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Fully automatic packing machine (fully automatic packing machine video)

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Who knows what a packing machine is and what it is for?

In the back-end packaging of food and beverage, the automatic packing machine automatically arranges the filled packaging, loads it into the open carton, and completes the self-adhesive sealing and other actions of the packing equipment.

The packing machine can be divided into fully automatic and semi-automatic packing machine. All the actions are completed automatically. The fully automatic packing machine adopts a new type of combined structure, including box forming device, whole line device, filling device and sealing device and other functional units, which complete the corresponding functional actions respectively, and each device is installed on the same mainframe. It is controlled by P.L.C + touch screen. Equipped with missing bottle alarm stop, no bottle without packing safety device. It is greatly convenient to operate, manage, reduce production personnel and labor intensity, and is an indispensable equipment for automatic scale production.

Packing machine can also be divided into: wrapped packing machine, pneumatic packing machine, grab packing machine, robot packing machine.

The wrapping packing machine adopts the falling packaging mode, occupies a small area, reduces the equipment investment cost, adopts the international design concept, the structure is more reasonable, the action is more light and stable, and the power consumption is lower.

The pneumatic packing machine has the advantages of small size, beautiful appearance, low energy consumption, stable operation and convenient operation. The conveyor is driven by imported rodless cylinder, which runs smoothly and has high controllability.

The packing machine with pneumatic and electric operation and packing mode has the advantages of compact structure, beautiful appearance, low energy consumption and stable operation. The driving device is a symmetrical double rocker arm, which is driven by Japanese MITSUBISHI servo motor or three-phase asynchronous motor and runs smoothly.

The robot packing machine is a set of intelligent control system which takes the robot as the running main body and is equipped with conveying and regularization auxiliary equipment to complete the product packing process. The robot packing system has many advantages, such as strong product adaptability, strong multi-specification compatibility, high operation efficiency, convenient system maintenance and so on. Compared with the conventional packing equipment, the robot packing system is simpler and faster.

The current significance of the research on full-automatic side push packing machine

The research purpose of the new automatic unpacking production line is to improve production efficiency, reduce labor costs and reduce labor intensity, so as to meet the needs of modern manufacturing industry for intelligence, automation, digitalization and so on. Specifically, it mainly includes the following aspects:

1. Improve production efficiency: the traditional unpacking method requires a lot of manpower investment, and the speed is slow. The use of automatic unpacking production line can achieve fast and efficient completion of this process, so as to improve the operation efficiency of the whole production line.

two。 Reduce labor costs: as labor costs continue to rise, companies need to find more cost-effective solutions. The use of automatic unpacking equipment can save a lot of human resources, and will bring significant economic benefits in the long-term operation.

3. Reduce labor intensity: manual operation is easy to cause occupational diseases and physical injuries and other problems, to a certain extent, affect the health and safety of employees. These problems can be avoided by using automated equipment to work.

4. Promote intelligent manufacturing: new automatic unpacking equipment is usually equipped with advanced control system and sensor technology, which can realize the functions of data acquisition, analysis and remote monitoring. This will promote the transformation of enterprises to digital and promote the continuous improvement of the level of intelligent manufacturing.

To sum up, the new automatic unpacking production line is of great significance for improving the competitiveness of enterprises, optimizing product quality and service level, and will be widely used and promoted in the future.

Brief introduction of automatic packing machine

Main technical parameters of automatic packing machine:

Main technical parameters:

Production capacity: 50 to 70 boxes / min

Box size: (100mm 220) * (30mm 125) * (30mm 30) mm

Specification size: (70,200) * (70,140) mm

Power: 50Hz 380V 1.5KW

Gas consumption: 10~15L/ minutes

Vacuum suction:-0.6Mpa (with vacuum generator)

Weight: about 1100Kg

Appearance size: 2500*1100*1700mm

Requirements for cartons: 250x 350g / square meter

Main functions of automatic packing machine:

Adopt PLC control, touch screen operation, frequency converter speed regulation technology, electrical pneumatic components are all imported

With automatic folding instructions (1-60% discount arbitrarily adjusted) with automatic printing batch number

It has a multi-function identification system, and online monitoring and elimination has the function of eliminating multiple pages of missing books.

It has the function of material shortage, book shortage and box alarm to ensure that 100% of the finished products have the function of non-glue spraying.

With low material stop function, with a variety of materials and connection function with overload protection automatic stop function

The use of modular structure, a variety of specifications are interchangeable, do not need to change tools, and so on

What are the advantages of automatic packing machine

What is the function of automatic packing machine

Packaging has always played an important role in daily life, ranging from household appliances such as televisions and air conditioners to daily necessities such as salt and soy sauce. However, if the packaging uses manpower, it is still a waste of time and money, and carton packaging mainly goes through three links: unpacking, packing and sealing. It seems simple, but it still takes some time to do it!

When it comes to carton packaging, in the production and packaging workshop of traditional factories, nothing is more labor-intensive than the packing of products, which is also the most labor-intensive link in the packaging process. The use of manual packing can only rely on manual labor every day, the number of production packages per day is also very limited, and sometimes the production schedule may be delayed by illness or other reasons. If you have a fully automatic packing machine, it can reduce a lot of problems. The machine can liberate the productive forces, liberate labor from the difficult working environment, improve production efficiency, reduce production costs, expand production efficiency, and inject new vitality into social and economic development.

The fully automatic packing machine can greatly reduce the labor intensity and improve the production level. Automatic production and packaging is the main index to improve the competitiveness of enterprises. no matter in the long run or at present, increasing the investment in automation scale is the first step towards modernization. Therefore, it is necessary to have a fully automatic packing machine.

At present, in the condiment industry, most powder and granule products will choose four-side seal, back-seal vertical bag and three-side seal bag packaging. In the form of these bags, the four-sided sealed bags are more and more favored by condiment enterprises because of their smooth, beautiful and many other advantages. At present, in chicken essence, soup seasoning, as well as some powder, granule type high-grade seasoning, four-side seal packing bag is widely used. The popularity of this form of packaging is bound to directly lead to an increase in the demand for quadrilateral sealing bag packaging equipment, high-speed, large-capacity quadrilateral sealing high-speed packaging machine will have a lot of room for development. Therefore, the automatic packing machine plays an important role in the seasoning industry.

This is the end of the introduction of the automatic packing machine. Thank you for taking the time to read the contents of this site. Don’t forget to look for more information about the automatic packing machine video and automatic packing machine.



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