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Seven characteristics of fertilizer palletizing manipulator

The fertilizer pallet is the industrial robot for the palletizing industry, which is a machine, electric-body-physically high-tech goods, which becomes a new fertilizer procrastin industry.

Fertilizer packaging production line can be subtracted into BB fertilizer (recipe fertilizer) automation technology ingredient packaging production line; water soluble fertilizer, water solubility automation technology packaging ingredient production line. From the constituent configuration, the key constitution module of the smart fertilizer packaging production line machine device includes: a part of the ingredients; a part of the back packaging production line. In the ingredients, the ingredients are constituted in part of the packaging raw materials, feeding, discharge machine equipment, raw material batching machine equipment, measuring machine equipment, improved, transport mechanical equipment, dust collector equipment, total control box and production line total automatic control system.

Condiment, hot pot material production and processing and packaging equipment production line; liquid, thickness, paste, paste, gastrointestinal quantitative analysis canned; work according to intelligent system control The automatic control system is carried out, and the continuous operation can be completed, and there is a common fault alert, indicating that the automatic chain joining shutdown can also be configured according to the customer must configure the communication socket, and complete real-time monitoring systems for the automatic packaging stacking production line, remote diagnosis And network management.

Section part of the backpack package includes: forming a product metering verification machine device, automatic upper bag machine, automatic surgery stitching automatic sealing machine, automatic unloading machine, Automatic loading system software, automatic sealing machine, automatic strapping machine, transport system software, robot palletizing system software.


Thanks to the characteristics of the pallet machine:

1 Saving labor costs hundreds of thousands;

2, energy consumption is low. The output power of the fertilizer pallet arm is 5kW. Largely reduced the customer’s operating cost fee;

3, the structure is simple, the parts are small. Therefore, the equipment of the components is low, the characteristics are reliable, and the maintenance and maintenance is easy to repair.

4, the scope of application is strong. When the specifications, volume, and the size of the customer commodity changes, it is only necessary to change it slightly on the touch display.All of the customer’s normal production is manufactured.

5, actual operation is simple, all manipulation can be operated on the control box display, the operation steps are easy to get started;

6, covering less. The total area of ​​warehouses can be vacuum, which is beneficial to the layout of the production lines in the customer’s industrial plant. 7, the pallet is more precipitial, preventing the appearance of the prevention.

No matter which feature is completely ignored in these seven characteristics, it is not ignored by the combination of this advantage. New joy of the industry.



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