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Analysis of packaging process of automatic packaging machine (packaging process of full-automatic packaging machine)

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How does the automatic baler work?

The work flow of the packing machine: the belt is sent in place → receives the binding signal → brake is released, the main motor starts →, the right top knife rises, against the right belt at the skateboard, the → guide plate retreats the → proximity switch, the induction to the rewind probe → main motor stops, the brake sucks in the → unwinding motor to start, the → belt tightens and binds the → main motor on the object for 0.35 seconds, and the brake pulls in the → large pendulum rod for the second time. Tighten the belt → left acrosome rise, press the lower belt → heating piece into the middle of the two belts → top knife rise, cut off the belt → top knife drop again, so that the two belt firmly glue → top knife down again, the left and right top knife drop at the same time → heating plate reset → slide plate reset → guide plate reset → proximity switch induction to the belt probe → belt feed motor start, drive the belt feed belt → large pendulum rod reset → belt The lead is pushed on the guide plate and the → proximity switch induces the double-probe → main motor to stop, and the brake absorbs the → to complete a working cycle.

What is the work flow of the automatic stretching film packaging machine?

Using the upper and lower roll film, after shaping the mold to form a volume space suitable for the size of the product, manual discharge, automatic vacuum sealing, after cutting the knife is the finished product packaging. (for reference only)

How to operate the automatic packing machine for fragrant melon seeds?

As long as the material is poured into the material bucket, the display screen can adjust the speed and filling volume, and it can be filled and packed automatically.

How to correctly use the automatic packaging machine and the correct operation method of the automatic packaging machine?

How to use the automatic packing machine correctly:

First, make good personnel arrangements.

The safety accidents that may be caused by the use of the fully automatic packaging machine are all related to human operation, if the enterprise can make personnel arrangements when using the automatic packaging machine equipment.

Ensure that the corresponding professionals are responsible for the operation, maintenance and repair of the equipment, so that accidents can be effectively avoided under the condition of correct operation.

Second, according to the regulations to use automatic packaging machine equipment.

However, for all mechanical equipment, in order to achieve safe application and avoid personal injury accidents, everyone is required to pay attention to the use of equipment in accordance with the regulations.

In particular, the fully automatic packaging machine, which requires manual operation, needs to be used in accordance with the regulations in order to effectively prevent accidents.

Third, avoid the use of automatic packaging machine in the case of failure.

If there is a problem with the automatic packaging machine, it is likely to cause personnel injury when it is in operation; therefore, in order to prevent accidents, we also need to pay attention to avoid the use of equipment in the case of failure.

What is the specific operation flow of packaging automation?

Packaging automation mainly includes: automatic measurement and transmission of ① packaging materials, containers and packaging goods and automatic output of finished products; automatic execution of ② process procedures, automatic adjustment of operating mechanisms and automatic treatment of faults; automatic control and automatic adjustment of ③ process parameters (position, size, weight, quantity, speed, behavior, behavior, etc.); automatic detection of ④ packaging quality and automatic elimination of waste products. The technical means, control methods and the degree of automation that can be achieved in goods packaging vary with the types of goods, and are restricted by product properties, packaging materials (or containers), packaging requirements and other factors.

Packaging work includes the manufacture of packaging materials and containers, decoration and printing, packaging process operation and quality inspection, etc.

The realization of packaging automation can effectively improve production capacity, ensure product quality, increase variety and variety, which is conducive to the cleanliness and hygiene of food and medicine, anticorrosion and rust prevention of metal products and reduce production costs. Packaging automation can also improve working conditions, especially for the packaging of items that are harmful to human health, such as toxicity, irritation, low temperature humidity, flying diffusivity and so on. For those fast, monotonous, frequent, repetitive and other operations that are easy to cause human fatigue, such as packing, bundling, palletizing, etc., as well as packaging that is difficult to achieve manually, such as aseptic packaging, vacuum packaging, thermoforming packaging, etc., there is a greater need for automation. In the 1950s, with the emergence of a variety of new plastics and composite materials, plastic packaging came into being. With the development of electronic technology, packaging has developed from low-level program control of separate electrical appliances to multi-function automatic packaging machine and automatic packaging production line controlled by electronic computer.

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