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Automatic beer Packer (beer bottle Packer)

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What is the voltage of the electromagnetic clutch brake on the beer Packer?

The beer packing machine uses DC24V DC dry veneer single plate electromagnetic clutch brake.

Electromagnetic clutch brake refers to the friction clutch which is compacted by electromagnetic force. Because it can realize long-distance operation, small control energy, easy to realize machine tool automation, fast action and simple structure, it has also been widely used.

The characteristics of the sky-machine-transmission-moving dry veneer single-plate electromagnetic clutch are as follows:

1, high-speed response: because it is a dry type, so the transmission of torque is very fast, can achieve convenient action.

2, strong durability: good heat dissipation, and the use of advanced materials, even if the use of high frequency, high energy, is also very durable.

3. Easy to assemble and maintain: it belongs to the static shape of the magnetic field coil contained in the ball bearing, so it does not need to take out the stamens or use the carbon brush, so it is easy to use.

4, the action is true: the use of plate-shaped shrapnel, although there is a strong vibration will not produce loose, good durability.

How to pack beer

Most of the domestic beer is packed in plastic cases or cartons.

The plastic box is packed by a boxing machine.

Is to use a vacuum bucket to grab beer from the assembly line and put it in the plastic box below.

The number of 9 bottles is relatively small, and most of them are 12 bottles.

The carton is packed in a carton machine. The carton is a flat surface before packing. After entering the beer bottle, it is folded and packed into a finished product.

Both plastic boxes and cartons are operated automatically.

PVC is still rarely used in China, as if only a few high-end beers such as cans and Budweiser are used.

Whether the packing machine in the packing workshop of the beer factory is a machine, is it the main one?

The automatic packing machine is used to complete the transportation package. it loads the finished packaging into the box according to a certain arrangement and quantity, and closes or seals the opening of the box. The Cartoning machine is a machine used for product sales and packaging. it puts a measured quantitative material into a box and closes or seals the opening of the box.

Packing machine is an indispensable packaging machine for automatic production of enterprises, which plays a weight role in the process of packaging products.

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This is the end of the introduction of automatic beer Packer and beer bottler. Have you found the information you need? If you want to know more about this, remember to collect and follow this site.



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