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Coordinate palletizer (advantages and disadvantages of coordinate stacker)

A list of the contents of this article:

What is the difference between six-degree-of-freedom and Cartesian palletizing manipulators

The ability of the palletizing manipulator is higher than that of ordinary mechanical palletizing and manpower. The structure is very simple, so the failure rate is low, easy to maintain and repair. The main components are few parts and accessories, so the maintenance cost is very low. The palletizing manipulator can be set in a narrow space and can be used effectively. All control can be operated on the control cabinet screen, the operation is very simple. Strong versatility: the palletizing and unpalletizing of different goods can be completed by changing the grip of the manipulator, which relatively reduces the purchase cost of customers. This equipment is suitable for chemical, beverage, food, beer, plastic and other automatic production enterprises; it is suitable for all kinds of cartons, bags, cans, beer boxes and other shapes of packaging.

There are only two points that need to be located in the manipulator palletizing program, one is the starting point and the other is the placement point. The tracks between these two points are all controlled by the computer, and the computer itself will find the most reasonable track to move these two points. so the programming method is extremely simple. However, the robot hands of other manufacturers must set 5 to 6 passing points from the starting point to the placement point, and the robot hand must move through these points, which leads to the complexity and difficulty of the programming method.

Technical specification sheet:

Type number DLM-90ROBO DLM-140ROBO DLM-200ROBO

Mechanical structure multi-joint robot hand

Mode of action cylinder coordinate type

Palletizing weight 90kg 140kg 200kg

Palletizing speed 800c/hr 900c/hr 1000c/hr

Action axis six axes

Action range X axis 3000mm

Y axis 3000mm

Z axis 3000mm

Alpha axis 540 X axis 3000mm

Y axis 3000mm

Z axis 3000mm

Alpha axis 540 X axis 3000mm

Y axis 3000mm

Z axis 3000mm

Alpha axis 540

Power supply (380V 3PH 50HZ) 2kw (380V 3PH 50HZ) 4kw (380V 3PH 50HZ) 5kw

Compressed air 0.5Mpa 0.5Mpa 0.5Mpa

Robot body weight (excluding grip) 700kg 1000kg 1400kg

Grip splints, forks, suckers and other types

5 standards of palletizing memory ability, 15 at most

1. The palletizing speed in the table refers to the number of movements of the robot hand per hour, and the palletizing ability can be greater when plural grips are used. The palletizing speed in the above table refers to the number of palletizing times per hour under the most reasonable conditions, and the specific palletizing capacity is determined by the layout of the production line, the type of materials and other conditions.

2. If you want to palletize heavy products or special specifications, please contact us.

Reference table for manipulators and manpower:

Machine hand material weight capacity working time 8 hours corresponding number of people required working time 16 hours corresponding number of people required

DLM-90ROBO 60kg800 bag 6 people 12 people

DLM-140ROBO 60kg900 bag 7 people 14 people

DLM-200ROBO 60kg1000 bag 8 people 16 people

Note: this table is an average comparison table, the exact figure must be determined by the working environment, personal physical strength, alternating time, continuous working time and other factors.

Comparison table between palletizing manipulator and mechanical palletizer

Model ROBO palletizer mechanical stamping machine

Electricity consumption ROBO-90 2KW ROBO-140 4KW

ROBO-200 5KW 20KW 15KW

Use compressed air volume ROBO-200 500NL/min 1000NL/min800NL/min

The number of parts is 2100 pieces and 2500 pieces.

Less noise moving parts, small noise, more moving parts, high noise

Yard stomp capacity MAX1000 bag / hour MAX1000 bag / hour

MAX800 bag / hour

The configuration of the degree of freedom is flexible, the degree of freedom is large, the space is large, and the host is box-type, the degree of freedom is small, the occupation area is large, and the host is box-type, and the degree of freedom is small.

The maintenance cost is few spare parts, almost no failure, the maintenance cost is low, and there is no maintenance cost for the first 3 years. From now on, it will be about 2,000 yuan a year. Because of the large number of parts, they are prone to breakdowns, and the annual maintenance cost from the first year is about 50,000 yuan. Because of the large number of parts, they are prone to breakdowns, and the annual maintenance cost from the first year is about 50,000 yuan.

The degree of freedom of the change of the finished product is to automatically adjust the grip, use the B axis to adjust the width of the grip, or replace the grip. The equipment must be renovated, which is expensive and takes a long time. The equipment must be renovated, which is expensive and takes a long time.

Equipment occupies less space and work efficiency occupies less space, high work efficiency occupies large space, poor work efficiency occupies large space, and work efficiency is poor.

To carry out multiple assembly lines at the same time, one machine hand can load and unload two assembly lines at the same time. It is necessary to increase the conveyor equipment, increase the cost and increase the occupation area.

What are the models of permeable brick machine equipment palletizer? Which kind of palletizer has better function?

Permeable brick machine equipment palletizer has two types: coordinate stacker and joint stacker. According to the user analysis of Yinma, coordinate stacker is easy to use and mechanized automatic palletizer.

Okay, where can I buy a 4-axis multi-purpose stacker?

You’re talking about a four-axis robot palletizer, right?

There are many such equipment here in Shanghai, such as the four-axis coordinate robot palletizer produced by Zongyi in Shanghai, which can be used for palletizing of cartons, bags and other products.

Whether the function of palletizing robot and palletizer is exactly the same.

Nowadays, the automation level of robot palletizer has improved a lot, but the problem that does not cause accidents should not be underestimated, otherwise it is still possible to cause accidents. In order to ensure that the robot palletizer can be high

To complete the stacking operation quickly and steadily without accidents, on the one hand, it is necessary to take protective measures, on the other hand, it is necessary to operate and use the equipment correctly.

During the operation of the robot palletizer, there is no reasonable protection for the export of materials, just through a warning sign or a workflow that needs to be isolated is far from enough. After the risk is reduced, there should be no accident, and then consider taking corresponding measures.

When maintenance workers carry out maintenance at the bottom of the robot palletizer, if the equipment is not equipped with a mechanical locking device, it is easy to cause squeeze injury due to the falling of the stacking device, so the protective devices in each area are essential for the robot palletizer.

For those who open the interlock switch to enter the dangerous area, due to the failure of the lifting part of the stacker, such as a broken chain, if the part of the stacker does not have a mechanical locking device or check valve, the platform of the stacker will fall.

In order to avoid such accidents, in addition to requiring no accident protection devices, it is strictly forbidden for personnel to open the interlock switch of the robot palletizer at will and enter the dangerous area. Every operation of the equipment should be carried out in strict accordance with the specifications in order to eliminate the hidden danger of accidents.

Shandong Da Zhi Cong Intelligent equipment Co., Ltd.

What are the classifications of automatic palletizers?

High position palletizer, box stacker, oil barrel palletizer, palletizing manipulator, post stacker, coordinate stacker

How to select the robot automatic palletizer?

Robot palletizer is divided into joint robot palletizer, frame high position palletizer, single column stacker, double column stacker, Cartesian coordinate robot palletizer and so on. Among them, the robot palletizer has the advantages of fast palletizing speed, high price and small area; high-position palletizer occupies a large area and medium speed; column stacker occupies a small area and slow speed. To choose a suitable palletizer according to your own needs, it is best to consult the manufacturer. Recommend Yantai Huayan Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., a more reliable manufacturer in the industry.

So much for the introduction of coordinate palletizer. Thank you for taking the time to read this site. Don’t forget to find out more about the advantages and disadvantages of coordinate palletizer and coordinate palletizer.



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