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Cosmetic packing (cosmetic packing control, food and accommodation for 8,000 months)

A list of the contents of this article:

How to package express cosmetics in order to be safe, beautiful and low cost?

As for beauty, you can add gift paper to it. Hee hee! ~ there is a good article, you can refer to the following: companies often come into contact with electronic instruments, glass products, absolutely fragile goods, is the most purchase of goods, but also the post office can refuse to accept mailing goods, or even damage conceit, damage after the payment of insurance is not a claim, the parcel list is very clear (damage conceit), in short, this kind of goods to mail is very troublesome. The following is a little bit of experience I have summed up for reference only!

How to strengthen the packaging:

1. Commodity packaging: general goods have packaging, tight, it is recommended to use cardboard to separate the six sides of the packaging, it is better to ensure that the goods do not shake inside the packaging, the outer packaging of goods with good tape (waterproof, pull sealing tape will not damage the packaging, after the buyer received the removal of the tape, the packaging of the goods is still intact). Then use the sealing tape to tighten the packing (the sealing tape is tightened with a cross), so that we can reinforce the packing of the goods.

2. Choose the outer packing box by mail: choose a relatively hard, thick (five-layer) outer packing box, which is recommended for the post office, which is made of plastic and waterproof (that is, the price is more expensive). The size is a little larger than the goods to be mailed; how much bigger? The length, width and height are enlarged by about 6 cm each to facilitate the use of fillers. If the box is too big, you can modify it yourself, which will be good for the rest of your packing. It is suggested that you can go to the waste recycling bin to buy boxes (if it is dirty, keep the boxes sent by friends carefully and use them), the price is cheap, generally a larger box is about 1-2 yuan.

3. Choose fillers: the fillers are best filled with foam (those who need foam can be obtained from me, limited to Tianjin, but it doesn’t seem to be worthwhile by mail) (waste utilization). The advantage is that it is easy to fill, light, flexible and buffering. It has played a very good role in the object. If the packing is in place, the damage rate is minimal. Other stuffing items (such as newspapers, cardboard, etc.) are heavy (you have to pay a lot more postage), and they are inelastic. After they are packaged, they will be loosened and can not play a cushioning effect. It is also extremely unsafe for goods. Damage to goods is also very common. It is suggested that everyone can go to the waste recycling bin to buy styrofoam. 10 yuan can buy a lot of foam, which will be enough for you to use for some time.

4. Packing: the goods are placed in the right position of the outer packing box, and the six sides are evenly plugged with styrofoam. It doesn’t matter if the outer box is a little deformed. The sealing tape is sealed and shook vigorously, and the goods remain unchanged.

By mail:

1. Just fill in the box of “what is inside” on the package list: arts and crafts (roughly for similar goods), which will reduce a lot of unnecessary trouble, or neutral words, and the effect is the same.

2. It will be safer to print “red cup” (red cup-shaped imprint, fragile logo) on the pasted package list and the printed address list. Because parcels printed with “red cups” will be put in smaller parcels, which will avoid the damage caused by the overweight backlog.

I have also used many methods of mailing, but in the end, I still think that the present method is the best. So far, I have not found any damage to a single item. If there are any deficiencies in the above methods, please give us your advice!

Must cosmetics be packed separately for consignment when flying?

You don’t need to check it separately, just put it in the suitcase and check it with other items.

Cosmetics packing skills figure 1601261929! Some are fragile.


Small packaging is the smartest way, but if you spend a long time on vacation, it will not be reassuring, and when packing cosmetics that are easy to bump, wrap the bottle in socks or T-shirts to avoid bumping.

Pay attention to pressed powder that is afraid of being broken.

Travel can not help but bring pressed powder, eye shadow this cake-shaped cosmetics afraid of broken, the best way is to cut paper towels into pressed powder size, put into pressed powder, can play the role of a shock absorber.

Products with double effects as far as possible

If you wear both blush and lipstick, you will repeat the area. The best way is to bring products that have multiple effects.


Squeeze liquid skin care products, we are always worried about leaking out and soiling other clothes in the suitcase. Tear a small piece of tape and stick it to the extruded pump nozzle to prevent liquid leakage.

Prepare a box similar to a pencil box

We always bring make-up tools such as brushes, and now many skin care products are equipped with digging spoons and massage sticks. Prepare a small box and put all the tools in it so that you won’t see the bent brush when you arrive at your destination.

Taobao cosmetics express package is responsible for packing and sealing? Or do you pack it yourself, fill in the form and send it directly?

Basically, because there are goods sent out every day, sellers can seek cooperative express delivery, not necessarily which brand is fixed, basically which express can give you the first weight and the cheapest to use. It is said that the acceptance of express delivery is actually very chicken ribs. In my experience, you often deliver goods in a cooperative relationship without much inspection. Of course, the first few times will definitely be checked. Generally speaking, couriers don’t bother to ask you as long as they are not fragile, perishable or dangerous goods. Cosmetics should pay attention to toner. Some couriers may be restricted. Tape must be wide tape, packing boxes to wholesale on the line, size according to what you sell, general clothes, then do not use boxes, cosmetics those will definitely pull.

This is the end of the introduction about cosmetic packing and cosmetic packing management for eating and living in 8000 months. I wonder if you have found the information you need? If you want to know more about this, remember to collect and follow this site.



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