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The work-life balance of Yanmao’s intelligent secondary packaging machine

There is an important statement on the Yanmao website, which is easy to neglect or browsing, reflecting the desire of the life outside the hug of employees:


“As a company owned by an employee, we work hard to do it best. Not only through innovation and our products and services, but also include How do we affect others and around the world. ”


This is the last sentence. Everything in life requires balance, and if you never leave four working walls from your body or spirit, it is impossible (even if it is not impossible).

The intelligent employees live in Suzhou and surroundings. This is part of the city with rich natural scenery, friendly, unique artistic opportunities, and community clubs and organizations. In other words, even in January, this is also a good place. (Usually.) As the company’s Yanmao Intelligent Machinery Company encourages its employees to go out to enjoy it, contribute to it, and make it a better place.


Contact with the intelligent establishment of the intelligent employees for more information about how to work, entertainment and contacts in the community we serve? Then please contact us today. You can also contact us for more details on our industry’s leading second packaging solutions. We can’t wait to get your letter.



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