is, the mouth is facing down, the I-beam should be placed upright, and the I groove surface of the steel should not be facing up, so as to prevent the stagnant water from rusting.

9) the bottom of the stack is high, if the warehouse is a sunny cement floor, it should be 0.1 m high, and if it is a mud ground, it should be 0.2 m high. 0.5 m. If it is an open field, the height of cement floor is 0.3 ~ 0.5m, and that of sand and mud surface is 0.5~O.7m.

The above is the correct stacking principle of spiral steel pipe, in order to ensure the quality of spiral steel pipe, it must be stacked according to the principle.

How to distinguish between palletizing

There are many types of palletizers, including Cartesian coordinate palletizers set to work on fixed tracks, fully hinged palletizers with strong adaptability and mobility, and parallelograms with more complex installation. Today, the most common palletizers on the market include:

1) Linear horizontal multi-joint palletizer: the linear horizontal multi-joint palletizer has the same stability and higher working efficiency as the full-joint robot, and has the same cylindrical coordinate system as the parallelogram structure stacker. It is also the lowest cost of rectangular stacker structure.

2) parallelogram palletizer: parallelogram palletizer is magnified by two linear axes through complex hinge structure. It has a large number of parts and complex installation, but it does not need algorithm support, so most low-end palletizers are based on the prototype of this structure.

3) full joint palletizer: full joint stacker has four degrees of freedom, that is, four rotary joints. It has strong applicability and is widely used in cartons, plastic boxes, bottles, bags, buckets and films. The palletizing structure of packaging products and canned products is simple, the action is stable and reliable, the palletizing process is fully automatic, and there is no need for human intervention in normal operation.

4) Cartesian coordinate palletizer: Cartesian coordinate palletizer is also known as truss stacker or gantry stacker. It is a single-axis machine tool driven by XYZ Cartesian coordinate system, servo motor and stepper motor. The arm is the basic unit of work, which can reach any point in the XYZ 3D coordinate system and follow a controllable trajectory.

What are the electronically controlled permanent magnet suckers?

The principle of the electronically controlled permanent magnet sucker is that the suction is generated by the permanent magnet steel, and the suction of the magnet steel is controlled by the excitation coil, which acts as a suction switch. Electric permanent magnet chuck, also known as electric permanent magnet fixture, electronically controlled permanent magnet sucker, is a new type of magnetic sucker which uses electric pulse to realize the “on and off” of magnetic circuit. The electric permanent magnet sucker does not need electric energy in its work, and only relies on the permanent magnet suction to hold the workpiece, which avoids the danger of magnetic loss of the electromagnetic system when the power is suddenly cut off and the wire is damaged.

Internal structure of electronically controlled permanent magnet sucker

It can be seen that the electronically controlled permanent magnet sucker is composed of NdFeB magnetic steel, coil, Al-Ni-Co magnetic steel, magnetic force line and shell.

At present, the electronically controlled permanent magnet chuck can be classified as follows:

1. Electric permanent magnet sucker

It is used for fixed workpieces to carry out the application of machining centers such as turning, milling, grinding, planing, drilling, etc., and plays a fixed role.

Electric permanent magnet chuck

2. Electric permanent magnet hanger

Is installed in the forklift, driving used to transport steel plates, steel coils, scrap, steel pipes and other workpieces. Play the role of a transport. Mostly used in wharf, steel plate factory, automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding field, electric permanent magnet hanger single steel plate lifting non-adhesion, as well as sheet, multiple steel plate lifting, side lifting and other multiple difficulties can be easily dealt with.

Electric permanent magnet hanger

3. Fast mode change system of electric permanent magnet

It refers to the mold used for absorbing injection molding on the injection molding machine and stamping machine, which plays the role of quickly changing the mold, so it is called the rapid mold changing system.

Fast mode change system of electric permanent magnet

4. Automatic electric permanent magnet fixture

It is installed at the end of the manipulator and is used to absorb workpieces for welding, sheet metal bending, palletizing and other uses. it is used in the field of automation depending on the strong suction of electric permanent magnet and the characteristics of no electricity in the working process.

The electric permanent magnet chuck has the characteristics of strong suction, single-sided holding and multi-sided machining, safety and energy saving, no temperature rise, no thermal deformation, high machining precision, simple operation and maintenance-free.

What are the hangers for hoisting steel pipes?

There are electric permanent magnet hanger for hoisting steel pipe, and the electric permanent magnet hanger can be divided into

1. Hoisting and transportation of single steel pipe

2. Lifting and transportation of multiple steel pipes

General electric permanent magnet hoist pipe-like workpieces are: ordinary steel pipe, cast pipe, etc. At present, there are electric permanent magnet suckers used in automatic machinery can also be used to carry pipe fittings to complete palletizing and other requirements.

So much for the introduction of round steel pipe stacker. Thank you for taking the time to read this site. Don’t forget to look for more information about circular steel pipe automatic stacker and circular steel pipe stacker.



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