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Four reasons to choose a cooperative palletizer

The development of automation has changed our world. Robots work directly to human beings, work side by side and help them. When we talk about technological advances, collaborative robots or collaborative robots aware of the surrounding environment and safely perform multiple types of tasks safely near human workers. Successful factors. They are intended to increase productivity and accuracy, and there is also a considerable infiltration in a lightweight responsibility plan (including pipeline loading, assembly, painting, and of course there is a palletizing).

Companies using collaborative robots can benefit from a variety of ways, and the following four are the most important.

Collaborative palletizer saving

The collaborative robot can be installed as a palletizing robot in a single 60% space than the traditional automatic palletizing machine. This is especially important for companies trying to optimize small production workshops.

palletizing machine production line

Collaborative palletizing machine can reduce cost

For synergistic palletizing press, there is a need to include a few things in ROI calculations. In addition to capital costs, you should include potential personal injury risk and workers’ compensation requirements (opportunities cost or loss). Include all of these, you can conclude that collaborative robots can be proof in less than two years of investment recovery. In addition, using robot collaborative palletizers can also deploy employees to higher level tasks (not just simply stacking boxes).


Collaborative palletizing machine reduces work injury


When we talk about the use of collaborative robots When interested, it is not just an extra time that the robot can work. They become the production assistant in the manufacturing process. As we have mentioned, handling cases in duplicate mode is ideal for repetitive motion damage. On the other hand, collaborative robots are essentially safe. Any interference will cause the robot to stop running. If the robot has a secure sensor, it will decelerate to a safe impact speed after activating the sensor.

Collaborative palletizing machine can be most applicationsOffering sufficient speed

Indeed, the running speed of the collaborative robot palletizer cannot be as fast as the robot in the fully enclosed security system. However, with intelligent system design, multiple boxes and safety sensor systems can be picked up each time, some palletizing robots can operate at a speed per minute. In a small carton counting in 24, the line speed is 288 card box per minute. Most applications are slower than this.

Ensure that a integrator experienced in the specific needs of robots, product processing, and projects. You don’t want to adventure your team’s security and funding by choosing a wrong partner.

Additionally, make sure that the collaboration robots you choose have been verified on site and have passed a considerable work cycle test. Not all participants in the market is strong enough to your project.

The collaborative palletizing machine developed by Tao, is one of the best collaborative robots in the market. He has the characteristics of immediate stop contact and visual parts, which is a joint robot designed for palletizing / unloading pallets. Its load capacity is as high as one of the largest collaboration robots on the market. Open, secure, unprotected layout allows machine operators to work in parallel with robots, and double-tray and slip / hierarchical workbench allow uninterrupted operations.

The future is here! Then, you are ready to reduce workers’ harm, consider using your employees to better use your funds and reduce the floor area of ​​the production line through collaborative robotic championships? We think you are!



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