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Advantages of fieldbus in automation technology packaging production line

Because the characteristics of the fieldbus, especially the simplification of the fieldbus system structure, to all normal manufacturing operations and maintenance, all reflect the advantages.

(1) A pair of N structure

A pair of coaxial cables, N instrument friends, dual transmission of several data signals, which promotes simple wiring, short project cycle time, low installation fees, and easy wiring. If you upgrade field equipment or field instruments, you only need to process the cables in parallel, and you don’t need to build new cables.

(2) Decentralized control

The role of the centralized control system is decentralized in the field instrumentation. According to the on-site instrumentation, the control circuit system can be formed, which improves the stability of the system software, the grass-roots democracy and the coordination ability.

(3) Unified configuration software

Because field devices or field instruments have introduced the definition of function blocks, all manufacturers apply the same function blocks and configure software in a unified way. That makes the configuration software very simple. Customers do not have to worry about different types of on-site equipment or instruments to produce different configuration software methods, but to carry out learning training or learning group thinking methods and computer language.

(4) Tolerance fit

Customers can choose at will the most cost-effective and optimized field equipment or field instruments produced by different manufacturers, and interconnect instruments of different well-known brands. That is to say, if a certain instrument has common failures, you can replace it with a similar instrument of another well-known brand and you can still work and complete the “connect and use”.

(5) High stability

The analog signal transmission has strong anti-interference.

(6) Controllability

In the main control room, operators can not only master the working conditions of field equipment or field instruments, but also adjust their main parameters, predict and analyze or find common faults. They are always in the remote service supervision and supervision of the operators. Improve the stability, predictability and scalability of the system software.

(7) Interoperability

The customer integrates the instruments of various well-known brands from different manufacturers, develops a unified configuration software, and forms the required manipulation project investment.

(8) Comprehensive role

On-site instrumentation is not only suitable for inspection customers, but also saves costs.

(9) Open system

The fieldbus is an open Internet, and all the technicalities and specifications are published, and all manufacturers must comply; so that customers can integrate different production and manufacturing network communications from within, which can be connected to the same layer of the Internet, but can also be different. Layer Internet interconnection; in addition, customers can easily share resource database queries.



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