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the difference between a high-position palletizer and a palletizing robot

The palletizer is a stacking machine device, which has a high palletizing machine, palletizing robot, etc., they all have an event after packaging mechanical equipment, it will have a vessel The paper box, the bag raw material is placed on the trailer, the wooden stack plate (wooden, plastic) in a certain sort, and the fully automatic code is placed, the code can be placed, and then released, which is easy to store. Stacking machine equipment machine equipment Today, PLC + touch screen PLC is selected, complete the actual operation management method of intelligent system, simple, easy to grasp. Human capital and reduce labor efficiency can be greatly reduced.

The palletizer actually has many people feel high. The palletizing machine and palletizing robot is a machine device. In fact, they still have different, simple, and the palletizing robots should be in one of the palletizer, but the palletizing robots are compared with the high palletizer. The difference is still quite significant. Below we can discuss the difference between them from this level:

1. From the actual effect and high efficiency of the stack, the high platform pallet is very Big advantage, running about 1600 packs per hour, and the stipple is very beautiful and beautiful, the bag is not easy to slip. If the palletizing robot is derived, the single power point is about 800 packs per hour, and the two hand points is about 1000 packs, and the rate is obvious. It is better to see the high station pallet. It is worth mentioning that the widgets and postures are not very accurate, and the palletizing robot is very easy to put the packaging.


There is also a difference in application. The palletizing robot mounting level is more flexible, and it is possible to put a plurality of finished products packaging of multiple specification types. If allocated, it is effective Consider the finished product from 3 conveyors. And the high station pallets only stacked a size model and the bag of the latter conveyor.

3. From the viewing category, the palletizing robot has a wide range of coverage, packaging bag , Packaging wooden boxes, packaging bags, etc.The key to the high palm machine is used in the packaging bag, and the packaging of the stacking production line is used to produce the pipeline, compared to a certain fixed package.

4. Differences for use costs, the cost of palletizing robots is much higher than the cost of high timer pallets, high station pallet ratios The root of the robot is more than ten years to decades.


In addition, all geographies of high station pallets can be applied, while palletizing robots can not be applied at high altitude, although its simple coordination skill is also not comparable, but high platform pallets The overall maintenance, maintenance, operation and maintenance costs are much lower than that of the smart robot.

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