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The development trend of carton sealing machine

Recently, with the advent of 70 billion parcels, the development trend of carton sealing machine encloses high development trend, automated technology sealing machines have also been in the 1990s, in my country’s product packaging companies in China Speed ​​increase. But extensive is small and medium-sized enterprises, very few large and medium-sized enterprises. Going to the new era, most of the card box sealing machine packaging enterprises in the Yangtze River Delta completed the field technology professional in the paper box sealing machine packaging, and large companies have already launched a technical transformation project, replacing old machine equipment, change Falling high-end fast production lines. Most of the corrugated cardboard production pipeline and carton printing machines have been manufactured in China, and the imports are very small. Along with my country’s adding WTO, overseas packaging machinery equipment, “extrusion” China’s packaging machinery and equipment, market competition results, making my country’s packaging enterprises into international standards.


The development prospects in my country’s carton sealing machine packaging depends on the combination, to work together.


The carton sealing machine is packaged with the carton. In capitalist countries, the paperbox sealing machine is completed with the papermaking industry, and the papermaking industry is integrated with forestry. It is separated in my country. In these years, in my country, it has gradually owned the carton sealing machine with the convergence of papermaking industries, and the papermaking industry is combined with paper box sealing machine, and the development potential is rapid. A paper industry in Xuzhou City, Anhui Province, a paper box sealing machine factory, project investment in a corrugated production line, key production, manufacturing of cardboard supplies surrounding urban small processing plants, because of their own paper industry, take paper low cost, plus The advantages of the benefit enterprises have been greatly profitable. After they tasted the benefits, they went to a high-end production pipeline in 2020, and in the area of ​​Suzhou and Yangzhou region, three card box sealing machines.

Carton sealing machine with the convergence of carton (color box packaging), has already been there. Yanmao Intelligent Equipment (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.
. introduced the high-end corrugated production line of Spain, called Asia, which can produce manufacturing AAA corrugated cardboard, and production and processing.Fine corrugations, thereby visible overseas has been fused from mechanical equipment. In my country’s carton sealing machine, the carton is long-term separation. At classification, carton sealing machine is a packaging, large packaging; color box packaging is a market sales package, small packaging. Carton sealing machine factory produces large packaging; color printing factory production processing small packaging. In the future, it is necessary to make a size of the printing equipment for the size of the size of the package, large, and small binding, the color box packaging is the consistency of the paper box sealing machine with the color box packaging package.

The fusion of carton sealing machines with honeycomb paperboard. Foreign, using honeycomb composite cardboard production processing honeycomb carton sealing machine, the standardization of corrugated box sealing machines, the cost of honeycomb carton sealing machine is reduced by 20% by corrugated box sealing machine. Paper corrugations and paper honeycomb are the paper structure, and the sisters of the compatriots, and the honeycomb carton sealing machine can produce processing with the lattice special tools of the corrugated cardboard. This road is opened, and the new field of the box sealing machine will be expanded.

The excellent geographical fusion of carton sealing machine packaging is integrated with remote areas. Nowadays, the country’s call is in the northwest, except for the investment and development of my country’s funds, a large number of companies that encourage comparative developed regions to the northwest to develop offices. Investors look at my country’s sales market, and come to China in my country. And the outstanding geographical packaging enterprises are very small, and many packaging companies are only “imperial ministers” forward counterfeit goods. To understand the sales market in the subordinat, it is a potential sales market. It is the sales market in the development trend. It can be available to the development of business.

In my country’s paper box sealing machine machine equipment production technology, the scientific research of enterprises in the northern region, exploring the practice activities, cautious development trends. Southern regional companies are brought-to-mind, take overseas technical, become their own, rapid development trend. Northern region companies don’t understand the skills of enterprises in the southern region, and the accounting account of state-owned companies has less money, only the old bones, the money in the old part of the enterprises in the southern region. It is the difference in north and north. Corrugated cardboard is the most common packaging raw material for packaging industrial production. In recent years, with the development trend of the Chinese packaging industry, the sales market is still full of corrugated materials. For many years, China’s corrugated brand has been unable to meet the market.Demand, especially high-intensified corrugated, China’s supply is tight, and many imports are needed every year. Corrugated materials have been previously been a commodity in China’s printing paper imported goods in China. At this stage, China’s corrugated original paper despite the large production volume, high-strength corrugated material is low, only 1/3 of China’s total production in 2003, the foundation of more than 1 million tons of corrugated copper in each year is high intensity corrugated Original paper. To handle this problem, it is necessary to handle the problem of raw materials for production and manufacturing, especially the raw material price is necessary to compete. Along with the continuous growth in my country, the need for corrugated original paper will maintain a steady growth trend. And the corrugated brand is also a humanized development trend like a low-capacity high toughness, which presents an entrepreneurial business opportunity in my country’s carton sealing machine enterprises.




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