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Yanmao helps companies resume production during the new crown pneumonia epidemic

Since the epidemic of the new crown, the intelligent efforts to fight the epidemic prevention and control sniper battle, and vigorously support the government departments, in addition, according to the overall strength of its own strength to assist in various companies Resumption of work and production. In addition, the overall goal of the company itself is preventive and assisted in enterprises to put into production. In addition, the company has improved the prevention and control of new crown pneumonia epidemic, and scientific research judges the new situation. If you grasp the epidemic prevention and control, you can grasp the production and manufacture of enterprises in one hand, so that companies have developed forward.


In the industrial plant, a row of machine equipment is in order, a buzzer sound is incoming to the ear, and a piece of exquisite product is present. The employees wear masks and work in an orderly manner. A production and manufacturing scenario, a fast-running automation technology production flow line is the most charming view of the processing industry. At present, companies have resumed production in all directions, have opened horsepower, maximizing damage caused by filling the epidemic period.

Yanmao helps companies resume production during the new crown pneumonia epidemic

Enterprises further strengthen epidemic prevention, carry out disinfection and sterilization of production and manufacturing on the spot, seating area, toilet, aisle corridor and corporate office, and reduce reporting work and staff concentration Chemical and special care for the physical condition of the staff. In the security of the security, the daily body temperature measurement filing is carried out, and the employee in the factory is carried out one by one. It happens to have such a group of people working hard, silently dedication, to ensure the safety of everyone’s daily work, they are the most beautiful “cultivator” of everyone.


Our company not only resumes production of exhibition, and has also enhanced information exchange with customers, and actively advised customers to conduct complex production.



“that still needed hard” At present, the epidemic situation is entering the decision-making link, and our company gives full play its own advantages to assist in all new Old customers carry out completion of recovery, which is strongly ensured for farming fertilizer. It is worth mentioning that our company has a rapid action in the epidemic, dare to take care of the situation around the situation, according to the customer The green channel policy, simplify the workflow, immediately grasp the customer start time, harmonable to address the difficulties you need to work, to make a reasonable overall solution to the customer, assist the enterprise to replen production on time.



The epidemic is unreasonable, there is love in the world. With the broadening of the company’s complex indigenous production, the intelligent intelligence is promoted to improve the working mode, and the customer needs, and promotes the success of the customer’s completion, and promotes the success of customers. To ensure that the epidemic prevention and control and the development trend of enterprises, “do not delay the two promotion”, completing the goal of anti-epidemic, seek development. According to this epidemic, it can also reflect the lack of existence in our development trend. There are also many areas where you must learn to train, and you can only continue to improve your competitiveness and development prospects in the challenge. Can be realized in the real development. Only many ways to work together, enhance the coordination plan, the responsibility and responsibility, can also work in hand and shoulder this epidemic.



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