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What is a coordinate robot palletizer palletizer? What are his advantages?

The right angle coordinate robot palletizer palletizing machine is a active mechanical equipment that is actually actually operated by the autonomous research and development of R & D. It can strictly follow the continuous crawling, transport commodity items, complete some special process flows, and can run at high speed in different natural environments.



With the technical development trend of robots, the application of the right angle coordinate robot palletizer technology in the pallet is more and more. The right angle coordinate robot palletizer is made as an actuator, has a manipulated, posture, and a complicated indoor spatial movement track manipulation. The equipment is a high quality carbon steel material, which is generally unique. No blur, high safety factor, highly developed by R & D, can reasonably manipulate product cost, suitable for corrugated cardboard, plastic tank, bag, boxed, into bucket and other turnover materials.



coordinate robot palletizer can complete the automatic control system in industrial production, repeated program, fitness sports can be played Sexually include three-dimensional space orthogonal and flat transform automation machinery. Its components include a moving linear motion axis, a driver system software, an automatic control system, and intelligent terminal of a fitness axis. Each fitness axis generally matches the X-axis, Y-axis, and Z axis in the right angle coordinate system. The X-axis and Y-axis are in-plane fitness spots, and the Z axis is the left and right fitness sport. On some of the Z-axes contain a rotating shaft, or contain a shaft shaft and a rotating shaft. In most cases, the intersection between the right-angle coordinate robot palletizers is a bevel direction, which can be used in the multi-industry.


The coordinate robot palletizer is fixed or moving, and the automatic control system can be completed, repeatedly programmed, multi-purpose to use, the part of the tail operator To be able to program the industrial production automation machinery of the programmable controller in 3 or 3. His advantages are:

1, freely constitute a variety of style: nearly a row of right coordinate robot palletizers in specific use, this configuration can also form a new construction.

2, high dynamic characteristics: high dynamic characteristics, high working performance, usually one second in secondsRhythm in the work.

3, high precision: according to the transmission system method and equipped with the repeated precision level in all the itinerary, it can do 0.05 mm to 0.01 mm. 4, expand its ability to work: easy to change the construction or proper new use based on the program.


5. Simple economic development: By bone robot, the right angle coordinate robot palletizer not only has a solid-visualization and low cost, and the program is simple, easy to learn to train employees and maintenance, so that it has a good reason. 6, Long Life: Maintenance of the right angle coordinate robot palletizer is generally regularly charged grease, the service life is generally 10 to 20 years.



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